The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Fifteen

Jordan's POV

Her hazel brown eyes, met mines in surprise!

Turning around, she looked behind her, then back to me confused.

Giving me a slight nod, she moved past me to enter the lobby of Branson Groups.

I grabbed her hands as she moved pass me.

"Where have you been?" My tone of voice sound harsh, even to my ear but it was more out of how frantic I've been since Vinnie mention that she appeared to be crying and ran out of the office.

Tugging her arm out of my grip, "let me go," she hissed but I can see fear emanating from the depths of her hazel eyes as it darkens before my very eyes.

Dropping her hands as quickly as I gripped it, lowering my eyes to stare at the dull red imprint, I left by the tight grip I held her with.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

Nodding, she rubs the area I held a few seconds ago. "I'm sorry for returning late from lunch," she whispers before walking away.

I followed at a much slower pace, watching her as she hurries towards the elevator, waving to Rosie while walking past the desk.

Rosie, stared at her frowning and turned to throw daggers at me.

"What the hell did you do to the poor girl?" With clenched fists, Rosie stood to challenge me, as we both turned to stare at Leah standing inside the elevator, to see her staring back at us as the door closes.

"I didn't do anything," I explained but I'm positive Rosie doesn't believe me even if it's the truth.

I admit I fucked up last week but that was last week. That was before I learn the truth! That was when I realize it was safe to care and not get hurt, like the last time.

I quickly filled Rosie in on what Vinnie said and that we were worried which she accepted but still caution me.

"Are you friends with her?" Curious, I asked Rosie since she seem interested in the new girls wellbeing.

Shrugging, Rosie avoid my eyes and turned away to sit behind her desk but I followed her.

"Is she your new best friend?" I probe but she just rolled her eyes at me.

"We travelled on the same bus this morning. What can I say?" Rosie played down my question, leaving me extremely curious.

Nodding, "if you say so," I responded and walked towards the elevator to complete my last hour of my day work.

Leah was sitting quietly behind her desk, her hand on her mousepad and eyes glued to the computer screen.

She didn't react to my entrance into the office. After exchanging a brief glance with Vinnie, I made my way into my office, shutting the door firmly behind me.

"Fuck!" I muttered strolling into my private washroom to stare at myself in the mirror.

Washing my face I return to my office and just sat behind my desk, unable to concentrate on anything constructive right now.

What the hell is going on with me?

From the moment I saw her on the sidewalk with Mrs. Sanchez last week, I haven't had a peaceful night sleep.

Even though I hated her, I was fucking drawn to her and now that I can pursue her, I have pushed her away by my fucked up attitude.

Maybe I can offer Rosie a lift home and ask Rosie to invite her, I thought, taking up my phone to call Rosie.

"Boss" Rosie answered without any formalities, since we've been friends for years and I'm Shennel's Godfather, she has to help me out.

"I want to take the girls for pizza after work, so I'll drop you off and pick them up." I offered casually, hoping she doesn't read anything into my invitation.

"Uh, let me call you back," Rosie says quickly and hung up before I could respond.

What the fuck is she up to?

I stared at the phone anxiously awaiting her call.

I picked up the phone without letting it ring out once.

"Rosie," with caller ID, I knew it was her.

"Anxious much?" She chuckles but I sense she was a bit reserved.

Already feeling like a fool, I just went with the flow. "I was just anxious to make sure you don't spoil my plans," I joked, hoping she invites her travelling companion to go with us.

"Actually, the girls are anxious to go out with uncle Jordan but the thing is," pausing for a few seconds before continuing. "I promised Lily, I would travel back with her this afternoon and show her around." Rosie says slowly.

"Lily?" I repeated, hoping I sound vague.

There was a long pause, "seriously Jordan?" Rosie laughs dryly. "You're playing me?" She continued.

So she caught me but I don't have to admit it, "okay so you lost me a bit there," I change the topic hoping she goes with the flow.

"Okay, Jordan" Rosie snapped at me. "Leah!" She said impatiently. "I promised Leah that I would travel with her, so I convinced her to travel with us and you can drop us off at home and when you and the girls leave, Lily, oh I mean Leah and I can go our way." Rosie says.

I'm sure I must look like an idiot smiling. She agreed to travel with Rosie and I.

"Right, okay," I hung up before I embarrass myself any further.

I know Rosie would be curious but I will try to be as casual as I can be and work from there.

I grabbed my phone at five fifteen, "are you ready?" I asked Rosie.

"Yep, Leah and I are ready." Rosie confirms.

"Wait in front," I answered quickly hanging up.

I was already prepared so I shut off the lights.

I won't press for more because this was a great start.

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