The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fourteen

Leah's POV

Unwilling to create unnecessary problems with Mr. Branson, I agreed to share an office with Vinnie, Jordan's PA because it's just one day.

This project is not difficult and since my notes are in tact, I opened powerpoint to prepare my presentation, hoping to have it completed before I leave the office.

Sensing someone standing in front of me, from lowered lashes, I lift my eyes to meet Vinnie's black eyes, frowning down at me.

Lifting my chin, I met his curious look with a bland expression, without uttering a word, I wait for him to speak.

It's already been establish that I'm only using the desk, not working under Jordan Branson or his PA.

Vinnie, was the first to break the uncomfortable silence by looking away and speaking first.

"You can have your lunch wherever you're ready," he says, his eyes slightly averted, while I kept mines, fixated on him.

"Thank you," I responded politely and with a curt nod, I dismiss him focusing on the computer screen, once again.

I didn't look up to see why he remain standing in front of me, nor did I look up when he eventually move away.

I heard Jordan's door shut behind him, then felt him stop at my desk.

"Vinnie and I are stepping out, no calls would be coming up so you can have your lunch when you're ready," Jordan softly, repeats Vinne's message.

Pausing, I turned to where he stood but didn't look up, my eyes meeting his stomach area, where his black jacket remained open, revealing the black dress shirt he wore underneath and the gold plated buckle, with the name Armani, branded on the belt around his waist.

"Thank you," I responded like I did to Vinnie, only this time my voice was softer and less abrupt.

"Right" he answers, stretching the word as if he wanted to say more. Apparently changing his mind, he moved away and left, shutting the door behind himself and Vinnie.

"Thank God!" I sighed, opening the bottom draw of desk, taking a container I had already packed with noodles and grilled chicken, which I prepare this morning. I had already chopped the chicken in cubes, making it easier to eat behind the desk and right now, I am starving!

I needed to heat it a bit, so I left it in the microwave inside Vinnie's kitchen and made a quick dash for the washroom, praying I could be finished with lunch before they returned.

I also declined Rosie's invitation to lunch, messaging her about the project I need to finish before tomorrow.

Even though it's true, she's aware I'm not interesting in sharing a lunch table with young Mr. Branson.

As promised, I wasn't interrupted with phone calls and I was done with lunch long before Jordan and his sidekick returned.

From lowered lashes, I see them pause inside the open door but didn't look up because I wasn't interested in them. I continued punching away on the keyboard, because making my first presentation at Branson Group, should be something to remember.

Smiling inwardly, confident that I've done better than my best, now it's up to the client to confirm it.

While I save the presentation on a disc, with arms folded my eyes fell on the bouquet of lilies.

My father always give me lilies because I was his little flower which irritate my mother but she kept her cool until my return from college, when she started making a fuss.

Eventually he started leaving three lilies on my desk every morning, whenever he could get them. It was of course a secret between the both of us and Rawle of course.

Pulling the vase closer, I smiled even though I felt my heart breaking for the first time in many days, I allow my mind to linger on the people I ran from.

Pushing the chair back, I stood up and without looking at Vinnie or even saying a word to him, I ran from the office, my intended destination was the washroom.

I saw the elevator door opening and ran in, pressing the button to the lobby.

I need to breathe.

Without my handbag, I decided to walk around and get my mind and heart in check before returning to the office. I still have a lunch break inside so I strolled out the front entrance, hoping Rosie didn't see me leaving.

With my mind on my father and Rawle, I wondered how I could have been so stupid and not see the signs that he was cheating on me.

Lissa was so kind and supportive, encouraging me to have fun with Rawle on our lunch date the same day she and him got engaged.

How could people be so cruel?

How could I be, not just blind but so stupid too?

Rawle and I hung out almost every evening and since we worked in the same building, during the day too.

Were there signs?

Were there signs that he was over me?

How could my father of all people, know and not tell me what was going on.

I have a room full of memories to burn but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Suddenly I felt the need to scroll through Lissa and our mutual friends Insta account to see what's happening in their lives while mines is at the bottom of a pit.


I've been out for more than an hour!

Turning around, I headed back the way I came, walking at a much faster pace since I was late and it's close to four.

As I walked towards the entrance of Branson Group's head office, I see Jordan standing outside, minus his jacket, raking his hands through his dishevelled head staring up and down the road, until his eyes, met mines.

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