The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ninety Nine

Leah's POV

I couldn't allow Jade to refuse my gift, which is the reason I came over in the first place.

"I'm not a Jade, I'm a Leah." I chuckle.

With misty eyes, Jade shook her head but I can see how much she admire the vintage Jade necklace, which was part of my late mother's jewellery, that my grandmother only now gave to me.

"It's part of your family heirloom" Jade holds it close to her heart once again, before giving it back to me.

Chuckling, "aren't you my family now?" I asked softly, for the first time since Jordan sat opposite me, I lifted my eyes to meet his curious smirk.

Nodding excitedly, "yes, yes, yes!" Jade squeals in delight, throwing her arms around my neck.

"Oh thank you, thank you Leah." Jade walks across to Michael, giving him the necklace to clip around her neck.

Touching it lightly, "I love it," she smiles, modeling it for her grandma and mother, whose eyes was glued to Jade's chest, where the necklace laid.

"Leah that's very thoughtful of you," Grandma Branson smiles.

"I can't wear them all and Jade has done so much in a short space of time, putting together a wedding," chuckling, I turned to her, "I can never repay her and I'm sure her brother didn't pay her for her wedding planning duties." I commented.

Lifting his eyes from the plate in front him, "oh Jade owed me and that was her way of paying me back," Jordan and Michael laughs bringing a scowl to Jade's perfectly made up face.

The luncheon passed on a light note with grandpa being the one to bring up the crazy scenarios that took place with the Ambrose clan, at the reception.

"Jordan, I am still considering investing in the construction side of Morrison and Ambrose," Jordan's father suddenly changed the topic of conversation and mood around the table.

Mr. Branson was the first to respond and by his abrupt tone, he didn't approve of the idea.

"You can do so but not with money from The Branson group!" Mr. Branson informs his son. "Use your own money and when you crash, keep Jordan and I out of it." Mr. Branson added, taking up his fork, he continued with his lunch, dismissing his son.

Jordan's father wasn't done though, "do you feel the same way Jordan?" His father questioned him, angering his grandfather.

"Of course he would support his grandfather," Jordan's mother finally had something to say and of course it wasn't in support of my husband.

"Mr. Branson," I called to get my father-in-law's attention. "Carl Ambrose will be heading to court under a bribery case with a government official in Seattle and until that case is cleared, it wouldn't be wise to invest with his company." I explained, surprise that Jordan's father weren't informed of this.

Chuckling, "that case will be dismiss soon, so it's not a risk." Mr. Branson words confirmed that he knew but, only knew what Uncle Carl allowed him to know.

"Do you see now, why I had to bypass my son and wait until Jordan was prepared for the CEO post at Branson's?" With his head bowed over his plate, Jordan's grandfather commented.

I wasn't done though. "It's your choice and your money at the end of the day," I shrugged, having lost my appetite.

"You've only been in this family for a day and think you know what's best for my husband?" Jordan's mom says sarcastically.

Without making eye contact with her, I played with my food on the plate.

"I've known Uncle Carl all my life and my contribution to this conversation is based on that." I responded coolly. "It's my duty as Jordan's wife to brace his father against any impending problems." Pushing back my chair, I stood up.

"I've done my part and if there are any problems in the future you won't be able to blame Jordan." Lifting my eyes, I didn't miss the surprise in his mother's eyes.

"Another thing," I continued. "Once Jordan and I are invited over here, we will attend, whether you approve or not but," I paused as she averts her hostile eyes from mines to meet her sister, who also looked away in embarrassment.

"Your problem isn't with me and I understand that but when Jordan and I visit again, please understand that you will be invisible to me, so hold your comments to yourself, until we leave." I hurt for Jordan and the way his insensitive mother treats him.

"I grew up with a step-mother whose only interest was spending my father's money, so all I have learned is from my father and he taught me well." My eyes stinging with tears that threaten to fall, "I know how to walk away when I'm not wanted." I finish softly, turning to Jordan.

"I'm ready to leave." I said, hurt that I had to respond this way to my mother-in-law but happy I won't have to look her way, when next we meet.

Jordan stood up, throwing his napkin on his plate, while I address his aunts and uncles politely.

"It is a pleasure to meet Jordan's extended family and hopefully when we meet again, the circumstances will be more pleasant." I hugged a shocked Jade and walked around the table towards my anxious husband.

Chuckling, I hugged Jordan's grandmother from where she sat, "thank you for having me today and I hope I am invited again." I whispered, pecking her cheeks before Jordan and I politely took our leave.

"Remind me never to piss you off," Jordan chuckles as we walked towards his vehicle.

"Oh I haven't started with you!"

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