The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Two

Leah's POV

With Rawle's eyes on me, I couldn't make out from the distance if he was sorry that he hurt me or if he even cared.

As if in slow motion, I slid his ring off my finger, while we stared at each other, my face crumpling in tears and threw the ring towards him.

Shaking my head in disbelief, covering my mouth, I turn and ran out of the ballroom without looking back.

Pulling out my phone once again, I called a cab and walked unto the curb to wait for it, realizing I forgot to take my shawl that's together with my mom's.

As I wait for the cab to arrive, I fought the urge not to turn around because if I did and Rawle didn't follow me, it would kill me.

By the time the cab arrived, he still didn't seek me out and neither did my parents, especially my father.

"Miss are you okay?" The cab driver asks politely.

Staring at the cabdriver, confused at his question.

"What?" I frowned.

Touching his cheek, the elderly driver smiled politely at me. "Your tears." He answered simply.

Nodding quickly, I wiped my tears with the back of my hand. "I'm sorry, yes I'm fine," I responded softly.

"Where to?" He asks but I still haven't work out where to go from here.

Turning to stare at the entrance of hotel with neither Rawle nor my parents in sight, my tears started flowing, once again.

"Miss?" The driver calls to get my attention.

Looking away from the entrance of the hotel, I wiped my eyes once again and politely give my home address to the cabdriver and leaned back in my seat, pinching myself to see if all that's happened in the last hour was just a bad dream.

Feeling the pain of my pinch, I started crying once again, covering my mouth to subdue my loud sobs.

I could sense the cabdriver glancing at me through his rearview mirror but I couldn't help myself nor could I stop the tears from flowing.

I looked out when I felt the vehicle slowing down and stared at the mansion that's been my home all my life, realizing that from this moment, it won't ever feel like home again.

"Miss?" The cabdriver call me again.

I have no idea what to do but I do know I can't be here when my parents get home.

Maybe they're secretly hoping that I'm not here so they, like Evelyn and like her mother won't have to look at me with scorn.

"Can you wait for me?" Turning my eyes to meet the driver's, smiling for the first time since I entered his cab.

Staring at his meter, he turned back to me.

"I won't be long," I promised and I exited the vehicle the second he agreed.

Instead of using the front entrance, I walked to the side of the mansion, using the blind spots, as I tried to avoid the cameras because I don't want to be tracked down.

I entered the house and thankfully the servant's are in their quarters since the family of the house are out for the evening.

Entering my bedroom, I had no time to spare since I didn't want to keep the cabdriver, waiting.

Grabbing a duffle bag, I pulled three working suits of the hanger and just a few underwear and bras and three sets of casual wear, one pair of working shoes and sneakers which I wore when I changed.

I have not idea where I am going and I have to travel light, plus I didn't want, should my parents actually care to notice any of my clothes missing.

Stuffing the dress and jewellery I wore this evening in my bag, ensuring there is no evidence to prove, I returned home.

Zipping my laptop into it's bag, I pulled out my wallet and stared at my bankcard.

This is traceable!

Taking another carry on bag, I entered my parents bedroom and headed to my father's safe, taking my personal documents, which my father would hardly miss, since I'm always using them.

I stare at some cash stashed in the safe and wondered if he would miss much.

Grabbing a few stacks of cash, since mom is always taking cash from the safe, hoping it's enough to help me until I get a job and apartment.

Securing my parents room, without looking back I returned to my room packing some toiletries to last at least two days.

Securing my room, as if I wasn't even here, I exit the mansion the same way I entered, carrying my bags and laptop.

Smiling sadly at the cab that was still on the road, I ran towards it as if it was my safe haven.

"Thank you for waiting." I started pulling out some cab fare from the cash I stole from my father's safe and used clothing to secure the balance realizing it's was piles of large notes that I stole.

Gosh, how my life has changed in just two hours.

I got dumped in front of everyone I know and love and now I've turned into a thief, stealing from my parents.

Would they call the cops on me.

"Miss?" The cabdriver, called once again.

I met his eyes, expectantly in the rearview mirror.

"Where to?" He asks politely.

Shaking my head, "I don't know," I whispered looking away, to stare at the building I felt safe in, because my father was here.


"You changed your mind?" The driver's words broke into my thoughts.

Frowning, "what?" I whispered.

Nodding to the house behind the high walls, "about running away." He responds politely.

Unsure of how to respond, I look away again but stared straight ahead.

"Umm, the bus station."

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