The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter One Hundred and Three

Leah's POV

Jordan is not home yet but I am packing a small bag for my trip tomorrow morning to Seattle.

Jade cancelled my commercial booking and instead booked our flight tomorrow with one of the pilots, the family uses for personal trips.

I still have to tell Jordan that I am leaving for the day but will make it about Jade and I having a shopping day and since he is extremely busy, I'll be in Seattle and back in New York before the night is over.

I know daddy is concerned about me going through the same problem, my mother went through, so he's being totally supportive and will be with Jade and I during my doctor's visit.

I was already asleep when Jordan returned home but as usual, I stirred when I heard the movements around the bedroom.

"You're home," I smiled sleepily, lifting my upper body, with one eye halfway open and the other fully closed.

Coming to sit beside me on the bed, "where are you going?" Jordan stops me from getting up.

Sliding back down clutching the blanket against my chest, I forced my eyes open.

"I want to give you dinner," I repeated the same thing I've been saying every night for the past few weeks.

"Vinnie and I ate at the office, so I'm going to shower and join you." Jordan was already throwing off his shirt.

Smiling, I felt wide awake now as I stare at his toned bare back.

I blew a loud kiss to him, "my hubby looks yummy," I chuckle softly.

Turning around, Jordan cheeks looked flushed as he smiles at me.

Unbuckling his pants, "you are such a little tease," kneeling on the bed, Jordan covers me with his naked torso, capturing my lips with his.

His breath taste of coffee, coffee and coffee.

Clutching his shoulders, I squeeze his neck as we deepened the kiss, feeling Jordan drop his weight heavily, burying me into the mattress.

Pulling away abruptly, "don't go anywhere," he whispers, undressing on his way to the bathroom.

Lazing back on the bed, I smile in anticipation of starting another day in my husband's arms.

"Fuck Leah, I can't do this much longer," Jordan sighs as his breathing becomes a bit more regulated.

Pulling a sheet up our naked bodies, I leaned against his chest, realizing how accustom I've become to him and how much I've missed this closeness, when he isn't here.

Unsure what Jordan can't do much longer. "What?" I whispered, always afraid, always anxious.

"Being apart for so many days and so many hours," Jordan's explanation eases my mind. "This is not what I signed up for," he continues, caressing my shoulder as he speaks.

Hoping I don't regret this, I still decide to suggest it. "Maybe you should bring your father on board and give him more responsibilities but not the final decision in anything." I suggested.

Without saying a word, Jordan squeezes my shoulder.

"I was planning on it but now I found out he's getting close to the Ambrose family." Now I am not surprise by Jordan's confession since Jade already filled me in.

I snuggle closer to him, as my eyes started closing on me.

"Sex takes a lot of energy from a person, doesn't it?" I heard myself mummer and Jordan's light chuckle as I drifted off to sleep.

I was alone in bed when I woke up and made a dash to meet Jordan before he left since I didn't mention my trip to him.

Wearing one of Jordan's T-shirt, I entered the kitchen.

"Mrs. Sanchez," I called, from the doorway.

Turning from the table where she's cutting some fruits, "have you seen Jordan?" I hope he didn't leave yet, especially without telling me.

Smiling, she nodded.

"He already left." Mrs. Sanchez tells me what I hoped, I wouldn't hear.

Indicating the table with two set of dirty dishes, "He already had breakfast with Vinnie and he said to message him and he'll call you during the day." Mrs. Sanchez added.

A wave of despondency swept over me but I tried to hide it.

"Thank you," I smiled but Mrs. Sanchez knows me well, so she knew I wasn't happy that Jordan left without meeting me.

Backtracking out of the kitchen, "I guess I should get a early start to the day," I tell her and smiled. "Morning." I just remember I didn't greet her properly.

"Morning Leah," Mrs. Sanchez responded as I walked away.

By the time Jade came to meet me, I was already dressed in a soft khaki pants and a navy blue sweater with a khaki trench coat to match, since it would be chilly in Seattle.

Grabbing the fruits Mrs. Sanchez made for us to go, I joined Jade in the town car with her grandfather's driver behind the wheel.

"I have to call Jordan." I informed her, dialing his number.

When he didn't answer, I sent him a brief message, explaining where I am going with Jade but left out the reason. I also explained that my father would be meeting us. Adding emojis, to display my love for him and press send.

By the time we got to the airport, Jordan still didn't call but I'm with Jade so he has nothing to be concerned and I'm going to be with my father.

"Are you planning to stay?" Jade frowns at my light carry on.

Embarrassed, I shook my head realizing she only has her handbag.

"You can buckle up because the pilot will be taking off in a few minutes." The stewardess took my carry on, politely explaining to Jade.

I stood in shock when I entered the plane behind Jade to see my husband, with his hands in his pockets staring.

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