The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Four

Jodan's POV

"What the fuck!" Pushing back my chair, I glared angrily at grandfather, when I see whose accompanying Mr. Finley to an impromptu lunch meeting.

This man is so fucking annoying, with his constant proposal for marriage to reinforce both our companies but like I've been saying, we need no one and we are already on the top.

Clapping his hand as he approaches our table, I pushed my chair to stand and greet him along with grandpa as a courtesy.

"Fuck!" I muttered between clenched teeth and sat back down.

Finley's annoying daughter walks seductively behind him, heading in my direction with her hands outstretched.

"Branson, it's good to see you again," Finley greeted grandpa heartily, while his fucking, slut of a daughter, came closer.

"Jordan!" She greets me excitedly.

Remaining rooted in my seat, I nod forcing back a mocking smirk when her smile disappears, turning into a frown, after I snob her greeting.

Ignoring her, I turned, nodding in acknowledgement of Mr. Finley, ready to greet him when I felt a vibe in my pocket.

"Uncle," Finley's fucking daughter greets grandfather but I kept my eyes on my phone reading a text message from Vinnie.

Standing up, "it's the office," I mutter, walking unto the patio of the restaurant to return his call.

Contented with my decision, I sent the Manager of the restaurant to direct my grandfather and his guests to the private dining room I book to host a lunch for my father and his guests. in celebration of the contract that was just signed.

Dad came in with his party, which included Vinnie and Leah, who stood awkwardly, staring downwards, whilst clutching her handbag close to her stomach.

She looked away quickly as our eyes met but I was already thinking about the best way to get away from the fucking slut, beside me.

Smiling, "excuse me," I muttered to Finley's daughter, whose sitting way to close and made my way to where Leah stood, looking lost.

"Hey" I chuckle, "guess your being here means that you bagged it." I commented frowning, downcast eyes and quivering lips.

She wasn't like this earlier.

Realizing she wasn't responding to me, I decided to speak to Vinnie, who was already sitting around the table.

Pulling a chair out, Vinnie stopped me. "That's Leah's seat," he said.

Lifting my eyes I see the seat I just vacated beside the slut is still available but I have no intention of going back there.

"Oh man," Vinnie chuckles having followed my eyes and nod to the seat on the other side of Leah's. "Pull that chair quickly." He laughs, while waving Leah over.

I pulled the chair out for Leah,"thanks" she gave me a small sad smile, before sitting down.

She didn't even respond when I move to sit beside her.

"What happened?" I got straight to the point, leaning over Leah to question Vinnie.

Vinnie glances quickly at Leah but narrowing his eyes, he shook his head quickly.

"We'll discuss it later but.." trailing off, Vinnie tilts his head in the direction of Finley's daughter. "What's with that?" He chuckles, grinning mischievously, adding to my annoyance.

"Same old, same old." I muttered, my anger from a few minutes ago, returning in full force.

Turning to stare at Finley's daughter one more time before frowning at me, glancing quickly at Leah.

Leaning in, "I have an idea," he tells Leah, who is still upset by whatever got her in this sullen mood.

Still focusing on Leah, Vinnie continues to speak. "I don't know what cause you to leave Seattle," he whispers for both our ears only, while my father and grandfather chatted with their guests around the lunch table.

Raising an eyebrow, I stared at him awaiting the idea he claimed to have.

"But, what if Jordan goes with you for the week Ms. Gemma needs you there?" He says, pausing at Leah's reaction.

"What?" Shaking her head, "no, I can't." Leah said quickly.

She has to go Seattle?

This is why she's disturbed?

After what her father said about her broken engagement, I guess she won't want to go back, at all!

Reaching out, Vinnie touches her hand that's resting on the table.

"Whatever you're afraid of, I'm sure Jordan will protect you." Vinnie continues but now I'm sure I look just as lost as Leah.

"What the fuck are you getting at?" I cursed him loudly, causing all attention at the table to turn towards us.

Instinctively, we all sat upright in our seats.

"Sorry," I chuckle, smiling at Gemma, who has been working with the Massy Groups for as long as I have known her and she is friends of our family.

Laughing, Gemma shakes her head.

"I hope you're not bothering Ms. Morrison," Gemma laughs but when she laid her eyes on Leah's downcast head, I could see the concern in her eyes.

Joining in the laughter, "oh you know Jordan, don't like anyone being over friendly with his girlfriend." Vinnie chuckles.

"What?" Leah I and said in unison, with Leah shocked and me glaring at him.

What the fuck is this jackass up to?

Tilting his head over his shoulder and then to Leah.

"Girlfriend?" Dad looks at me in surprise, his eyes automatically flew to Finley's daughter, whose just as surprised like everyone else around the table.

Thankfully a waiter came over to take orders, leaving me to deal with Vinnie, while Leah's stuck in the middle of us.

"Are you giving that bitch ideas?" I whispered yelled at Vinnie.

Shaking his head, he leans closer in, causing Leah to pull back.

"What?" Still angry, I glared at him.

"You need to shut down that slut with all this marriage talk, so..." tilting his eyebrow at Leah.

"Your pretend girlfriend, Leah!"

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