The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Ten

Leah's POV

For the next forty five minutes, Jordan's PA had me dragging the desk back and forth, until he found his perfect spot.

I caught on quickly that he was messing with me, like Rawle did and my father did and the way every man who pretends to be nice will do.

As much tears threaten to fall, I promised myself that I will keep them for when I lay on the floor of my new apartment, tonight.

My stomach is paining from helping to lift the heavy desk and I'm thirsty and need to use the washroom but Vinnie, as he invited me to call him disappeared into Jordan's office, once again.

At five on the dot, Jordan stormed out of his office and flung a file at me.

"What the fuck do you think this is?" He yelled while Vinnie who followed him out of the office, looked on with a smirk as my lips started quivering in fear.

I have no idea what he was yelling about, so I bent and started gathering the documents scattered on the ground.

It's from the file he gave me to read through earlier.

How did it reach his office?

I didn't take it in.

Without looking around, I knew Vinnie took it to him.

"The only fucking thing I said to do was read it," he continued angrily, realizing the entire building would hear him berating me.

Lifting my tearfilled eyes to his angry glare, "I'm sorry," I apologize for not following a direct order but those notes were not meant for him, it was for me in case he question me.

"I'm not here to deal with my grandfather's homeless charity cases" he looks at me with disgust, flinging the empty minuela folder against my face.

By the shock on Vinnie's face, he clearly didn't see that one coming.

"Just get out of my fucking sight," he muttered before storming off into his office.

Scuffing at myself.

He called me a homeless charity case.

This is where my family has dumped me.

Stacking the documents I lifted off the floor into the empty folder, I place it gently on Vinnie's desk and picked up my handbag.

"Thank you," I smiled sadly at Vinnie and walked out the office, unable to hide my brokeness.

"Hey," Vinnie, started to say but I didn't turn around and ask the first person I bumped into for directions to the washroom.

I smiled as if nothing happened to break me at work when I went to Jordan's apartment with a cab waiting to take me to my apartment.

The guest bedroom was cleaned and even the bedsheet changed.

Handing me two extra bags, "I bought this for you earlier, keep it for your apartment." Mrs. Sanchez smiles and I shook my head pushing it away.

Shaking my head, "no thank you" I refused it. "I don't want to be accuse of taking anything from Mr. Branson." I said, unable to hold back the tears.

"He gave you a hard time, didn't he?" Mrs. Sanchez asked and I lied but she knew better.

Pushing the bags back at me, "I bought it as a house-warming gift for you." She persisted. "It's an electric kettle and a few groceries to last the night. I also packed a dinner, toiletries and two sheet set, since you said the apartment is unfurnished." She thought about everything.

"Thank you and please don't tell him where I'm staying at," I reminded her. "The apartment belongs to a worker and I wouldn't want her to be treated differently because of me." I requested with pleading eyes.

"I'll handle him but you must be honest with his grandfather because he will worry about you." She hugs me again and escorts me down to the lobby and the waiting taxi.

With a promise to call me after she inform her boss that I left, I drove towards the address Rosie gave me, clutching my worldly possession towards my chest.

Rosie was waiting for me along with her two daughters and helped me carry my few possessions to the one-bedroom apartment, upstairs her garage.

I paid the driver the fee he requested and tipped him generously before going to my apartment.

Rosie introduced me to her daughters. The fifteen year old is Janelle and the nine year old is Shenelle and I returned their hugs happy for the warm welcome.

"It's empty as you can see," chuckling at the empty space. "I've given you a mattress until you can replace it and my kitchen is downstairs and open for your use," she offers generously.

Biting my lips, as waves of emotions flow through my body, I heard Rosie sending the girls downstairs to bring me two bottles of water.

"What's wrong?" She frowns.

Sucking in my lips now, as I fought bursting into tears.

Taking a deep breath, I slid on the floor. "Would you not tell your bosses that I am living here?" Bending my head as I try avoiding eye contact with her.

"Did Jordan give you a hard time?" She asked in a cold, hard tone.

I shook my head but she cut me across.

"Now don't lie to me," waving her index finger, she warns me. "I heard him during lunch and after work he was angry, like I've never seen him before." Rosie added.

"Please I can give you three months rent and I will try to go back home to get enough to pay for the full year in advance," I started weeping softly, pulling my knees upwards, covering my face with my hands.

Rosie removes my hands from my face, "as far as everyone at work knows, you and I an not friends." She smiles gently, "but just so you know, I'm not afraid of Jordan Branson.

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