The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Six

Jordan's POV

"Go away," I kept shooing, Jordan out of the ladies room after he followed me in, but he won't go.

With a smirk he leans against the bathroom sink watching as I wash my face and rinse my mouth, still embarrassed after choking and spilling food out of my mouth, in the middle of lunch, in front of everyone.


Glaring at him, I pulled a paper towel off the rack to wipe my face.

Pointing to the bathroom door, "you need to go out there and fix this." I instructed Jordan who just stared at me with the same annoying smirk and shook his head.

"I didn't start this." He responded calmly.

But wasn't he upset with Vinnie earlier for even suggesting it?

What changed?

Walking up to him, I slammed my hands flat against his chest, something I never thought I could do and pushed him backwards, "well if you don't, I'm going to do it myself and prove you a liar in front of your family and business associates." I threatened but Jordan wasn't moved by my hands shoving him, nor my threat.

Breathing heavily, I tried to back-away but Jordan gripped my hands and held it against his chest.

Wriggling my hands from his firm grip, "let go of my fucking hands!" I whispered yelled, my eyes darting to the closed bathroom door.

Being in this close proximity with Jordan, has me uneasy.

Lifting my eyes to his dark grays, "I.. I.." unable to complete my sentence because he suddenly leaned down, capturing my open mouth with his lips.

I fought to pulling away and pushing him but he held me firmly in place.

Then, I stopped fighting as I felt myself falling!

Jordan used this opportunity to deepened the kiss, plunging his tongue inside me mouth. I surrendered to his kisses but just as suddenly he pushed me away.

Confused, I opened my eyes to see his gray eyes darken, with the corners of his mouth, curled in disgust!

Finally without me asking, Jordan pushed me aside from blocking him and walked out the washroom, leaving me in a daze.

What was that?

Covering my lips to stop it from trembling.

Leaning over the sink one more time, I scrubbed my lips and kept gaggling to get the taste and touch of Jordan out of my mouth.

Realizing I've been hiding enough, I walked out of the washroom, my head held high but my self-esteem, hanging low.

Jordan's reaction, after kissing me, baffles me.

Did I disgust Rawle when we kissed?

Did he also find me repulsive that he choose my best friend instead?

With my body still trembling, I walked into the private room, where my entrance stopped the chattering and now all eyes were focused on me.

My eyes met Vinnie's but Jordan is nowhere in sight.

Thankful yet disappointed that Jordan is missing, I moved to take the seat Vinnie pulled out for me.

"Thank you," I mutter, even though I am not grateful to him.

"Where's Jordan?" Vinnie asks curiously, his eyes roaming over my shoulder.

Staring down at the plate of food, I can no longer eat, "I have no idea," I responded, feigning innocence, hoping they won't assume he was with me.

"He followed you to the washroom," Jordan's grandfather, leaning forward said and like Vinnie he was curious.

Shrugging, "he was expecting a business call, maybe he went to make it in private," I lied hoping no one sees through my lie or see how pathetic I feel inside.

Why did I surrender to his kisses just now?

Am I so desperate that I yielded myself to the first guy to kissed me?


"Are you okay Leah?" Jordan's grandfather asked from across the table.

Forcing a smile, I nod slowly.

"Yes, I fine now." I lied to the man whose been nothing but kind and fatherly towards me since I got to the city.

Shaking my head, "I wasn't expecting this..." pausing I tried to find a word to describe what just happened without anyone being blame for misleading Jordan's family.

"You know.." I stammered uncomfortably, aware everyone's listening intently to hear what I was saying.

"About us," I continued, "especially since we're just friends for now." I added. Hoping they believe me and hoping they would realize it's not serious between us but then they would think I'm a loose girl. "I mean he's my boss and all." I continued.

"Finally she says something smart?" I lift my eyes to the mocking voice opposite where I sat, to see the blonde woman staring at me, her lips also curled in disgust.

"Romance in the office never lasts," she continues, "especially with young girls coming from nowhere, running down the rich boss." She says insultingly.

Gasping at her words, I pushed my chair backwards and smile sadly at everyone and then at Vinnie.

"I'm sorry this.. this thing about Jordan and I, isn't real and it's not going anywhere." I apologize then smile at the blonde woman who seem to hate me on sight.

Standing up, "I have to go and Ms. Gemma I will do my best in Seattle but.." pausing I turn to Jordan's father. "Maybe Vinnie can go with me?" I suggested, hopeful that he will agree.

Twitching his lip, thoughtfully, "yeah," he nods at Ms. Gemma. "That can work," he says to himself, before smiling at me.

"Yes, I'll discuss it with Jordan and we'll make that happen." Jordan's father agreed along with Ms. Gemma but Jordan's grandfather, didn't say anything, he only stared at me his expression unreadable.

Nodding with a small smile, "thank you for lunch," I said, hearing Vinnie's dragging his chair. "I'll take my leave now," I informed them

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