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Living with a Taste of Death

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What if she wants to live a normal life? But she can't, because she's going to die. She's also so broken, she has to figure herself out. But she has to also go through her death. Go through her messed-up journey of life. A life of love, hate, and death. ***BIG people language*** Translation- ***Mature Language***

Romance / Drama
Y/N life
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~β€’Nora POVβ€’~

I hate sympathy, but I live off of it.

Okay, let's make this less painful. Long story short I'm dying. Wow, that was really short.

I got diagnosed with this rare disease that is killing me, a few years ago. Well, it's rarer for me, because usually mid-aged people get it, but here's me dying from it. I have stage III Lung and bronchus cancer, and now I'm living my life.

Lung and bronchial is not really that rare, but it is really rare for young age, and sadly I'm still 17. Usually, this cancer can't be cured, for it is known to be the deadliest cancer. And I got the worse type, small cell cancer, increasing my chances of dying more, and lessened my life span by years.

I haven't really thought hard and deep about it, because I already know that it's going to happen, and there's nothing I can do to stop it or prevent it.

What can I say, this is life.

Today is potentially my last day of school, to undergo treatment. I'm not leaving forever, I'm just going on a break. But why are my friends crying so much, and why is it affecting me.

"I know your gonna say that you'll call us every day, but you won't and you know it." Sophia sobbed.

Sophia is one of my best friends, since the start of high school. She was basically the comedian of the grade, well after my cold humor. That's probably why we get along so well.

"I know I won't, so if I don't pick up don't worry I'm just ignoring you." I ensured her, coughing my sob back. Not yet. It's no time to cry, I'm not going to die just yet.

"You're so sad but cool at the same time." Laura cried along with us.

Laura is my best-best friend, along with Daniel. Both of them have been with me all the way through preschool. I love them too much to let go, so I can't leave them just yet. My family and friends are the only ones that have helped me cope with this, and because of them, I am still living and not giving up.

"Stop it guys, your gonna make me cry," Daniel said, clearly crying more than all of us. He was basically the big brother for all of us, he was always there when we didn't know we needed it. I loved them beyond any level.

"You guys know that I love you right." I blurted out, not wanting to say goodbye any other way.


"Of course. Who wouldn't"

"I'm not that stupid."

We all burst out laughing together. I really will miss them.

"We love you, too." They all said to me at the same time.

And we all ended it in a hug. I was going to a 'better' place, it wasn't far it was just somewhere I had to stay to get 'better'. They didn't know how long I was going to stay there, but they presumed months, and if I got better, years. I thought all of this was pointless, and that I should spend the last time I had left, with the people I love.

But my parents saw hope and wanted to give it a last try. Why are they so stubborn, but that's probably where I got my stubbornness from.

This really felt like Five Feet Apart, just without a Cole Spouse, actually without any boy or love story. I have no love life, who am I kidding. I loved that movie though.

So let's sum this up. I'm going there, forced by my parents, to get treatment and a new home. Perfect. It's basically my death place and death bed. I'm just going to spend my days there until my body gives up and I finally die. I'm not really a socializer, but I guess we can get along and talk about the same topic, like dying, or maybe our lives ending, and other deep shit.

"We're here, how are you feeling darling." My mother asked. She was so young and had to take care of me, worrying about me. She really is waste her time and money on someone who's going to die.

"Like Crap," I replied truthfully.

"Hey, no swearing." My father warned me.

"What the what, that wasn't even a swear word."

"Yes, yes it is, you don't know, and I do so don't talk back."

My Father was the complete opposite of my mum. He didn't give two shits about me, because he was a piece of shit. I couldn't stand him, he was my father but he acted like no dad. How come he can have a happy ending, but I can't.

I ignored his comment and just walked towards the huge building. Sigh, I guess this is my home now. The doctor and supervisor came and talked to my parents while I went to go get a check-up. After a few hours of waiting and exploring, I was finally taken to my room.

"So this is going to be your room, for your stay here." My nurse said.

"Oh thank you."

It was huge, I was on like the 13th level and it was amazing. I looked at the huge window that had such a beautiful view of the city. I could see my school, I wonder how everyone's doing. It's only been a few hours but I already miss them, maybe because it feels like I won't see them again.

I'll call them later, I wanna meet my neighbors that I'll stay with first. I walked to the room right from mine and knocked. After a few seconds of waiting outside awkwardly, a young girl about the age of 15 answered. She was really beautiful.

"Hello!" She smiled widely towards me.

"Hey, I just moved in and I thought I'd introduce myself to my end-of-life friend"

"Well, nice to meet my new cancer dying buddy, my name is Chelse Davis." She held out her hand. I Shook it.

"I'm Nora Bui, it's very nice to meet you. I love your eyes," I said pointing out to her ocean blue eyes.

"Aw thank you, I love your face." She said causing both of us to laugh.

"Welp, I'm really tired cause of my meds so I'm gonna go now. I'll see you tomorrow to give you a tour of the hospital, and to hang out with my new friend. Good night." She waved at me smiling.

"Night night, I'll See you tomorrow too." I returned the smile.

I walked into my room and laid on my bed. Maybe not everything is so bad. Chelse Davis was my new friend, Chelsea Davis, Davis sounds really familiar. But there's a lot of Davis's so it's nothing to worry about. I think.

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