The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Eight

Jordan's POV

"Mom," I leaned down and kissed her cheek. "You're looking better." I stare into her eyes that she tries to keep averted from mines, since I entered the room.

Nodding, I shifted allowing Leah to greet my mother, while I move along to my two aunts and their husbands, who were also invited to the wedding reception but were absent because of my mother, I'm sure.

Smiling, Leah bent and touched mom's hand. "I'm glad you're feeling better." She said to her, then touch my arm.

"Jordan was concerned about you not being at the reception yesterday." Leah tells mom who already appeared bored with Leah standing close by.

"He couldn't hide his hurt, so we came to spend sometime, with you before leaving on our honeymoon." Leah added, genuinely communicating with mom.

I was about to grab Leah's hand to move away from mom, when mom lifted her head in surprise.

Chuckling dryly, "hurt?" Mom repeated only one word from Leah's comment, in disbelief.

Not trusting her, I clenched my fists, "and is that so difficult to believe?" I retorted, aware the room grew silent after hearing mom, finally respond to me.

Chuckling dryly, "you went against my wishes and married someone I didn't approve of but as usual, you allowed your grandfather to trick you, once again!" Mom retorted, a small smile tugging on her lips with her eyes conveying the malice she harbours in her heart.

Frowning at her words, wondering where she is going with this, especially with the way she was snickering at Leah.

Whatever she is up too, I want no part of it.

Grabbing Leah around her waist, I started steering her out of the room, when I caught grandpa's confused expression.

"You're running now?" Mom chuckles from behind us but I ignored her hoping she's not going where I think she is.

"Leah, don't you want to know why he really married you?" Mom asks Leah.

Stopping, Leah turned around to face mom, her expression bland.

"Let's go Leah," I tried to get her out but she was determined to remain here, just as she was determined to come over.

Lifting her chin, Leah waits for mom to continue.

Standing, mom moves closer to where we stood, "his grandpa give him an ultimatum, marry you or loose his chance of taking the reins of the company." Confident that she's accomplish what she set out to do, mom walks out of the sitting room with a smirk.

Leah stiffen beside me and all the color drained from her face.

Turning to face her, "no Leah," I whispered.

Lowering her eyes, "I'm good," Leah whispered.

"Lunch is served." Mom said as she walked away, with her sisters and their husbands following behind her, smiling awkwardly on their way out.

"MOM!" Jade screamed stomping off behind mom, while grandpa was the first to approach Leah.

Placing his hands gently on her shoulders, "Leah that's not true." Grandpa says softly.

Smiling Leah lifted her head and nod.

Chuckling, "let's eat." Leah tells my worried grandfather then smiles at me with just her lips.

"I'm good," Leah promised but mom dropped a bomb on her and other than freezing beside me, Leah pretends to be fine with it.

Grandma was next to try speaking to my wife who is behaving as if all is well, despite what mom just said to her.

"Leah sweetheart," grandma was saying when Leah reached across and hugged her.

"Mrs. Branson, other than the fact that I am hungry, I promise you that I am fine." Leah says, hugging grandpa next.

"Leah that is not what happened," grandpa insist again and I am sure that he is remembering that conversation in my office where he gave me an ultimatum to marry Leah or the Finley slut, fully away that Leah's was already in my heart.

With a wide grin, Leah hooks her arm into grandma's and led the way to the dining room where lunch was being served.

"Jordan," dad, who has been quiet on the side finally breaks his silence. "What your mother said was really unfair but she doesn't know how strong Leah is." Dad words are meant to remind me that my wife is above my mother's pettiness but still, a conversation did happen but not the way mom repeated it.

Placing a hand on my shoulder, "don't worry." Dad exchange a worried glance with grandpa, before walking ahead of us to the dining room.

"This is the last fucking time I come here for brunch." I muttered, finally able to express my anger.

"Let's get through this and deal with this problem later." Grandpa suggested before chuckling, "if she expected Leah to run in hurt and fear, she was gravely disappointed." Grandpa always the one to find the humor in any situation, just like Vinnie.

Jade was moving to join Leah on the opposite end of the table, far from my mother but close enough to the balance of the family.

"Leah, I'm sorry about mom," Jade was saying when Leah shoosh her.

Reaching out, Leah covered Jade's hand with hers and smiled, as Michael and I pulled out chairs opposite the girls.

While Leah and Jade bonded, I turned purposely to see mom's reaction to her daughter bonding with my wife.

Thank God her daggers wasn't penetrating my wife, whose main goal seem to be ignoring my mother and I know first hand, when Leah shuts someone out, they're out.

Thank God I was persistent, plus I had Rosie, Vinnie and grandpa on my side.

Averting my eyes from mom, I frowned when Jade wiped her eyes.

"Leah this is way too expensive," Jade's stared inside a jewellery box. "But it's beautiful though." Jade added lifting the Jade necklace, Leah gifted her.

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