The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Two

Jordan's POV

I forced myself to stay away yesterday after having lunch with my family, since my sister's return.

Mrs. Sanchez promised me Leah was fine but needed to sleep and that Rosie was there to look in on her.

If Saturday night hadn't happen I would never have found out she's Rosie's new tenant and I'm glad Rosie is there to look out for her.

What I didn't expect, was her staying away this morning because of Saturday night and the things that fucking loser said to her at the club and according to Rosie, she's going job hunting, today!

It's an understood fact that I don't fuck or even date employees of The Branson Group, not after what that gold digger did to our family.

To grandpa!

Vinnie dealt with the bitch and the guys who were making bets on her and this morning every single one on them would be issued warning letters from HR concerning this matter.

Fuck this traffic!

I hope she's still at the apartment and not job hunting according to Rosie.

I pounded frantically against her front door after arriving at the apartment, waiting and hoping she would answer the door.

Sighing with relief when she opened the door but, I pushed my way inside her apartment, as she went to shut the door in my face.

I gaze around the living room, which she has converted to her bedroom leaving the actual bedroom empty. This apartment is small and cozy for a single female.

I've was here last night but I was more focus on the drunk girl, I helped Rosie bring upstairs. Now I see that it looks great and I believe the tenant has a lot to do with it.

Leaving the door wide open, "What the hell are you doing here?" Lily marched up to where I stood glancing around the room. "I am no longer working with The Branson Group so please, just leave me alone." Lily, standing with her hands on her hips, staring up at me with a challenging glare.

Lifting my hands in surrender because I didn't come here to fight but to ensure she doesn't leave the Branson Group.

At least not yet!

"I come in peace," I chuckle softly, with a small smile dancing at the corners of my mouth.

Even in her home setting, she looks gorgeous.

Her hair tied messy on top of her head and the large oversize T-shirt barely covering her thighs but most of all, her clean makeup free face.

Pointing to her eyes, "eyes up here mister," she snapped at me.

How could I not miss those tiger coloured eyes that's glaring angrily at me.

Lifting my eyes off her thighs, I look around again to seen her folded bed neatly made up but there were cushions thrown on the floor and her laptop open on the floor beside them.

Pointing to her bed, "may I?" I asked softly watching her eyes travel to the couch.

Frowning, "don't you have an office to run?" She snaps again.

Nodding, I walked across the small space but sat on the floor beside her open laptop.

"I have somewhere to be" she stomped angrily behind me.

Lifting my head, twerking an eyebrow, "yeah you have your first meeting with Massy Group this morning but because of your absence, my grandfather pushed it back for after lunch," I explained, omitting the fact that I came on my own.

Frowning, "Massy Group?" She whispered, covering her mouth. Smiling now, "you got the contract?" Her eyes hazel eyes lighted up in disbelief.

I smiled watching the joy that overtook her, at the news that Branson bagged the contract with the Massy Group.

Shaking my head, I point to her. "You got the contract." I chuckle softly, at the small smile dancing on her lips. "And the boss wants you to work with them," I added, again omitting the fact that I recommend she works on the campaign.

Slumping slowly on the floor beside me, shaking her head, "I can't, I'm sorry," she says pulling her laptop closer to her legs.

"I can't depend on you or your family's for the rest of my life," lifting her head, the smile that hovered on her lips a few seconds ago disappeared, leaving a sad smile.

"I need to make my own path now and" turning her laptop to face me, "look I've already gotten interviews" with a hopeful look, she stares at me.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

This feeling at the thought of her leaving Branson is uneasy.

I should be happy shouldn't I?

Is it because I now know she's not a gold digger?

But then she is an employee and I don't fuck employees.

"Just come to the meeting this afternoon and then you can move on from there." I suggested quickly. "Gemma asked for you and I'm sure you don't want to disappoint grandpa?" I smile, hoping I could guilt trip her into attending the meeting and ...

Chuckling nervously, "I shouldn't be ungrateful to your grandfather," she admits, my jaw clenched as I fought the deep smile from becoming visible on my face.

Nodding in agreement with her, "yeah the old man have confidence in you and for what it's worth, The Branson family wouldn't be carrying you because you will be working and paying your own way, which gives you the independence you need." I explained, checking my time since I missed breakfast and we're getting close to lunch and the meeting with Massy Groups.

Watching me check my watch, "am I keeping you back?" She questions me.

Shrugging, "we do have an appointment with Gemma and she hates to be kept waiting, especially since we cancelled this morning's appointment." I responded.

"I'll get ready!"

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