The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Eighteen

Leah's POV

During Jordan Branson's absence, his father requested that I remain in the office to assist Vinnie, while Jordan's father and another gentleman from the Marketing Department supervised us.

Apparently Jordan's trip was planned months ago so he had already assigned most of his work to other employees in the company.

So, why am I here?

Even though Gemma promised me the contract, I still have to wait and I hate twiddling my thumbs on the job.

Rosie joined Vinnie and I in the office for lunch since I would prepared food from home and bring an extra lunch for Vinnie. I was surprised though that he accepted it from me.

Lifting my eyes, I watch Vinnie taking huge bites of the homemade Beef burgers I made, "I guess when your boss returns on Monday we won't be eating in here." I commented aware that I may not be in here either.

"We should hang out tomorrow night at our favourite nightclub," Vinnie suddenly suggested. "It has been awhile." He says, winking at Rosie.

Tapping her feet, "I'll have to get a babysitter," she muses, apparently already considering an evening out, clubbing.

Lifting my hand, "oh I could do it," I volunteered, "I'll babysit for you," I chuckle, my smile disappeared when I realize they were frowning at me, in disbelief.

*What?" Wiping my face to see if I got ketchup on my lips or cheeks.

Curling his lips, "you're going with us," Vinnie laughs as I shook my head.

"No no!" I exclaimed, "I'm not good at clubbing and I prefer drinking at home, since I'm light weight." I explained my greatest fears, when it comes to nightlife, especially in the big Apple, which must be more scary.

"It'll be fun and you can stay over at mines," Rosie added, checking her time.

Standing, "opps, lunch is up. See you after work" Rosie tells me while clearing where she ate on my desk and turned to Vinnie, "and you, I'll see tomorrow night," laughing she walked briskly out of the office.

All I've been doing since the presentation was helping Vinnie, which wasn't much. I can't wait for Monday!

As I neatened my desk before leaving, I pulled out the quailed up lilies from the vases, wondering what I should do with all these vases that I've been receiving since Monday.

My father knows where I am and he didn't reach out to me.

Why is he sending flowers but hasn't made contact?

I kept checking my phone since Tuesday and nothing from my father, my mother, my best friend and most of all, Rawle.

The last memory I have of him, is his shocked expression when our eyes met at his engagement party.

Why was he shocked to see me?

He knew I was going to be there!

He even fired me from my job, a job I would have eventually left but he fired me, from a company my parents, co-owned.

Did he find his single solitaire diamond ring I threw for him. Maybe he was shock that I threw it for him.

I thought my weakness cause me to run but I now believe, it's my strength because I've made it this far, thanks to the helpful people who crossed my paths two Fridays ago.

I can't help wondering how happy they both are hanging out together and making plans for a wedding, Lissa was once, helping me plan.

Saturday Rosie insisted that I go shopping and since my father knew where I was, I used my card to sponsor Rosie a trip to the hairdresser while I brought, a dress at Rosie's insistence and choice.

I stare at the mustard coloured dress, Rosie says matches my eyes, in the floor length mirror of my humble home.

"Now stick close to me, don't accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended." Rosie lectured me on all the safety rules when clubbing.

"It's just you, me and Vinnie, right?" I remembered to asked since they didn't mention anyone else.

"Nah," Rosie chuckles in excitement, while existing the cab outside, THE CREATURES?

"That's a weird name," Ignoring my comment, Rosie grabbed my hand to pull me towards the entrance, bypassing a long line of party hopefuls.

"Rosie," a security greeted Rosie with a nod to the door. "Your crew is on the upper level," he said.

"Thanks sweety," Rosie responds with a wide grin and turn to me. "Stay close," she reminds me as I obediently followed behind.

Rosie tugged me along to a table where three women were already sitting, stirring drinks gazing around with bright smiles.

*Rosie, " they exclaimed in unison, standing up and giving brief hugs to Rosie and nods, curiously at me with small smiles as Rosie introduced me.

"Ah, so this is Branson's Lily?" One of the ladies dressed in a black thin strapped dress, emphasising serious cleavage, frowns.

A waitress came over with a tray of shots, pointing to the table Vinnie sat at.

"Hope you're not fainthearted," one of the ladies smiled handing me a glass.

Smiling, I accepted the drink with a small nod.

I'd only had one shot when Rosie and two of the girls, who already downed three shots each, headed for the dance floor, leaving me with one of the girls.

Handing me a second drink, "we've all got four shots," she laughs, "and you're going to need it when one of those guys over there wins the bet!" She says,

"Bet?" Confused, I repeated.

Lifting bored eyes, "you're Branson's newest, the guys have a pool going to see who fucks you first." She mocks.

Eyes widen in shock at her words, "the guys?" I repeated, following her gaze to a table Jordan Branson sat at, staring at me broodingly.

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