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Chapter 2

“Good, I’ll send it in a few minutes” Kyle said before saying his goodbyes and hanging up the phone

He breathed a sigh of relief as he placed the phone on his desk. He was finally making some progress. Not wanting to waste any time, he went to his desk and sat down, in search of his flash drive.

It was gone.

“Where is that damn thing” he said searching, remembering putting it there last

He lifted the few leaflets of paper on his desk then froze.

There, in front of him was a flash drive. The problem was, it wasn’t the right one.

Under the pages were the flash drive with the documents his mother wanted. He assessed the situation, if this flash drive was here, then his personal one was...

He jumped up from his seat, flash drive in hand and headed out the door of his office. He stopped in front of the elevator and waited, hoping that his mother hadn’t seen what was on it.

He had been keeping this from her for a while, and didn’t want her finding out like this.

The doors opened and he quickly got in, pushing the button for the top floor. He ordered his body to stand still as the elevator moved, but his legs disobeyed, and he started pacing.

His mother had a plan, and everyone who knew Kendra Wright knew to never mess with her plans. Whatever was on this flash drive messed with her plans and he had to stop her from seeing it.

The doors to the elevator quickly opened and he made his way straight to Naomi’s desk. His quickened pace slowed when he spotted his flash drive on her desk. Maybe she hadn’t given it to his mother yet.

“Hey” he said getting her attention from the computer screen once he got to her desk “You took the wrong one” he said holding up the storage device in his hand

“Oh” she said nervously minimizing the window on her screen “I’m sorry” she said quickly handing him his back

“You didn’t give it to my mom yet did you?” He asked giving her the right drive


“Good” he breathed in relief “Well, see you around” he added before quickly turning around and heading to the elevator, with his prized possession held tightly in his hand.

As soon as Kyle was in the elevator and the doors closed, Naomi’s head shot back to the computer screen. She opened up the minimized window and continued her reading.

“The Forbidden Galaxy” read the title at the top of the word document

It was novel, one that Kyle apparently wrote. And a pretty good one too. She had started reading the first line and couldn’t stop. She had to admit, he had a talent.

But a question popped up in he head as she continued to read down the page. Why wouldn’t he want his mother to see this?

Chris sat at his desk with a smile on his face. He had finally convinced the board to add an art section to the magazine. He knew that Kendra and Iris had his back and that Kyle would likely go with whatever his mother said. It was the other board members that were getting in the way. But, he had done it!

Chris didn’t have a rags to riches back story, or had overcame some big obstacle. That was his parents’ story. Both his parents grew up in poor big families, but worked hard to go to med-school and become doctors. With his father being black and his mother white, their families didn’t approve of their relationship. But they went against their families’ wishes and still got married, and now they were successful surgeons and amazing parents to Chris and his younger sister Shelly.

Chris was expected to go to med-school like his parents, but journalism caught his attention. And now, he was Chief Editor at one of the most popular magazines in the country.

He was excited about his new idea...actually, it wasn’t really his.

Right then, the door to his office opened and closed and in front of him stood one of his editors.

“So, what did they say?” she asked

“No knocking?” he questioned pointing to the door she had just walked through

“I don’t have time for manners right now Chris, what did they say?” she questioned

Chris smiled. The woman in front of him always had a tendency to do that.

Samantha Robbins was one of the writers under him. She was also the one who had the whole idea of adding an art section to the magazine.

She was the one with a rags to riches story, though, she hadn’t got to the riches part yet. She was abandoned as a child, moved from foster home to foster home for most of her childhood. At one point, she was even homeless. One day, when she lived in a group home for teen girls, she was approached by Christina Johnson, Chris’ mother, who was offering scholarships to young girls. Due to her good grades, she was picked, and went to a local university. Using her son, Christina got Samantha a job at the magazine, and it was where she been working ever since.

“Don’t freak out OK” Chris said getting up from his seat

“Freak out? Why would I freak out?” Samantha asked, already beginning to freak out

“You’re freaking out” he pointed out

“Just tell me what happened” she said annoyed

“So, Kendra brings it up, and of course the arguing begins. Some of them said that Art has no place in this magazine and that it’s not as entertaining as celebrity gossip...”

“Who said that?” Samantha quickly cut him off “Was it Fred? I swear it’s like he’s asking to get punched”

“You know what, I’m not going to tell you cause you might actually punch them in the face” Chris said back before continuing “There was a back and forth for like an hour or two and then....”

“And then what?” Samantha asked when he was taking too long

“They said yes” he grinned

“What?!” her green eyes widened, she heard him but she had to make sure

“Kendra and Iris thought it was an amazing idea and a great way to bring in new readers”

“So we have an art department?”

“We have an art department” he grinned as Samantha squealed and he approached her “And you, Ms. Robbins, is the new Editor of the department”

“No way!”

“It was your idea, you deserve it”

She grinned before throwing herself on him and planting her lips on his. Chris smiled against her lips, this was a good way to say thank you.

After being introduced by Chris’ mother, the two got really close. And soon, romantic feelings grew. But it had been the talk of the building that Samantha wasn’t good a her job, and the only reason she got the job was because of her links. Not wanting to cause more drama, she requested that their relationship stay private so that she could prove that she was indeed capable of doing her job.

And at that moment, she knew it really mattered. Because if they knew of their relationship, they would say that she got this new position because she was with him. If they ever found out, they would never let it go.

