The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter One Hundred

Jordan's POV

"What my mother said is not the truth or to be precise, that's not what grandpa said to me." I started to defend myself against my mother's comment, as the front door of my family home shut behind us.

With her eyes roaming the car park, Leah started walking towards my vehicle when her eyes fell on it.

Grabbing her hand, "Leah," I yelled but she continued walking.

At least she didn't shrug me off, which I consider to be a good sign.

On impulse, I averted my eyes to the side and stopped when I saw my mother staring at Leah and I, or to be exact, me!

Stopping, Leah frowns then follows my gaze, flickering her eyes between my mother and I.

Palming my face, "she's going to recognize your worth, soon and as upset as I am, I love and support you!" Leah soft eyes remind me of our bond.

Under the watchful eyes of my mother, I reach out to palm her face.

Drawing away, Leah laughs.

"Not so fast Romeo," turning, Leah tugs my hand and led me towards the vehicle.

I kept taking quick glances at my silent wife but at least she's still here.

We drove in silence for a while, "what time do we leave?" Leah suddenly breaks the silence but not with the question I wanted to hear.

Averting my eyes quickly off the road, "four thirty," I cancel our midday trip for this afternoon plus, we still have to finish our packing.

Turning to smile at me, "and where are we going again?" Leah asked coyly.

Chuckling, I shook my head. "It's a surprise and I promise you will love it but we still have to pack because Vinnie will be picking us up at three." I started punching in Vinnie's digits on the car phone to remind him, although I'm sure he won't need reminding.

Leah looks on curiously as Vinnie's phone rang out. I immediately went to redial, "I hope he is awake already." I said to Leah, redialling a third time after the call rang out.

"Yeah I remember," a grumpy Vinnie finally answered.

"Well I had..." Leah cut across my conversation.

"Are you alone or did your company keep you up late into the morning?" Leah chuckles playfully but my mind instantly went to Rosie and it was not a something I needed in my head.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I exclaimed to Leah.

Twitching her lips, she shrugs. "What?" She asks, frowning innocently at my outburst.

"I don't need those thoughts in my head and what the hell is going on with you and Rosie?" I spoke loudly into the carphone.

Slapping my arm, "don't worry about him," Leah tells Vinnie. "He owes me so you and Rosie are safe for now." Leah tells Vinnie, butting in again.

Owe her?

"Owe you?" Vinnie caught on quickly and repeated my silent question.

Leah smiles at me but continues speaking to Vinnie. "Yep but that's a conversation for another day." Peering at my apartment building. "We're going to pack, just be here by three." Leah says and cuts the call before Vinnie could respond.

We were packed and ready by the time Vinnie arrived, still not having the conversation my mother started.

Leah hugs Mrs. Sanchez as I took the luggage out.

"You have your vacation while we are gone and keep this," Leah pushes an envelope into her hands.

Shaking her head, Mrs. Sanchez pushes it back. "You don't have to leave money with me. Jordan sends my money through my account and if I need anything, I can call Vinnie." Mrs. Sanchez explained because that is how things rolled, before Leah.

Taking the envelope from Leah's hand, "this isn't from me, it's from her so that you can have some fun," throwing an arm around Leah's shoulder. "While we're having our fun." I chuckle at Mrs. Sanchez embarrassment and Leah's flushed cheeks.

Accepting her vacation fun money, Mrs. Sanchez hugged Leah and I before we departarted for the airport and our honeymoon which will be more idyllic because I didn't book any sightseeing tours.

Exhausted from the wedding, Leah and I slept through the entire trip until the stewardess woke us thirty minutes before landing on the tropical Island where my grandparents own a holiday home.

Leah frowned with concern the entire drive through the tropical island until she saw lights leading to the villa we will be staying at.

Since it's dark, only the sound of waves can be heard as it crashes against the shore.

"This appears remote," Leah says observantly, looking around, especially behind us as we follow one of the staff, grandpa hired to remain with us during our two weeks stay here.

"That is what a honeymoon is all about." I laugh at Leah's expression, positive it's going to change when she sees the outside at dawn. "You, me and a bed." I laughed out at her embarrassment.

Slapping me affectionately in my stomach, Leah points to the security whose helping with our bags.

"So talk," Leah says as we settle in for the night after having a light dinner.

"Now?" Frowning, since the only thing on my mind was making love to my wife.

Nodding with a smirk, as if she's aware of my dirty thoughts.

"Now," she whispers. "Tell me about that conversation you and your grandfather had and why it led to us getting hitched?" Leah's expression changed from all afternoon, when she appeared relax and carefree.

"If you don't trust me, at least trust grandpa," I sat beside her, wondering why she waited this long to discuss the lie, mom dished out earlier today.

Frowning, Leah shook her head. "I trust you," she smiles simply. "I just want to know what was really said."

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