The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter One Hundred and Four

Leah's POV

"Jordan?" I whispered, fighting the urge to question Jade.

"Yes Jordan," Jordan mimics, grabbing my hand, leading me to the bedroom.

Turning around, I met Jade's apologetic smile and I can't blame her, since I didn't get the opportunity to see him.

I couldn't figure out Jordan's mindset because of his bland expression.

"I'm sorry," I started quickly, twisting my hand like a schoolgirl, nervous of the teacher.

Turning his back to me, Jordan started pacing then buckles us up on the seats as the stewardess came on the speaker, indicating departure procedures.

We sat in silence until the plane was up in the air. Jordan unbuckles himself and started pacing once again.



Jordan and I said simultaneously.

Unbuckling myself, "I'm sorry." I walked over to the bed. "I got up to tell you last night and then," my voice trails off as I remember us getting occupied with other things. "And by the time I rushed downstairs, you were already gone." I explained.

Chuckling dryly, "why are you going to Seattle?" Jordan with no time to waste, got straight to the point.

Entwining my hands on my lap, I lowered my eyes and finally relayed my fears since learning how my mother died.

Jordan's expression remained impassive as I spoke and when I was done, reaching out he covered my hands with his.

"This is something that concerns the both of us," he says. "You were suppose to discuss your fears with me first." Jordan says.

Lifting a finger silencing me when I opened my mouth to speak, "and before you say anything, I know since returning from our holiday, I've been busy but all of that is going to change, starting today." Shocked at his words, I lift my eyes to explain that it's not his fault.

"Jordan I don't hold you responsible for our lack of communication. So whatever changes you're making because of me, please don't." I responded quickly because Mr. Branson depends on him to carry the mantel and that's something that would have always happen.

"Some things can be done at home," Jordan's smile comforts me. "Even Vinnie hasn't been having it easy." He continues and I smile knowingly because Vinnie and Rosie are at a standstill because of his long hours.

Nodding, I only smiled.

"Come," Jordan pulls me on the bed with him and we laid silently in each other's embrace until Jordan fell asleep, leaving me deep in thought.

Not expecting Jordan here today, I planned to share whatever the doctor discovers from my test with him, once it is good news. Now that's he's here, he'll definitely be accompanying me and will be entitled to first hand information.

Sliding off the bed I ventured into the passenger section of the plane stopping in surprise to see Vinnie one board.

"Leah, I'm so sorry, Jordan as the new CEO had to be informed of the pilots flight information and of course his PA had no other choice but to enlighten him." Jade turned to glare at Vinnie for being the one to inform his boss about his sister and wife, impending trip.

Realising it is what it is, I sat around the table with Vinnie and Jade.

"It doesn't matter, I would have told him before but he was busy and I didn't want to disturb him." I explained, although to my own ear, my excuse sounds feeble.

"I'm sorry Leah but for what it's worth and for whatever reason you are sneaking off to Seattle, Jordan needs to know." Vinnie apologizes, whilst agreeing with Jordan being privy to my whereabouts.

Smiling, "it's okay Vinnie, Jordan and I are fine." I said since Jade seem to blame him for Jordan being on board.

"If I wasn't so nervous or afraid, I would have told him." Sighing, I unconsciously open the container filled with fruits and started nibbling, along with Jade and Vinnie.

"So Vinnie, what's with you and Rosie?" Jade chuckles, winking at me.

Watching Vinnie's face get all flushed, was a surprise to me.

Nibbling on a piece of pawpaw, Vinnie smiles.

"Since I started working with Jordan, I always thought, if I were to settle down then it would be with a girl like Rose," he says her name affectionately. Shrugging, Vinnie tries to make light of his relationship with Rosie.

"A woman who knows what she wants and someone who isn't afraid to work hard to achieve her goal." Vinnie smiles with a faraway smirk, leaving Jade and I to chuckle softly without him being aware.

"You are so whipped," Jade laughs, while I couldn't express the inner joy I felt for Jordan's best friend and my sister, Rosie.

Both Vinnie and I are aware that the minute he steps out of line with Rosie, Jordan would be like a category 10 Hurricane, tearing Vinnie's life apart

"Hey," I pat Jordan's back, waking him since the plane touchdown ten minutes ago.

It breaks my heart to disturb him but this is the first time in weeks I've watched him sleep without having the burden to be up by a certain time to continue his grandpa's legacy.

Jordan and I clutched each other's hands, at the top of the Jet stairs, then turn to face each other, ready to disembark from the Jet on Seattle's soil.

"For what it's worth," Jordan palms my face. "Whatever the doctor says, works for us because there is this amazing thing called adoption and I would prefer adopt than lose you, any day." Leaning down, Jordan presses his lips against mine, before we walk down the steps of the Jet which, is the beginning of another step in our life!

Despite what the the doctor says, all is well!

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