The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eleven

Leah's POV

I didn't return to the office the following day and ended up shopping to furnish my new home, so Jordan can never throw my homeless status, in my face again.

I bought a sofa bed and the smallest refrigerator and a small stove with an oven, along with two sets of bedspread and some groceries to last a few days, since the store promise to deliver my furniture and appliances this afternoon.

I have no intention of taking advantage of Rosie and her generous offer because I was force to leave home to find myself and finding myself, is not being dependant on anyone.

I haven't made any of the rent payments, I promised Rosie, so I booked a flight to my bank to transfer my account to a new one I just opened.

They have no need to search for me because they got what they wanted and I'm gone, so there's nothing to fear but just the shame to overcome.

I will seek employment elsewhere but I still haven't build up the courage to call Mr. Branson.

Mrs. Sanchez called late last night because Jordan had returned home just after I left and he filled with rage.

Did he come to finish me off?

I'm glad that I wasn't there to feel brunt of his anger, again.

Mrs. Sanchez said, when she was glad I had also left, because Jordan got even worse, when she said I just collect my belongings and left.

I need to call Mr. Branson and thank him for keeping me safe this weekend and the job opportunity.

It was after I had run all my errands that I built enough courage to call him.

I called Rosie and she put my call through to him after tell me she had lots to fill me in on and she'll be bringing beer and ordering pizza.

"Mr. Branson," I greeted him timidly.

"Lily, is that you?" Mr. Branson responded instantly. "I heard you didn't show up today, what's going on?" He kept at the questions as I try composing my answers to him.

"I ended up getting an apartment that was a steal, which I couldn't turn down and I realize I need to breath so I am stepping back from the work scene for a week or two." I explained, hoping my explanation sounds as good to his ear as it does to mines.

"What did Jordan do?" He asked and I couldn't help chuckling because that was Rosie and Mrs. Sanchez first response too.

"He did nothing," I lied but I'm not returning to Branson so, whatever Jordan thinks and feels about me, is irrelevant now.

There was a slight pause before Mr. Branson responded, "I know Jordan did something and sooner or later he would confess when his guilt eats at him" I couldn't help but giggle at Mr. Branson's words, which are so like Mrs. Sanchez.

"I have other companies in the city so I'll do some scouting. Give me your number and I'll call you." He suggested and I hesitated a minute before giving him my new number.

"Actually, I booked a flight to return home to organize my personal stuff," I explained.

"Okay I will personally take you and bring you back and no arguments," Mr. Branson shocked me with his offer. "Send me your address and I will have my driver pick you up at eight am, so we can be back early afternoon." He instructed.

Gulping as I felt myself choking up.

"I won't refuse your offer because, truth be told I am still afraid of being on my own but I have to learn at some point in time." I responded.

Since I hate travelling alone, I give him my address and made arrangements in place to visit my former hometown tomorrow.

As promised, Rosie had lots to tell and was surprise to see the apartment looking as if someone is living in it.

"So Jordan was a basketcase all day and word has it, that it has something to do with hazel eyed beauty," she chuckles and frowned in confusion.

Pointing to myself, "me?" I couldn't help asking and she nods coyly. "Uh, uh. Not me," I responded biting into a slice of pizza and sipping a beer.

"I saw the way he looked at you when he bumped into you," she giggled.

Her comment confuses me even more, "I thought I bumped into him," I whispered and she laughs louder.

"Girl he was standing behind you for almost a minute before you turned around and believe me, I've seen Jordan at play," she muses, "but he's not playing and he's angry, I just don't know why." Smiling as if she knew a secret, no one else does.

Feeling uncomfortable with this conversation, I told her about going back home to settle my personal bills. I also mention that Mr. Branson has offered to take me and I accepted.

She didn't seem surprise or curious about getting a ride with Mr. Branson and I threw in the fact, that he's searching for a job at one of his companies and that's when she reacted.

"Oh no you don't." She stopped me. "Take your week and relax and do what you have to do but come back because, take it from me, you will keep running. Anywhere you go, you'll be facing all kinds of Jordan's, so stick with the Branson's, because Mr. Branson and I are there and we've got your back." Rosie's words of encouragement were suppose to lift me but I am even more afraid of encountering a world full and Jordan's and Rawle's.

I cleaned up the apartment after Rosie left and mentally and physically, prepared myself for my flight back home.

Give me strength!

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