The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter One Hundred and One

Leah's POV

I listen as Jordan recount the conversation with his grandfather and was touched and slightly amused at his jealous reaction, after Mr. Banson suggested he'll do a matchmaking between this Derek guy and me.

"So you did plan to marry me before that?" I still found it difficult to believe that our marriage occurred after such a short space of time but, it feels natural.

"After seeing you and Mrs. Sanchez returning from shopping that Sunday afternoon, I knew you were special and not like that sl.." Jordan's voice trailed off as he recalled the girl who blackmailed his grandfather.

Taking a deep breath, "you were different and you didn't need my money, for starters." Jordan propped against his pillows and stretched out his arm for me to lean against his chest.

"If I had married a girl my mother suggested and my mother complained about me, she would have agree with mom and say something like," pausing Jordan stares into my half closed eyes. "Don't worry mom, I'll talk to him." He mimics a whiny female voice.

"But you," lifting my chin Jordan stares into my eyes, "you won't accept her complains about me and thank you for that." Jordan smile as he slides off the pillow, smiling mischievously.

I was suddenly pinned under him, instinctively squealing in delight.

Putting his finger to my lips, Jordan lowered his lips to mines.

"Don't forget the walls in the island houses are very thin," he chuckles softly, capturing my lips with his.

This is more like our wedding night, I thought since last night we fell asleep exhausted from the long day.

Jordan's hands and lips travelled along my body as I felt myself being pressed deeper into the mattress. his hands ignited fire wherever it touch with making me undone in his arms.

"Leah there are ways that I want to make love to you," Jordan whispered with his head buried between my breasts.

My body was on fire and I was not in a position to question him or deny him anything.

Whatever he wanted, I need it even more.

"Yeesss," I released in what sounded like a muffled cry to my own ear.

Before I could add anything else, I was on my stomach in a split second before Jordan pulled me on my knees, taking me from behind.

I couldn't think about how barbaric it seemed to me as wanton desire took over and for the first time, I allow myself to let go and enjoy this raw sexual urge, I didn't even know I had.

"I love you," Jordan whispers breathing heavily, pulling me against his chest and I believe him but I will never get tired of hearing him say it over and over again to me and I will never say that I know because I need him to tell me over and over again.

And this was the beginning of two weeks of bliss on the topical island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Everything Jordan and I did, we did in the vicinity of the Villa where we stayed.

The waters wasn't blue but green and for the first time in my life I went skinny dipping and in the daylight.

Jordan taught me to enjoy and crave his body as much as he enjoyed mines.

We got all the privacy from the discreet staff employed by Mr. Branson and I realize why Jordan choose this place.

We made love in the water, in the sand and the pool but one thing keep nagging me, I wasn't on birth control and Jordan didn't use protection.

Am I ready for another chapter in my life just yet, especially when I recently found out that my own mother died during childbirth?

Can I voice my fears to Jordan?

When he first approached me about kids, it wasn't my fear of being a great mom, it was the fear of having to leave them behind.

Having to leave him behind!

I need to speak to someone but who, other than my father or a doctor, which will have to wait until I get back to New York.

"You okay?" Jordan voice broke through my thoughts.

Opening my eyes, I stared guiltily at him, smiling awkwardly as I tried composing my thoughts to match my confident smile.

Nodding quickly, I shifted myself so that he could join me on the beach chair at a resort we decided to spend the weekend at, on the Island.

"Leah, you were deep in thoughts and appeared worried. Just remember, we're a couple who discusses whatever bothers us." Jordan reminded me.

Nodding slowly, "I know." I responded since we have had this conversation before and discussing anything that bothers us is something we promise to do but I need to meet a doctor first and then I could tell him of my ungrounded fears.

Jordan slid unto the beach chair and pulled me in his arms.

"I've been observing you for a few minutes and I know you're holding back from me." Jordan's comment shouldn't have surprised me but it did.

Jordan's eyes are always on me but still.

"Why are you always watching me?" I smile as if it meant nothing but I am curious.

Chuckling softly, "I constantly need to remind myself that you are real and you won't disappear in a twinkling of an eye." Jordan admitted.

The laughter evaporated from his eyes, as he stares intensely at me.

Uncomfortable, "what?" I chuckle nervously.

Instead of answering me, Jordan leaned down, capturing my lips with his.

Even though we are lounging by a public pool, I could push him away just yet.

I need him!

I needed to know, despite what the future holds, Jordan and will be together for eternity.

"If I die before you, would you remarry?" I needed to know.

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