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The homeless girl and the CEO

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Leah stood frozen in shock when she saw her fiance getting engaged in front of her family and friends to her college best friend. To top it off her parents knew and hid the truth from her showing their full support for her fiance and best friend. Leah left the engagement party in tears after being insulted by her now, ex-fiance's sister and mother, the last straw was being told that she was fired from the company her father and and he ex-fiance's father owned. Leah, left the city and the home she knew, not for greener pastures but to remove herself from where she isn't wanted. Jordan kept cursing himself for showing his grandfather the homeless guy whose filling out an application form for their company while dining at a coffee house. What he didn't expect was the guy was actually a girl and his grandfather hired her on the spot at the cafe and left her to stay at Jordan's home until she found her footing. Jordan planned to hate the homeless girl whom he consider is tricking his grandfather to scheme money from him. What Jordan didn't expect is the attraction he felt every time he saw her, causing him to hate her more. Using every chance he to got to embarrass her, unaware of her status and what brought her into his life. Was it his grandfather or was it fate?

Romance / Drama
Sabry Singh
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Chapter 1


Left alone after entering the large ballroom that's decorated in a light shade of pink and purple fabrics, balloons and streamers.

I have to admit it looked absolutely amazing, with the full works but then again, it's the ballroom of the grandest hotel in the city.

I frowned when everyone I knew, stared at me with scorn? What's going on with everyone?

Where are my parents and why did they abandon me after our arrival and where's Rawle?

This function is being hosted by my fiance's family but I wonder why he didn't mention it to me when he dropped me off after a lunch date earlier this afternoon.

Looking around, I frowned when I saw Rawle walking hand in hand unto the large stage situated at the corner of the ballroom, with my best friend, Lissa?

Something was wrong!

What is going on?

I heard shouts and applause but I still didn't understand the full extent of anything, except my mother and my father were smiling at the couple who gazed adoringly at each other.



As the applause died down, my chest tightened, when Mr. Ambrose, Rawle's father accepted a microphone that's handed to him by a DJ, whose stationed to the side of the staged.

Rawle leaned down and captured Lissa's upturned lips.


Clasping my hand against my chest, I gasped, instantly covering my mouth, hearing the soft whimper escaping my lips, from shock as I stared at my fiance and best friend.

I didn't realize Rawle's sister stood beside me until I heard her voice, mocking me.

"They make a awesome couple don't they?" She smirks at my demeanor which must be changing by the second.

"What's going on?" I whispered, tears already streaming down my cheeks.

Reverting her eyes to the stage where her father stood addressing his guests and where her brother stood with Lissa, still gazing at each other.

"My brother's getting engaged to his girlfriend," Evelyn smiles, eyeing me from head to toe with disgusted and scorn.

Staring at my parents once again, "they know?" I whispered, wiping my eyes, that's fixated on my parents.

Chuckling, "of course, idiot" she retorts. "Everyone knows," Evelyn laughs. "I can see that my brother made a fool of you, yet again." Evelyn adds. "He was suppose to fill you in at lunch." Evelyn shrugs.

"Yet again?" I repeated softly.

Waving her manicured fingers at me, "guess Lissa wanted to ensure you witness her special day." Evelyn smirks, her eyes fixated on her brother, my fiance and best friend, as they exchanging rings.

My entire body felt numb. Hugging myself, unable to hold back the tears that's flowing.

There was a hearty round of applause as the newly engaged couple hugged and kissed in front of their happy guests, who shouted their love to them.

Evelyn moved to walk away, then turn to smile at me with scorn, "by the way, I'm not sure if your parents mention it, but there's no longer a job for you at the company." Cold dark eyes stared back at me. "Rawle made sure your desk has been cleaned and your belonging have been sent to lost and found, you can pick it up on Monday." Evelyn smiled at how pathetic I must look right now, with hate.

"Now run along and bawl your ass off, just don't embarrass us further in here." Turning around, Evelyn walked away towards the front of the ballroom, while I slowly backed away.

Turning, I almost bumped into a waiter holding a tray of glasses filled with champagne.

I need this to wake up!

"Wait," reaching out I stopped the waiter, who paused, giving me an impatient glare.

Lifting a glass of the tray, I gulped down the bubbly in one shot, grabbing the waiter's arm to keep him there, until I was done.

Taking my fourth glass of the tray, I heard another female voice behind me with the same mocking tone as Evelyn.

"Leave some for my actual guests," Mrs. Ambrose mocks me.

Turning around shocked at her attitude towards me, since we have always had a good relationship.

Smiling at the couple moving around to greet their guest, "they make a beautiful couple, don't they?" Mrs. Ambrose, just like her daughter came to mock me.

Staring at the two snakes whose sting is still burning from their poisonous venom. I smile wistfully, as the champagne kicks in.

Staring back at the cold hearted woman mocking me, I nod, "yes, I never knew rattle snakes could look beautiful covered in pounds of makeup," I retorted, taking no delight in the shock and embarrassment that seeped unto her flawless face, that up close reflects the one hundred pounds of make up she wore.

Gulping down the last of my drink I turned and walked out, covering my mouth as I hiccuped, handing my empty glass to another waiter who walked by.

My parents knew, was the only thought flooding my mind.

Why did they join with the Ambrose family to hurt and humiliate me like this.

What did I do to deserve this?

What did I ever do to Rawle, except love him?

Pulling out my phone from the small clutch purse in my hand, with the one thought ringing through my head.

I need to get away from here!

Not just from the Ambrose family but my family and I need to get away quickly, before I break.

While digging into my handbag, my eyes fell on the diamond engagement ring Rawle gave me last Christmas at a roma dinner in front of both of our families and now in front of both our families he has dumped me, crushing me in the process.

Turning around one last time, searching for the happy couple, my eyes met the eyes of the happy groom to be.

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