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Wright Magazine

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Wright Magazine is known for the entertainment within it's pages. But the real entertainment happens behind the scenes. Wright Magazine is a magazine growing in popularity. Kendra Wright is the master mind behind it all, her best friends and son at her side. In an effort to take the magazine to the next level, Kendra and her workers find themselves going through the struggles of life and love in the city of New York, all while Kendra writes in brand new journal. Get ready to be pulled in by the behind the scenes drama at Wright Magazine.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“About 16 million teenage girls in the world get pregnant every year. Some of them never attend college, a lot of them never even graduate high school. They end up with low paying jobs and may never reach the success they are capable of. But I, Kendra Wright, beat those odds. I graduated from high school being at the top in my class, and then finished college with a masters in journalism. I worked for a measly magazine before I started my own.”

Kendra stopped writing and stared down at her words on the small decorated yellow notebook in front of her. Is this how people write journal entries? She thought to herself. She hadn’t done it in years and starting of with teenage pregnancy statistics made it looks like she was writing an article on herself.

“Sorry about that journal gods, it’s been a while since I’ve done this. My therapist said I should get a journal and write about my feelings, but I’m not too sure on how I should do that”

She was distracted from her writing by a knock on her office door.

“Come in” she said from behind the desk

The door opened and a head peaked out from behind it. It was her new Secretary.

“Uh, Miss Wright, your meeting starts in five minutes” the young woman said

“Thank you Naomi”

Naomi nodded and was about to close the door when Kendra stopped her.

“And next time Naomi, use the phone. Or better yet, just text me”

“Yes ma’am” she answered before quickly exiting the office

Correcting the new Secretary had been happening since she started a week ago. Kendra wasn’t too bothered though, she was new, and she needed time to learn all of her boss’s weird quirks, like preferring to speak over text. She had a lot more to learn. The pale skinned, dark straight haired young woman was good at her job though. She was very quick and efficient.

Kendra looked down at her journal once again and began to write.

"Ok, so, I have to stop writing now. I have boss lady duties to attend to. So until later....? Is this how you write a journal closing or should it be more creative? I’ll figure it out later. Bye.”

She closed her book and quickly tucked it away in her desk drawer. Grabbing a stack of papers, a purple notebook, much like her yellow journal notebook, and a pencil case, Kendra got up off her chair and made her way around the desk and to the door. Once out of her office, she made her way down the hall, towards the conference room on her floor. When she got in, all the chairs around the rectangular table were filled, except for hers.

“Good Morning everyone” she said heading to her chair

“Good Morning” everyone replied

In the room were her executives. The director and co-director, the chief editor, head of marketing, head of advertising, PR Manager and some of the magazine donors.

After taking her seat, she opened up her pencil case, pulling out her pen and highlighters, all different colors. Another of her quirks, using different color highlighters to highlight different things based on importance. Yellow meant of “normal” importance. Purple, was very, very important.

“What’s first on the agenda?” She asked

“The new art section” Chris, the chief editor said

And the meeting was in flow, Kendra stopping every few minutes to ask questions and write notes. She could get her Secretary to do it, but she rather do it herself. Another quirk.

Running a publishing company and a magazine was hard. Running a publishing company and a magazine as a black woman was even harder. She was looked down on, not taken seriously by her magazine peers, but she was lucky she had people working with her who respected her vision.

Through out the meeting, she would throw glances at her son, Kyle, co-director of the magazine. She watched as he looked lost in his head, only coming back to scribble something in his notebook and then going back into his head again. She was sure that what he was writing had nothing to do with the debate that had started in the room.

She had him when she was sixteen, it was a result of her thinking she was so in love. It was hard, having him that young. Her strict mother didn’t make it any easier. As hard as it was, she never regretted having him. He was the reason she worked so hard, the reason they at that great point in their lives.

He was now thirty, getting ready to take over the running of the magazine once she was ready to give it up. Though, she knew he was hesitant about taking over. It was the reason he was co director and not director. He used to just write articles for the magazine, and he seemed to like it. Wanting him to get used to how things worked, she offered him a higher position, the director. But he refused. After a lot of convincing, he settle for co-director. She gave him more responsibility, hoping it would make him eager to take over, but so far, it wasn’t happening.

Kyle’s eyes landed on his mother as his mind wondered, once he saw her glare, his attention was back on the happenings of the room.

About two hours later, the meeting was over, and once Kendra dismissed everyone, Kyle was the first to get up from his seat.

“You!” Kendra called out and Kyle froze. She reserved that scolding tone only for him

As everyone filed out of the room, Kyle stood still, waiting.

“How many times do I have to tell you to pay attention?” She said

“I was paying attention” he defended

“What did we talk about?” She asked not believing him

“Uh...” Kyle began, trying to remember “...about the app”

“And what else?”

“Chris’ new art idea thing” he added

“What else?”

Kyle panicked, there was more? He tried to remember the recent happenings at the magazine, they had to have talked about one of them. But he was taking too long, and Kendra knew that he didn’t know.


“Mom, I don’t need a lecture right now” he cut his mother off

“I think you do” she corrected “How do you expect to take over if you don’t know what’s going on?”

Kyle wanted to tell her that he didn’t want to take over, being in control of the magazine was never his dream. But just like him, this was his mother’s pride and joy, and to tell her he didn’t want to continue what she started would hurt her feelings.

“How do you expect everyone to respect you when you seem like you don’t care?” She said again

“I understand mom” he said, hoping to cut his lecture short

“I hope so” she answered, not really in the mood to give lectures either.

She got up from her seat and collected her things.

