The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Five

Leah's POV

Pretend Girlfriend?

Frowning at Vinnie, Jordan's pretend girlfriend?

What's did Vinnie mean, marrying a slut?

By the scowl on Jordan's face he's seems as if he's ready to trash Vinnie!

"I'm sorry," I immediately apologize to Jordan, silently wondering why I always find myself in problems around him.

"What are you doing?" Like Jordan, I glared at Vinnie.

Lifting his eyes to Jordan, "you know I've got your back right?" He tells Jordan softly but the room was so quiet, that you could hear a pin drop around the table.

Kill me now!

Shifting himself slightly, Jordan threw his arm casually over my shoulder.

Jumping at his touch, I squirmed, as I tried to get him to move.

Isn't he going to deny it?

"Dad, grandpa," Jordan address his father and grandfather, his soft pleasant tone, scaring me.

"No," I whispered vehemently trying to get him to stop what I think he was going to say.

Ignoring me, Jordan continued.

"I know I haven't known Lily long," Jordan turn to look at me, the anger has disappeared from his eyes as he stares at me, his expression totally unreadable.

"But we have been seeing each other," Jordan continued. I immediately clamped my mouth to suppress the loud gasp that was about to escape.

What the hell now?

I hate him, he hates me!

Why isn't he denying it?

I looked at the hand Jordan threw over my shoulder when he tightened his grip on me.

Lifting my eyes, I notice Vinnie's smirk and all I could do was, send him death threats through telepathy.

"This is a surprise." Jordan's father the first to recover, frowns at us but the person I looked up to was his grandfather.

I have disappointed him!

As our eyes met, I couldn't help returning the soft peaceful smile he sent my way.

Nodding, "I knew it," was all he said confusing me now.

He knew we were supposedly dating?


The ass on the other side of me had to open his mouth again.

"So you guys are happy with this new couple, then?" Vinnie asked.

"Of course." Jordan's grandfather admitted. "My grandson is happy then I'm happy." He chuckle.

I see Ms. Gemma smiling broadly at Jordan and I, which made me blush.

I haven't blushed in ages and here I am blushing at the thought of having a pretend boyfriend.

As my eyes travel around the table, I met the gaze of a blonde woman staring back at me, with daggers in her eyes.

Her lips curled in disgust, not directed at Jordan but me.

Who is she?

I glared at Vinnie once again.

I have to deny this!

"Mr. Bra..." stammering, I paused and took a deep breath before re-starting my sentence.

"Mr. Branson, what Vinnie said," pausing I point to Vinnie seated on my right. "It's not tr..." the last thing I expected, happened, before I could complete my sentence.

Jordan lips was suddenly on mines, catching me off guard, taking advantage of my open mouth.

Jordan ignored my soft protest, deepening the kiss, dulling my senses, as I returned his kiss.

I've never kissed anyone other that Rawle but this is different. Jordan's kiss is different!

Suddenly I push his away, wiping the taste of him off my lips.

I met Jordan's deep grays that's void of emotion, as he stares back at me.

Lifting my eyes nervously to the two Mr. Bransons, embarrassed now.

What have I gotten myself into?

I look at Jordan again afraid to deny that we're in a relationship because he might kiss me again and we hate each other so, again, why?

"Aww Jordan, you've gone and embarrassed the girl." Jordan's father chuckles but I was confused not just about what is going on but about that kiss. Jordan's kiss.

"This is perfect," Ms. Gemma joins in. "Jordan could travel with you to Seattle, so you won't have to be afraid," she suggests but again I was shaking my head.

"I'm sorry, I can't..." I was saying when Jordan placed his fingers over my mouth.

"Don't worry, I'll go with you and I promise to never leave your side." Jordan smirks, his soft voice, meant to be seductive.

"But I..." Again I was cut off but this time by Jordan's father who was disappointed when I refuse to make the trip to Seattle, earlier at the meeting.

And now this!

"Yes this works for us," Jordan's father agreed with Ms. Gemma. "With Jordan and Ms. Morrison.." chuckling Mr. Branson stops. "I can't be calling my son's girlfriend Ms. Morrison" he jokes, causing his guests to break out into laughter.

Sobering up after laughing at his own joke, "so, as I was saying, with Jordan and Leah working with your staff in Seattle, we could get more work done." Mr. Branson said, nodding at his own idea.


I kept screaming in my head.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

Suddenly a waiter approached our table and placed dishes in front of us.

"I didn't order anything," I whispered stupidly to myself.

Leaning closer to me, "since you and your boyfriend were busy, I took the liberty of ordering for the both of you." Vinnie whispers.

Staring at my plate that's packed with a simple dish of chicken, rice, green salad and potatoes on the side.

It's a dish I made and brought for Vinnie last week at the office.

Suddenly I'm starving and without thanking him, I started nibbling at my potatoes.

"So Jordan, I expect to see you and Leah at family lunch on Sunday," Jordan's grandfather who has been silent for a while, spoke again.

I choked and splutter, tears streaming from my burning eyes.

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