The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Nineteen

Leah's POV

My confusion turned to anger!

I'm a bet?

I'm a fucking bet?

And they all knew?

"Does everyone know?" I ask the girl who sat chuckling at my expression.

Looking back at the table when Jordan and Vinnie sat with five other guys, "well the pool started last Monday but then you disappeared but when Jordan mention you were coming back on Monday, it continued." She laughs.

"Jordan knew?" I whispered, wondering if she heard me above all loud music.

Shrugging, "he sitting there with them, isn't he?" She responded, then frowns at me. "You want Jordan to win the bet don't you?" She laughs again and shook her head. "Jordan don't mess with the staff," she looks at Jordan's table longingly but I kept my eyes on her face, that sadden for a brief moment before reverting to me.

"So exempt him and Vinnie from that group and bottoms up, you're gonna need it." She laughs again but more with contempt than mockingly.

Reaching out, I took the two remaining shots that she indicated, belonged to me and downed it.

"Excuse me, where's the bathroom?" I asked politely, touching my temples as I felt myself swooning.

Pointing to the stairs, "there's one downstairs to the back or down that corridor." With a bored looked she turned to stare at dancefloor that's located on the ground floor.

"Thank you," I whispered, sure that this time she didn't hear me as I bolted from my seat and down the stairway, I came up a few minutes ago.

Instead of heading to the washroom, I head for the exit, struggling towards it, unable to avoid the sweaty, sticky bodies of the dancers and those just standing around sipping cups of alcohol.

In my haste to get out, I bumped into a man, who grabbed my arm to help steady me but I shook it off in fear.

All men!

All men are hateful monsters!

Instead of thanking the guy who helped steady me, I ran as fast as I could in this packed crowd on five inch heels I hated.

A security turned to stare at me in shock when I bolted through the door.

"Miss are you okay?" He frown, looking over my shoulder.

Nodding, as I tried to catch my breath, with my hand clasping my chest.

"Is.. is.. it possible to get.. get.. a cab from here?" I stammered to the worried looking security.

"Do you want me to call you one?" He asks politely, his gruff voice, soft and caring.

Digging into my purse, I pulled out my phone, "I've got mines," I tried smiling even though I wanted to scream my heart out. "Can you call and give them directions," I requested, giving him my phone.

"Thank won't be necessary, I'll take her home," A voice that cause my insides to churn, says from behind my back.

"Jordan," staring behind me, the security greets Jordan in a familiar tone.

Spinning around quickly, I almost fell over as I glared at Jordan.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" I yelled, reaching for the security who stood closer to me.

"I'm not going anywhere with him," I stare pleadingly to the security.

Confused, the security stared at me and then at Jordan.

Handing him my phone again, "just call me a cab please," I requested.

"Leah, I can take you home." Jordan says and I again I turned on him.

"And I already said I'm not going anywhere with you." Scuffing, I turned and walked unsteadily away from Jordan and the security, determined to make my own way home.

Fighting the tears that threaten to fall, I look around hopelessly, wishing I was curled up in my own bed back in Seattle.

Darn you Rawle Ambrose!

I started searching my phone and dialed Rosie.

She won't betray me!

She is not Lissa!

"I'm on my way," she answered, "wait for me at the door." Rosie continued and I realize she already knew I was outside.

How does she know?

"Lily," Jordan calls softly from behind me but I refuse to turn around because I'm sure my threaterous tears would betray and embarrass me further.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" I heard Rosie shout before I spun around, ignoring the glare she threw in Jordan's direction.

"What the fuck Rosie?" Jordan responded. "I saw her running outside and I followed her to make sure she is okay." He explained, "go check the fucking cameras, if you don't believe me." He swore turning away from us when Rosie reached out and pulled me into a hug.

"I want to go home, please call me a cab and I'll see you back there." I whispered softly.

"That's okay, I'll go with you," she says and I pulled away.

"No, I don't want to spoil your night of fun with your friends." I tried to stop Rosie, my head spinning.

"I need a water," I said, quickly.

A security who stood beside us heard me, "I'll get it." He told Rosie and I before leaving to enter the club.

Rosie called a cab, despite Jordan's insisting he'd take us home.

"I'm not going with him," I also insisted, not caring that he heard me.

A cab pulled up while I was gobbling down the bottle of water the security brought for me.

Taking out some cash I tried to pay him but he refused, his eyes on Jordan, who didn't leave.

"I hope you bet big tonight because that would mean you lost big and I am not sorry," I threw over my shoulder at Jordan as Rosie and I made our way to the waiting cab.

The last thing I remember was Jordan's surprise and confuse look as I entered the cab.

"What bet you're talking about?"

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