The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Three

Leah's POV

It was a hustle freshening myself in the shower again and getting my untidy hair in place.

With my limited working wardrobe, I used the empty bedroom to dress in a navy blue fitted dress, which fell on my knee, since I had my annoying employer waiting in my living room.

I rushed around the kitchen, making sandwiches with the chicken salad I already prepared as a light lunch.

Walking out into the living room, I see Jordan fiddling with my laptop.

"What are you doing?" I snapped, gripping the bread knife in my hand, glaring at him.

Gently shutting my laptop down. "Sorry" he muttered, eying the knife I was holding.

I have nothing to hide since that is a new laptop and nothing in it leads to the life, I have left behind.

"Uh.." I started embarrass for my abruptness, "I made chicken salad.. uh this morning." I was saying when he stood up smiling but his eyes were still on the knife. "Have you had breakfast?" I said, suddenly blushing.

I turned and returned to the kitchen which felt so very smaller now with him joining me.

"Yeah, I did miss my breakfast," Jordan admitted.

Placing two sandwiches on a plate, I pushed it towards him on the small kitchen table I use to eat and also prepare food.

"I could do with a cup of coffee." Jordan added, pulling a chair to sit down.

A rude comeback was on the tip of my tongue, but I held it back because it was only food and he is a guest, even if he is uninvited.

"How do you drink your coffee?" I asked and went on to make two cups of coffee, while standing beside the table eating drinking and cleaning up the kitchen at the same time, realizing I would need to get something for lunch.

Jordan stared at me as I made him another sandwich before putting away the uneaten food.

Leaving him, I rushed to brush my teeth once again ready for a day's work.

I've never been flakey but since leaving Seattle, I got a job which is left twice.

This is not good for my credibility, especially after all that Jordan's grandfather has done for me.

The drive to Branson Group was awkward, sitting beside a man I promise never to take a life with and watching Rosie's expression when Jordan and I walked through the lobby was priceless.

I couldn't stop and laugh about it with her because I was runnign behind Jordan to organize for the meeting with Ms. Gemma from Massy Group.

"Late lunch today Rose," Jordan threw over his shoulder, leading me into to a private elevator, whilst I lowered my head nervously at the stares and glares thrown in our direction, especially at me.

Yeah, I thought. What am I doing walking alongside the big bad wolf of The Branson Group?

Work, just work and I hope they know, it's just to get the job done!

"Good morning," Vinnie greeted me lightly as I walked behind Jordan who breezed past Vinnie, walking straight into his office.

Frowning at the sudden change in Jordan's behaviour, I smiled awkwardly at Vinnie who came around to where I stood, with a file in his hand.

"Welcome back and I am sorry about what occurred on Saturday night at the Club." Vinnie quickly apologized, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Nodding to the desk opposite his, "it's still yours," he chuckles.

Averting my eyes from his, I stare at Jordan's door that was shut tightly and then at Vinnie who was waiting for me to move.

With the same awkward smile, I move around the desk and placed my handbag in the top draw, my mind on Jordan and the sudden change in his demeanor entering the lift.

Taking a deep breath, "is this the Massy's file?" I ask stupidly aware that it is the file because that's the only thing I've worked on since coming here.

"Yep," Vinnie laughs, "the meeting is in an hour." He informed me. "I could join you if you want me too" He offers and my eyes automatically lift towards Jordan's office door.

Shrugging, "don't worry, the ole man won't have a problem with me taking notes." Vinnie explains and it makes sense to have someone with me, only during the meeting.

Nodding, still nervous. "Yes, thank you." I accepted graciously.

"Just relax," Vinnie suggested, walking over to this desk. "The presentation was the hard work, now you just hear what they want from you today and work towards that." Vinnie added, sitting behind his desk to resume his work and leaving me to my own thoughts.

Starting over is so hard!

A new City, new people, with only one friend and a great boss.

Vinnie and I attended the meeting with Mr. Branson, Jordan's father and the Massy Group representatives, with Jordan MIA, once again, along with his grandfather.

I kept getting lost in my thoughts every couple of minutes and I'm actually grateful to Vinnie for helping me out.

"Now Leah," Gemma's voice calling my name, drew me out of my thoughts.

Giving her my undivided attention, "we will be doing the first launch at our office in Seattle so having you and your team there would be essential." I froze at the words, Seattle.

Shaking my head quickly, "I... I..." stammering, I looked around for help but no one knew that I'm from Seattle and returning there is not an option.

Gemma frowns at me, before making eye contact with Jordan's father.

"Ms. Morrison you won't have a problem in travelling to Seattle for a few days, will you?" Mr. Branson asks, his eyes suddenly cold and hard as he dares me to disagree.

Still shaking my head, I turn to stare helplessly at Gemma, pleading silently with her.

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