The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Nine

Leah's POV

Jordan orders his PA to assign me the desk outside his office since I will be training under him for the next three month and I will assist his PA when he needs help.

"Yes boss," the PA, whose name I don't know leaves with light chuckle.

Standing up, Jordan starts gathering some loose documents on his desk before stuffing it in a file and pushing it towards me.

"Read through this," he instructs, "because of your late arrival, I wasted an entire morning." He says curtly. "Vinnie and I have somewhere to be so take messages and make sure you record every call and message while we are out." Turning away from me, he takes up his dark Armani jacket, to match his dress trousers.

I sprang of the chair, "you're leaving me here alone?" I asked stupidly.

Pausing as he pulled on his jacket, "is that a problem?" He asks and as I was about to respond, I saw the challenge in his eyes and shook my head, looking down, I picked up my handbag and the file he gave me.

Chuckling mockingly, "you're a fast learner," chuckling dryly, he picks up his phone and keys off the desk and points to the open door.

I walked out and stood awkwardly inside the inner office, where Jordan's PA was neatly organizing his desk.

Lifting his eyes, he smiles. "Okay, so I've left a notepad and pencils on the desk until we return." And like Jordan, he picks up his jacket from behind his chair. "When I get back, we'll organize your desk," he informs me pointing to a desk at the corner of the office, opposite his desk.

I heard a lock click and I nod nervously realizing Jordan must be behind me.

I stood rooted in the same spot, as the men walks out aware of what's expect of me but afraid to move.

"By the way," Jordan pokes his head back in the open door looking at his wristwatch. "You started work after lunch so you won't be having a lunch break today." With that said, Jordan and PA left me alone in the office.

Placing my handbag on the floor, I made myself comfortable behind the PA's desk and smiled when I saw a few sticky notes on the desk, that will be helpful to me.

Since I won't be having a lunch hour, I quickly took out my sandwich and started nibbling while reading the file Jordan left me.

At my father's company I worked in all department while I was studying so manning the phone is nothing new to me but I realize Jordan's intention is to make this new road I'm travelling on, a real bumpy ride.

An hour later, I had eaten my lunch and the cake extremely grateful for the bottle water Mrs. Sanchez added in the bag.

I dumped everything in the office bin ensuring Jordan doesn't know that I ate behind the desk during working hours.

What is also strange is that the phone didn't ring at all and I suspect Jordan must have stop all incoming calls to his office because he doesn't trust me.

I occupied myself with the file he left, making notes about marketing strategies for a potential client.

Using my new phone, I googled the client and made footnotes about what they sell and what they want to project to the outside market.

I felt confident that I'm on the right track but passing it across to Jordan would be difficult, so I'm preparing for his disapproval and condemnation.

As I worked my mind started wandering to my former office if they are missing me or my work.

It's sad that my father hasn't called me at least once.

In just one hour my world as I knew it crumbled down to the ground and I'm left alone to rise again.

Smiling cynically to myself, two things I won't ever need in life again, is a best friend and a boyfriend.

I pulled Jordan's PA desk calendar closer to check the next long weekend so I could make a quick trip back home to use an ATM to keep extra cash in hand.

I am afraid to be alone and I'm afraid to not have anything, which is weird because these things never concerned me before.

Having daydream enough, I returned to the file and review my notes and the client's information, positive that I've put out my best because this is not the first time, I'm handling a client on my own.

A quick check at the time confirms Jordan and his PA has been gone for more than two hours.

I hope he don't keep me back today, because I already mention to Mrs. Sanchez that I will be moving out today and she agreed to pack up for me and allow me to be the one to break the news to Mr. Branson while she would call young Mr. Branson when I leave.

Thankfully, I left my few pieces of luggage in tact so Mrs. Sanchez won't have anything to do really except pack the clothes I used yesterday.

With a heavy heart, I sighed, hoping Jordan doesn't continue to make things difficult for me when I am no longer imposing on him.

I heard the sounds of voices and laughter before I heard the stomps of Jordan and his PA returning from wherever they went off to.

Closing the file, I stood up awkwardly, keeping my eyes downwards, ensuring the desk was just the way the PA left it.

Jordan walked past me while his PA stopped at his desk.

With an apologetic smile, "it's weird but there were no calls," I whispered.

Nodding slowly, he leans closer, "I know," he laughs.

They planned this!

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