The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter One Hundred and Two

Leah's POV

It's been three weeks since Jordan and I returned to the hectic life in the city and the job we took time off from.

Jordan's grandpa, whom I'm still not comfortable calling grandpa is preparing to hand over the reins of the company to Jordan and it's a process that's taking a huge amount of time from our family life.

If I wasn't in the office with him, I might have doubted it sometimes but, I'm here and I am seeing that we no longer have lunch breaks together and sometimes I leave the office and him behind.

Jordan is in a meeting with the Branson board and Vinnie is right alongside him, leaving me to hold the fort.

"Hey you have time for a coffee break?" Jade peeks from behind the office door.

Smiling, I wave for her to come in, continuing with the phone call I was on.

Breathing a sigh of relief, twitching my nose at the coffee Jade place on my desk.

"I was hoping for an early lunch." I lifted the cup and started sipping the liquid that was so hot.

Nodding in agreement with me, "good idea, did you bring any?" Jade is aware that I always bring lunch to the office, even if it's sandwiches.

Standing up, I moved towards the kitchen, "I have to, especially with your brother working extremely long hours." I couldn't hide the sadness in my voice, about Jordan's continued absence.

Jade joins me in the small kitchen, "we knew the transition would be coming but I didn't think it would be this hard." Jade is feeling the brunt of it as Michael has been taking up from Jordan's workload, which is also time consuming, for him.

Returning to the office, Jade takes a seat behind my desk and continues speaking as we wait for the lunch to heat up.

"Grandpa asked me to organise a grand function where he officially hands over to Jordan." Jade was saying, while I returned to the kitchen to dish out lunch.

We ate our early lunch in the office and I listen as Jade discuss her plans so far for the function she's planning.

"You don't sound excited to be doing this." I couldn't help but notice, the difference from when Jade planned my wedding reception.

"Leah, Michael mention something to me and I think you need to know also." Jade's tone and expression scared me.

Tensing up, I wait for her to continue.

"Michael went to the family home to get mom's signature on some documents for dad a while ago," playing with the food on her plate, Jade continues while I sat opposite her, expecting the worse.

"Evelyn and her mother was there with mom, laughing and enjoying coffee." Jade finally lift her eyes to mines, that was open wide in shock.

Taking a deep breath, I wait to digest this information.

"I trust Jordan." I said quickly, causing Jade to chuckle.

Nodding, the laughter suddenly leaves her eyes, "it's mom we don't trust and Michael would have already mention it to Jordan." Jade explains. "And that's why I am here to remain with you until Vinnie or Jordan returns." Jade's explanation for her being here, suddenly makes sense.

Shaking my head, unable to believe the Ambrose family.

"I honestly thought they were out of our lives," I admitted softly.

"Me too" Jade admitted, "especially because I bought them into our lives." Jade appeared remorseful and still blames herself.

"She didn't take my threat seriously." I couldn't help muttering, wondering how Jordan's mother feels about someone like her sleeping with her aunt's husband.

"Jade I need to make a trip to Seattle and I want you to go with me," I finally had the guts to ask someone to accompany me, for the doctor's appointment daddy already booked for me.

Shrugging, "sure, we could do a girls trip." Jade's glum expression disappeared, leaving her with a wide and healthy grin.

Averting my eyes quickly to the office door, "actually it's something personal and other than my father, you're the first person I'm sharing it with." I kept my eyes on her face, hoping she doesn't think I'm about to betray her brother or their family.

Nodding, "okay, so Jordan doesn't know?" Jade of course would ask the only logical question, she knows to ask.

Shaking my head, I pushed my plate aside. "He's been busy since we returned from our honeymoon and he's exhausted most days, so having a personal conversation right now, is impossible." I admitted sadly.

Jade masked her surprise very quickly, "why are we going and when?" She asks slowly, her eyes seems to be calculating her next move.

I don't have a choice, I have to trust her with this, my unfounded fears.

"I have a doctors appointment and it's Friday afternoon." I explained, watching Jade's eyes widen in surprise.

Moving from behind the desk, she came to sit on Vinnie's desk.

"Leah are you ill? You need to tell Jordan! He can't be too busy with work when you are not well. I will deal with him!" Without waiting for my response, Jade took out her phone and I had to grab it from her.

"Jade, it's nothing serious." I said quickly. "I am due for a checkup and that's why I am going, nothing else." I had to reassure her, wondering if I did the right thing by confiding in her.

Tapping her chest lightly.

"You said Friday," she says. "Is it Friday tomorrow to Friday next week?" Jade asks.

Twitching my lips, I couldn't help smiling at her expression.

"Friday, like tomorrow Friday." I explained.

Lifting the phone, "I'm going to book a ticket for you.

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