The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Seventeen

Leah's POV

I was excited to prove myself with my first presentation at The Branson and hopefully not my last. I made the presentation to The Massy groups, our potential clients and The Branson Group, minus Jordan Branson.

Despite my feelings, I accepted Vinnie's offer to remain and assist me if necessary during the meeting, even though I had my work put together, It felt good to have someone there, although I hope he doesn't do anything to affect my presentation.

Smiling shyly when Mr. Branson and the other Mr. Branson stood up first with wide smiles applauding my presentation, as everyone else, followed suit.

I exchange a brief glance with Vinnie, who applaud and smiled giving me a nod of encouragement.

"Thank you," I responded softly to members in attendance, my eyes meeting Mr. Branson Sen, whose twinkling eyes reflects back at me.

"Thank you," I mouth the words softly to him, smiling when he nods silently confirming he read my words.

As everyone took their seats, Mr. Branson, who I assume is Jordan's father remained standing.

"Ms. Morrison, I would like to commend you on your beautiful presentation and also take this opportunity in welcoming you to the The Branson Group." Jordan's father claps, with a wide grin.

"Thank.. thank you," stuttering, my eyes travelled across the table at the smiling faces.

I'm not a vain person, but with everything that's happened during the last few days, I sometimes crave acceptance, hence the reason, Jordan Branson's hostile behaviour affected me.

A well dressed middle aged woman remained standing after we all took our seats, giving me a nod before turning her attention to the Branson gentlemen sitting at the head of the table.

Chuckling she laid her hands flat on the table, "I'm not going to deny it," she tilts her head towards the large TV screen in front of the boardroom, where The Massy Group logo, danced around the screen.

"I love the presentation and I love the personal effects presented to us." She says and I could already feel myself forcing to smile because of the 'but' I sensed coming around the corner. "But" she didn't fail to disappoint me and suddenly a despondency overtook me and I am positive if anyone looked closely, they would see me forcing a smile, that didn't reach my eyes.

"There is another presentation, we are obligated to see," as if sensing my despondency, she turns her head in my direction. "But I can safely say, you are already two feet in." She smiles kindly at me.

I nod slowly acknowledging her words, with my forced smile still in place, afraid to hope for more.

"Thank you," I whispered softly, having no idea how to respond to her comment.

Mr. Branson, Jordan's father liked the rest of the board members were in high spirits in spite on not having bagged the contact.

Standing after the woman from Massy Groups took her seat, "Thank you, Gemma" he laughs softly. "I'm sure Ms. Morrison has more than two feet inside and of course should we do business together, Jordan will be very much involved in making sure your business is his priority." Mr. Branson, added with a deep smile.

Looking around the table with a frown. "Speaking of Jordan, where's the youngest member of the Bransons?" The lady name Gemma, asked, her eyebrows lifted giving Mr. Branson a curious smirk.

Tilting his head, chuckling. "Well you know Jordan." He says, when suddenly I wanted to know more.

Where is Jordan Branson?

Nodding, Gemma laughs, "yes, we all know Jordan," She agreed. "So where is he?" She asked curiously while my heart roared against my chest as I await Jordan's father response.

"Oh, his sister is on the last leg of her honeymoon tour so, Jordan went to join her in Italy." Mr. Branson enlightened us.

Chuckling, "and I'm sure he flew solo," a man from across the room, whom I believe is from The Branson Group laughs.

"Well Italy are full of beautiful single women." Gemma laughs and suddenly my heart sank.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Jordan is nothing to me, why do I feel disappointed to hear, he's hooking up with random women in Italy?

As the board members chattered about Jordan's love life and the hot Italian women, I slowly started packing my files, since the presentation wasn't the WOW, I expected.

With my eyes lowered, I wait for instruction to leave the board room, unsure of what is expected of me.

Lifting my eyes curiously to meet Vinnie's.

Frowning curiously, he twerks an eyebrow at me.

Averting my eyes, I listen now to Mr. Branson Sen thanking everyone present and ending the meeting on high note, despite not having bagged the contract with Massy Group.

"Ms. Morrison," I lift my eyes to meet Gemma's. "May I have a word with you?" She asks politely, my eyes flew to Mr. Branson Sen.

Nodding, he smiles his approval.

"Uh sure," I agreed, my mind started travelling all over as I wonder if she's about to tell me what my errors were and why my presentation didn't impress them to the point, where they stopped shopping.

I need this!

I want this!

This is the key that's going to open the door for a new phase of my life!

Leaning close, "I'll be waiting outside," Vinnie says and I nod in a daze. "Stop worrying, all is not lost," he encourages me, standing up and walking out the room.

"I realize this is your first presentation and it was very impressive," Gemma said, when it was just the both of us in the room. "But I am obligated to give an ear and an eye to the other company but I want you to be the first to know, you've got our business."

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