The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twelve

Jordan's POV

"WHAT?" I bark, when I heard my office door open, lifting my eyes to see a smirk on grandpa lips.

Raising his eyebrows, "you're still drunk?" He chuckles slyly, making slow strides into my office.

Leaning back in my chair, I observe him cautiously because this is the first time, since Ms. Morrison left that I've been graced with his presence.

He wouldn't be here if it wasn't important, so I wait for him to state his reason for invading my space.

"Haven't you got something to say to me?" Taking a seat, grandpa decides to play his intimidation game with me.

Homeless girl has snitched on me and I smiled in disappointment.

I shouldn't have expected any different but somehow, I do feel a stab of disappointment.

Shrugging, he shook his head and looked away, thoughtfully.

"Oh, ah.." he paused, a soft smile replacing his thoughtful gaze from a few seconds ago.

"Lily was unwell after all that she's been through before coming to New York, so I agreed with her taking the balance of the week off to settle herself," grandpa's words shocked me.

I couldn't help being surprised, "she didn't quit?" I asked, shaking the uneasiness that caused my chest to clench tightly.

Nodding, "no, no," he confirms, "but I think it's best that she goes directly into the Legal Department, instead of pussy footing around in this department." He explained.

So asking to be removed from Marketing is as good as snitching on me.

As if sensing my questions, "I ended up meeting the manger she worked under two days ago and he gave me a strong recommendation of her work ethics and supports her reason for leaving." Grandpa continued as if I had asked him but I am curious and I can't really ask her about her reason for being here, homeless in the Big Apple.

"Where did she work previously?" I wonder out aloud, hating that the question slipped out of my mouth because of grandpa's smirk.

"Morrison and Ambrose Architectural and Construction." Grandpa states flatly, fully aware that I am shocked and intrigued.

"She's that Morrison?" Stupify, I frowned at him.

Morrison and Ambrose have done work for us at more than one of our buildings, with Andrew Morrison being the chief designer at the firm.

So homeless girl isn't poor? I mused.

"Lily has been working at the firm since she was sixteen, when she would wait for her father after school. Starting as a receptionist to Legal." Grandpa continued and frowned. "Didn't you read her resume?" He asked and I shook my head, embarrassed for not doing so, as an employer.

"You hired her, so I didn't question that," I retorted and he just laughed at me, smirking in disbelief.

Standing up, he shakes his head.

"She's a good girl but you wouldn't know what a good girl looks like," he looks down at me in disappointment before making slow strides to the door.

With his hand on the door knob, "or if you want, I can find her a suitable position at one of our other companies," grandpa suggested.

Leaning forward, I stood up quickly, "no, no" I said emphatically, embarrassed at his smile, "we're here, you're here so she's safe under your watch." I responded without embarrassing myself further.

Nodding, "see you at breakfast," grandpa chuckles before walking out the door and leaving me to my own thoughts.

The thought of her being somewhere else, where I can't see her bothers me, which is why I had a fucked up week.

I pushed her away expecting like most gold diggers, who always return but she didn't and deep down my fucking gut, I knew she wasn't coming back but grandpa must have convinced her.

Picking up my phone, I scrolled through facebook and instagram but there's no Leah Morrison or Lily Morrison so I ended up searching for the Ambrose names.

Rawle Ambrose and Evelyn Ambrose!

There's nothing about Leah Morrison on there pages and Rawle's apparently engaged to a Melissa Morrison?

She has a sister?

From the photos, they look nothing alike.

Leah appears soft and fragile like the flower itself while her sister give out the aura of a vulture.

My new obsession led me to her father's page, adding to my confusion.

Andrew Morrison, has one daughter, Leah Lily Morrison, born to him and his late wife, Leanna Morrison. His page was updated five days ago and there's no mention of a Melissa Morrison.

There's a lot behind my former houseguest's move and by the looks of it, she can afford her own way. I suddenly wish I could make amends and invite her to move back in.

My only allie would be Mrs. Sanchez who doesn't seem worried about her whereabouts, so she must be at a good place.

Even grandpa didn't seem concern about Ms. Morrison, which confirms, he knew her whereabouts and he's satisfied.

To find out more, I need to pay Mr. Andrew Morrison a visit, so I'll know what I'm dealing with, although what I now understand is that she's no gold digger and I could only hope to earn her trust or friendship after behaving like a fucking asshole.

Having had dealings with Morrison and Ambrose, I called ahead and schedule a meeting with him only for tonight and organized grandpa's private jet, to Seattle.

The jet landed on schedule and I can already see a man resembling Andrew Morrison's online photo, sitting at a table in the lounge at the airport, which is private enough for our discussion.

Mr. Morrison, fully dressed in a business suit, buttons his jacket as he stands, a frown deepening on his forehead as I approach the table he stood behind.

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