“I’m done with the documents you wanted me to check out” Kyle said as he walked towards the door

“I’ll send my secretary to your office to get it”

He nodded before leaving the room, and soon after, Kendra left as well.

She made her way back to her office, and once the door was opened, she was greeted with her best friend Iris, the magazine’s director, sitting comfortably in one of the two chairs in front of her desk, legs stretched out over the surface.

“I see your quite comfortable” Kendra commented

“I am” Iris said back

“Girl get your nasty feet off my desk” she scolded as she made her way to her seat.

Iris frowned and put her feet down.

It was a tradition the two had, meeting in her office after their meeting, and going over what they talked about. It mostly consisted of them making fun of the executive s and Iris giving her the low down on the latest company gossip. Kendra didn’t care much about gossip, but she liked knowing what her people were up to.

“I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this” Iris said

“Believe it” Kendra smiled

Iris had had the idea of making an app for the magazine for a while now. Some of the other executives weren’t on board, and it took a lot of research and the support of her best friend to to finally convince some of them that it was a good idea.

Kendra and the Latina met when they both worked for a local magazine. Their personalities were similar and they clicked instantly. They quickly became best friends. The two always had ideas for the magazine, but when they finally got the courage to share their ideas with the higher ups, they were laughed at. When Kendra decided to quit and start her company, Iris was right behind her. Now they were the master minds of the ever growing magazine.

“I’ll go talk to Alex after work” she said referring to her husband who worked for a app developing company.

Kendra checked the clock on her desk after putting her things away. Their lunch hour had passed an hour ago, no wonder she felt so hungry.

“Wanna go get lunch?” She asked Iris

“You paying?” She asked

Kendra gave her an annoyed look “Yes”

“Then I’ll gladly accompany you” she grinned

Kendra rolled her eyes as she picked her bag off the floor. As they were about to get up from their seats, a knocked was heard on the door.

“Come in” Kendra said hoping it wasn’t Naomi, she already told her about her preferred forms of communication

The door opened and in walked Chris.

“Hey” he said with a tight smile

“Hey Chris” Kendra smiled back

“Just wanted to come by and thank you for having my back with that art segment” he said

Other than Iris, Chris was the only other person she hired who worked for her their former employer. He was a young newbie at the magazine, and wasn’t treated well and Kendra and Iris were the only people who befriended him. He was only working there for a few months when Kendra and Iris quit, and he packed up and followed right behind. He wasn’t as experienced an filled with genius ideas as they were, but he helped in any way he could. That’s why Kendra didn’t hesitate to give him the Chief editor role. He didn’t think he could do it, but surprised himself when he saw how good he was. Now, he was an important part of the magazine’s management.

“No problem” Kendra said while Iris kept her back to Chris, smirk very evident on her face “It was a good idea Chris, I couldn’t not get behind it”

After composing herself and wiping the smirk off her face, Iris turned to look at Chris.

“Hey, we’re heading out to lunch, Ken’s paying, wanna come?” She asked

“Uh no, I uh, have some work to catch up on” he nervously answered

“Oh, ok”

“See you guys around” he said before quickly exiting the room

As soon as the door closed Iris started to snicker.

“How long does he expect us to think this was his idea?” Kendra smiled

“And how long does he think he can keep his little relationship a secret?” Iris laughed

The two got up from their seats and headed out the door.

“Naomi” Kendra said as she passed in front of her secretary’s desk “Go down to Kyle’s office. He has some documents for me”

“Yes ma’am” Naomi nodded

Kendra quickly nodded back and the two friends headed to the elevator.

Naomi headed towards Kyle’s office, prepping herself for the pile of documents she would have to carry back. Her boss was down with technology when it came to communicating, but when it came to important files, she wanted hard copies. Yes she had the digital files, but she barely looked at them, she always walked around with a hard copy.

Working for Kendra Wright wasn’t what she planned for her life. Actually, she didn’t have a plan. Her parents always told her she lacked motivation, but it wasn’t that she lacked it, she just didn’t have anything to be motivated about. Being apart of a family where her Korean mother was a doctor and her Caucasian father a lawyer, it was expected that she go either way like her older brothers and sisters did. She tried for the doctor thing, but after the pre-med courses, she couldn’t take it anymore. Her parent see disappointed, but was willing to give her the chance to fulfill her dreams. Now all she needed was a dream. Not knowing what her next move was and needing money, she applied to be Kendra’s secretary. She hoped she would figure something out while she was there.

She knocked on the door in front of her, and then waited for an answer. Soon, the door opened, showing Kyle with a phone stuck to his ear. He continued talking on the phone and stepped aside to let her in.

“Over there” he mouthed, pointing to his desk

Naomi nodded and headed over to the desk. She paused when she got there and scanned the table, there were no files there. Just a flash drive and a few leaflets of paper were laying on the desk. Kyle, who was standing just a few feet away, saw her confused face and knew exactly what it was about.

“Hold on a minute” he said to whoever was on the phone before covering the mouth piece with with his hand “I’m not my mother, I won’t give you a pile to carry back upstairs” he smiled “The documents are on the flash drive on the desk”

“Thanks” Naomi said with a smile before quickly taking the flash drive and leaving

She headed to the elevator with a sigh of relief. Thank goodness Kyle was nothing like his mother. After taking a ride up a few floors, she made her way back to her desk and plugged the flash drive into the computer. She knew her boss would be back soon, expecting paper on her desk. She had some printing to do. She waited a few seconds and then checked.

Her brows furrowed as she scanned the open window on her monitor.

This certainly wasn’t the documents her boss wanted.

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