The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty

Leah's POV

Rosie and I settled in my apartment, drinking beers and eating the pizza we picked up on our way home, while I repeated the conversation I had with the girl who remained at the table with me.

"Jordan would never do that," is the first thing Rosie said, coming to Jordan's defence.

"Celeste is jealous that you're working in Jordan's office and to be honest the only reason she's friends with me is because Jordan and I are friends." Rosie admitted.

Shaking her head as she sips from the bottle, "everygirl available female in the company wants to work with Jordan but," she chuckles, "he chose a male PA, which annoyed them all." Rosie laughs and maybe it's laughable but, still why attack me on my first evening out?

Staring back at Rosie with thin lines of cheese stretching from my lips to the slice of pizza in my hand.

"It's not like I'm in Jordan's office because I want to be there." I mumbled, looking out the window when headlights from a vehicle lighted up the darkness outside.

Frowning Rosie stood up and peered from the garage window and gasp.

Trotting to quickly stand beside her, "what? What?" I peeped over her shoulder ducking when she ducked.

"It's Jordan's vehicle." Rosie whispers and I start giggling as we hide.

Chuckling, "he can't hear us." I reminded her, tipsy from the four shots and now I'm almost done drinking my second beer.

Ignoring me, "Vinnie must have told him you're staying over tonight." Rosie says with a thoughtful expression. "We should go down the back." Rosie was already gathering the half eaten pizza and moving to the back door of the apartment that only the girls use.

Downing the beer in my hand, I grabbed four more bottles because I realize something tonight, I can tell Jordan off when I'm drunk and if he isn't part of that whole bet thing, I will still tell him off.

He called me homeless!

Stopping outside Rosie's backdoor which she left open for me, "I was homeless when we first met, so I'll give him that but I'll never forgive him for looking down at me and throwing my work, at my face." I mumble to myself with a wide grin, ready to do battle with Shenelle's Godfather, her idol, Jordan Branson.

I remained in Rosie's kitchen with the pizza and opened a beer while leaving the others in the refrigerator, already preparing to nurse myself from an hangover in the morning.

Mrs. Sanchez is gonna get angry when she sees me nursing a hangover, doubtful, I can't cancel our lunch tomorrow.

"Yes she's somewhere around," I heard Rosie's voice as she approaches her kitchen followed by a heavier set of footsteps on her wooden flooring. "Just behave and don't upset her." Rosie warned, stopping in front of her open kitchen door.

"Leah?" I lift my head to see Rosie staring, while Jordan looks over her shoulder with a bland expression.

Lifting innocent eyes at her, "what?" I whined when she nods to the bottle. "I'm thirsty," I giggled, picking up a slice of pizza. "And hungry," I added, taking a big bite for emphasis before frowning behind her at Jordan who was now pulling a chair to the right of me.

"What's he doing here?" I nod at Jordan, before taking a huge gulp of beer and then another, already planning to sleep through my Sunday.

Sorry Mrs. Sanchez!

"I'm here to see you," Jordan responded to my question, ignoring Rosie, who place a plate in front of him, chuckling when she opens her refrigerator to get Jordan something to drink and see the beers I just put in.

She better give him water or juice because I'm not sharing tonight or was it morning already?

And she gave him one of my fucking beers, which on my count will leave just one for me, if I drink this one quicker.

"LEAH!" Rosie, whispered yelled as she tried to get my attention.

Lifting my eyes sleepily at her and frowned. "What?" I whined.

"Jordan's speaking to you," she says and I turned to smile sleepily at him.

"Your highness," I struggle to stand so that I could courtesy him and did it, without falling but maybe Jordan reaching out to stable me, helped.

"What the fuck Lily," Jordan was saying when I slapped the hand that was still close beside me.

"No no," I stopped him. "You are only allowed to address me as.. Ms. Morrison." I giggled, "Mr. Branson." I chuckle at Rosie's expression.

Walking around the table, "I think you need to sleep now," Rosie was saying when my eyes fell on the untouched bottle of beer, beside Jordan.

Fanning myself with one hand, I reach for the beer, "it's so hot," I whined, taking huge gulps before they could react.

Reaching across, Jordan grabbed the bottle from my hand and turned to Rosie, "how much have she drunk already?" He asked, giving her an accusing glare.

"Hey.. yo.. you," slurring, I glared at him. "I'm a big girl and Rosie is. my. friend. not. my. mother." I annunciate my words slowly so that he'll get it through his thick skull.

Pointing at him, "you are just like, all of them," giving him my full attention, I felt myself breaking all over again.

"I don't need them and I don't need you with your," waving my hand at his head, "pretentiousness at me." I felt my pent up tears starting to fall but I didn't care and I knew I could tell him off when I am tipsy and I am not holding back.

"I don't need you hating me because I can do it for the both of us."

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