The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Sixteen

Leah's POV

I beat Rosie to the office this morning because I was super excited for my first presentation at The Branson Group.

Vinnie was already at the office and I felt embarrassed because I only walked in with one cup of coffee.

Even though he like his boss dislikes me, I'm not altogether selfish. Had I know he was here, I would have bought him a cup, not as a friend but as a co-worker.

"Good morning," I greeted him politely, making my way to the desk opposite his

"Uh, good morning," Vinnie stutters, surprise to see me here this early.


Jordan's also here!

He probably can't wait to see me fail this morning but I'm determined to succeed, not just to show him how wrong he is about me but, confirmation to myself that I can make it.

I can make it without my parents and without the people I once held close to my heart.

I need to survive!

I got straight down to business by double checking my notes on the presentation and copies of my notes for the clients and the chairman, who hopefully isn't that, that... fucking Jordan!

I hated being in his vehicle last evening but he was picking up Rosie's children and it was convenient. If Rosie wasn't there, I would never go anywhere with him.

Jordan brought back pizza but I had already left to start organizing dinner which I ended up making for lunch today, since Shanelle bought over four slices of pizza.

With my eyes darting to Jordan's door every few seconds, wondering if I should give him a preview of the presentation, since I am new to his department.

"He's not here yet," Vinnie says from across the room.

Lifting my eyes, I met his curious stare and instantly looked away.

Like Jordan, I don't trust him.

Other than Mr. Branson, I don't trust any of the male population in the company.

Still this is work related and I'm don't know the protocol.

"Do I need to give him my presentation before the meeting?" Lifting my eyes back to Vinnie, whose still staring at me.

Shaking his head, "it isn't necessary," he smiles kindly but I refuse to trust him. "I believe your footnotes were great and ole' man Branson believes in you." With the same soft smile, he continues to make a conversation when I was ready to shut him off.

The office door was pushed opened after a soft knock and Rosie smiling face walked in with a smaller vase, containing three white lilies!

Eyes widen in shock, I frowned at her, hearing her greet Vinnie whilst walking to my desk.

"These are for you and since the security left it on my desk, I'm delivery service," she chuckles, placing the vase beside the other one from yesterday

Pulling the vase closer, this one actually had a card attached to it.

my sweet and beautiful lily!

I choked up at the words written on the card.


He always called me his sweet Lily!

Yesterday I assumed the bouquet was an apology from Jordan and accepted it without any questions because I felt assured with Mr. Branson beside me.


How did the bouquet end up on Jordan's desk.

"Lily?" Rosie calls softly from above my head. "Is everything okay?" She asks kindly, the curls from her wig dancing around her eyes.

Pointing to the vase from yesterday, "this, where did this come from?" I ask, my chest tightens as I await her response,

Frowning, she shook her head, "I don't recall this one passing through my desk," Rosie, responded, just as intrigued as I am.

"Oh, the security gave that to me when I was coming in and I left it on Jordan's desk because I didn't know you were coming in," Vinnie who was listening to our conversation, responded from where he sat, across the room.

My frown deepened and I'm suddenly anxious and afraid.

Placing and arm around my shoulder, "what is it Leah?" Rosie whispers, bending closer to me.

Shaking my head, confused now.

"My father!" I whispered softly, lifting my eyes to meet Rosie's. "He's the only one who gave me lilie!" I exclaimed, pointing to the two vases of lilies resting on my desk.

Rosie who had a brief idea of what I ran from and who I ran from was just as surprised.

"How about we contact the flower shop and ask them, who sent it," Rosie said quickly. I raised my bent head to agree with her, realizing she wasn't speaking to me, when I heard Vinnie answered.

"On it," he said immediately picking up his phone.

Smiling as I felt Rosie caressing my back, "thank you and I shouldn't keep you from your desk," I chuckle, taking a deep breath.

"Leaning closer to my ear, "take it as a positive sign and like the card says, good luck," Rosie soft voice echoes in my ear.

Nodding, "I will." I responded. "Actually, I need to." I added for my own benefit because I left Seattle as failure.

Remaining a failure is a choice and it's a choice I refuse to choose.

"Do you want to go and set up in the boardroom now?" Vinne looks at the watch on his wrist, "you've got about half an hour before the meeting starts." He added, after Rosie left.

With butterflies fluttering in my stomach, my eyes automatically flew to Jordan's door which was still tightly shut.

Nodding, I stood up, picking up everything needed for the meeting which I had already stacked together.

"I would take you to the board room and Mr. Branson suggests I assist you during the meeting if you need me." Vinnie offers.

Lifting my eyes, I glanced at Jordan's closed door, one more time.

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