Iris walked into the door with a smile on her face, excited to share the good news. She walked into the kitchen and spotted her husband Alex sitting at their small dining table. His work bag was at his feet as he ran his fingers through his blond hair while drinking a beer. He looked like he was deep in thought, and stressed out by whatever he was thinking.

“Hey babe” she smiled

“Hey” he said looking up, putting on a smile

“I have something to tell you” she said

“Me too” he added

“Well you go first”

“No, you go, mine can wait a while”

Alex and Iris had been married for ten years. After years of dating and almost giving up on love, she met Alex and fell in love, believing she had found the perfect man. Kendra thought he was a nice guy, and it gave her all the more reason to marry him just four months after meeting him.

Things were going great until they reached the five year mark. He became more busy with work and so did she. Both them were thriving in their respective jobs and it was taking up too much of their time spent together. Alex always tried to make time, but most of the time, Iris was busy or forgot about their plans. Apart from that, there was the big thing.

They both wanted children, but a visit to the doctor showed that Iris couldn’t have any. It was a big blow to them and a source of arguments.

But lately, there hadn’t been any arguing and Iris thought that maybe they were finally back on the right track.

“Well, something really great happened at work today” she began, sitting on the chair opposite him, hoping her news could cheer him up

“Yeah, what was that?”

“The board finally made the decision to make an app for the magazine” she informed

“That’s great” Alex genuinely smiled

“I know”

He worked for an app development company, and when his wife came to him with the magazine’s idea, he was happy to help her out. Getting this big deal for the company would get him in good graces of the people in charge.

“When does the magazine plan to get things started?” He asked, a bit eager for information

“Well, I have to write the official letter to the company and then I have to pick out people for the committee and...”

The smile on his face slowly fell as she spoke

“Who’s spare heading this thing?” Alex asked cutting her off

“Me, of course”


“It was my idea, I wasn’t about to let someone else take over”

Alex sighed as he place the beer bottle on the table and leaned back into the chair. For a minute he forgot he was in a bad mood. For a minute he forget that he was stressed. For a minute he forgot all about the papers in the bag sitting at his feet. But then she had to talk. But then she had to remind him what he had to tell her, and prove to him why he had those papers.

Iris watched his expression and confusion was etched on her face.

“What’s the problem?” she asked

“I can’t do this anymore” he whispered

“Can’t do what?”

“This!” Alex said pointing between them

“What do you mean?”

“This relationship, it’s not working”

Iris stayed calm, this had happened before, and she always managed to pull him back.

“Alex listen to me...”

“No Iris, I can’t anymore” he stopped her

He bent over, rummaging through his bag on the floor. Soon he was upright again, and he placed a manila envelope in front of her. She looked down at it, was it what she thought it was?

“Please tell me that’s not what i.....”

He cut her off again “It’s divorce papers”

Dread started sinking in. He had never pulled out divorce papers before. He was serious this time.


“It’s over Iris”

“Why? We were doing ok”

“No we weren’t”

“We haven’t fought about anything in a while”

“Just because we haven’t fought doesn’t mean that were automatically OK. I haven’t been happy, you haven’t been happy. Why are we still holding on to this when we know in our hearts that it’s over?” Alex said

“Is this because I can’t have kids? Alex we can try IVF, we can adopt, just please” tears were flowing down her face now

“It’s not about that, and don’t you dare think I would leave you for that” he started “You’re always talking about the magazine this and the magazine that. You never have time for us. I get it, you’re busy, hell I’m busy too, but I put aside time for us, and you never try. You’ve forgotten so many lunch dates that I lost count. And now you’re taking on this new project, taking away more free time.”

There was a silence between them before Alex spoke again.

“I’m tired of this being one sided”

He got up from his seat and picked up the bag on the floor. He headed to the back, and soon emerged pulling a suit case behind him.

“My lawyer will contact you” he said, but she didn’t look up at him

With that being his last words, he head to the door and left.

As soon as he was out the door, the tears became heavier. He was divorcing her. He was actually doing it. How was she supposed to go on without him?

She placed her head on the table and continued to cry.

Today was supposed to be a good day.

Kendra stared at the text from he best friend on her phone.

“Emergency. I’m coming over. I need pizza, ice cream and liquor!”

This had to be bad if she wanted both ice cream and liquor.

Putting her phone away, Kendra headed to the drawer in her desk and pulled out her journal. It was time to get this right.

She opened it up and started to write.

“Ok, so I’m back again, an ready to do this properly. Here goes.

My name id Kendra Wright. I was born in Louisiana, but I currently live in New York City. I am a mother of one and the CEO of Wright Magazine and Wright Publishings.

I didn’t have an amazing life growing up. Having little to no money, being raised by a single mother, and turning one myself when I was 16, things were pretty hard. It did a number to my mental and emotional health, but I never talked about it and managed to lock it away and deal with the depression for years.

My mother died a month ago, and all those feelings I tried pushing away had come back, and worse than before.

I didn’t want it to start affecting my job, so I took it upon myself to see a therapist.

This is why I’m writing in here now. She told me that it was best to start by writing my feelings down. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to this, but I feel like it’s time that I deal with my demons.

My best friends has an emergency and I need to go, so this will be all for now.

Until next time,
Ken Doll”

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