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What if your family expects you to get an heir for the family's empire and you make the wrong choices when it comes to women? You abduct a child, right? But instead of a boy who can take over, you take a girl. Great decision, absolutely fantastic. Sure, the mom's in hospital and will most likely die, but what the fuck is wrong with you? How can you feel this entitled to go against the law and to offend against moral standards? Well, it's quite easy if you're the boss of a mafia. Meet Riccardo, an Italian don in his late twenties. A stubborn son of a bitch, who doesn't care what his friends and family say when it comes to a gorgeous little angel called Isabella. This sweet child conquered his heart in the wink of an eye.

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Chapter 1

I poured myself another glass of Bourbon. Looking at the deep amber color of the liquid I thought about a conversation from earlier today. My consigliere Mario had been nagging me once again.

“You have to find a woman. You need an heir for your family’s empire.”

Yeah, sure. The last girlfriend I had, turned out to be a total disaster. I had to get rid of her before she could destroy me. Although, I could not say that I was still the man I used to be.

My gaze wandered across my office. My grandfather’s old furniture gave this place a distinguished atmosphere. The desk I were usually sitting at were even older than him. It was a Chippendale design pedestal mahogany desk from the 1920s. The large serpentine top had an inset of green tooled leather as writing surface. Each side featured three drawers in the frieze, with a cupboard on the left, and a pedestal with a drawer above a double depth filing drawer on the right. Each drawer could be locked with a key.

Behind the desk there was a mahogany breakfront bookcase. The top part had a decorative stepped molded cornice above open shelving in four sections, with sixteen original shelves. Personally, I loved the two secret drawers in the middle of the lower part. The knowledge was only passed down from father to son. Nobody else could know. So, when I took over, my dad told me about the drawers.

I took another sip of my Bourbon. It kept surprising me how the bold start was always followed by a medley of oak, honey, and caramel. The warm and sinful finish made me lust another glass. I stood up and walked from the 4-seater dark leather sofa to the mahogany cocktail cabinet. The bottle of Bourbon was almost empty. I poured the remaining liquid in my glass then I looked at the mahogany longcase clock in the corner. I clicked my tongue in a bad mood. It was almost seven in the morning and I had not slept so far. Sleep did not come naturally to me. Not since she was gone.

I sighed. Why had my life to be that difficult? Mario was right. I needed an heir. But the women I fell in love with, feared me, hated me, or did only love my money. Or all of that together.


I needed another drink, so I went back to my cocktail cabinet and opened a bottle of Scotch. With my new drink I walked to my desk and sat down. Thoughtfully I looked at the surface and wondered how many women have been fucked by my dad and granddad here. Probably a lot. They were both extraordinary womanizers while I just wanted a lovely wife. But somehow, I always picked the wrong ones.

Oh well, my father also picked the wrong woman as wife, but he compensated that with mistresses. Granddad on the other hand married the woman he loved and who loved him back, despite his behavior.

“Shouldn’t you sleep a bit?”

I looked up at the intruder. My consigliere stood in front of me. Rested and ready to start the day. My eyes wandered once again to my clock. 8 o’clock in the morning. Great. I was fucked.

“Maybe I should. Depends on our schedule today.” Slowly I put my glass down.

“You wanted to keep an eye on Metcalfe Park.”

True, I wanted to keep an eye on that area since there were rumors of women and children getting kidnapped to get sold in auctions. I could not care less for the women. But I hated it when children became victims of human trafficking. The little ones were still so innocent, so in need of protection. I really despised all criminal organizations who kidnapped and sold children.

“Well, I guess it’s time to take a nap then. But don’t hesitate to wake me up if there’s something wrong.” Mario nodded, but I knew he would not disturb me, unless it was necessary. He had always been a fatherly figure to me. And his focus lately was my health and getting me a wife. I sighed, perfectly knowing that I had to get one sooner or later. According to my family rather sooner than later since I was already quite old, according to them. To my defense, I tried twice to get married, but both women hated me due to the job I had. Sure, I could agree to an arranged marriage. But what was the purpose of fucking a woman who hated me, just to get an heir. Pointless, in my book.

“Are you going to sleep right here at your desk, or do you prefer to pass out on the carpet?”

The taunting tone made me look up. Mario was still standing in front of me, an eyebrow raised in amusement. If he would not be my consigliere, I would not accept his behavior. Growling I stood up and walked to the door, feeling the alcohol in my system with every step I took. Hopefully, it would help me sleep for a couple of hours. Insomnia was a bitch.

Like your ex, my subconscious mind chimed in.

“Oh, shut it,” I muttered to myself while climbing the stairs from the main floor all the way up to the third floor. Carefully, I had to add. Finally, I reached my room and plopped down onto my bed, not even taking the time to undress. As that was pointless as well. For what or even better, whom, should I undress?

Great, I certainly sounded like a depressed sucker instead of a highly feared mafia boss. That really had to change. I buried my head face first in my pillow. Lucky for once, sleep overtook me soon.

“What?” Astonished by her words, I stood in front of her. Staring in her crystal blue eyes. Tried to figure out what my beautiful fiancée had confessed a few moments before.

“I said, I’m taking the pill because I will not ruin this gorgeous body of mine to become your breeding bitch.” To emphasize her words, she let her hands travel seductively across her big bubbly boobs down to her sexy wide hips.

“You know as much as I do, that you can’t resist my body.” An alluring smile appeared on her face, forced me to focus on her full pink lips. Those lips which were wrapped around my cock just a couple of hours earlier.

“We had this discussion before. When we are getting married, you WILL give birth to my children. I do not only want an heir; I want a bunch of kids.” Like all Italian men in my family.

“Then I might not be the right woman for you.” She pouted her lips first, then licking them fast. My cock twitched just from that small gesture. Realization hit me hard like a truck. She was trying to manipulate me. I had to stop it, before it could go any further. Before I obeyed to her instead of the other way around.

“Go to your room. You will bear my children. End of discussion.”

Unimpressed she left my office. Left me behind doubting her feelings for me. She reminded me more and more of my mother.

“You have to get rid of her, il mio padrino.” My consiglieres voice brought me back to reality. Repeating his words in my mind, I knew he was right.

An annoying noise interrupted the dream, left me panting in the dark. Grabbing the source of the noise, I threw it against a wall. The loud bang was followed by my door being forced open. Someone switched on the light. My eyes fell on two of my men, standing in the doorway, guns ready to sacrifice themselves for me. Mario squeezed past them, looked at the mess I created and sighed.

“Guess you’ll need a new alarm clock. Again.”

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