The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Leah's POV

I was tempted to runaway, like I did when Rawle rejected me openly, by getting engaged to my college best friend, in front of our family and friends.

But I fought the temptation!

How long will I run?

Where will I go to next?

Jordan has a problem with me and it started in the coffee shop when I first met his grandfather but I don't know why and I don't care to know why he hated me on the spot.

Even though Jordan rejected me in the ladies room of the restaurant with only him and I inside, the rebuff felt the same as when I saw Rawle kissing Lissa in front of a large crowd of well wishers.

I need to stop running and accept that not every guy I meet would appreciate me.

I have to stay put but keep my distance, which will be difficult with me working in his personal office space.

I felt my stomach growling from hunger, watching the minutes tick by, before I have to clock out.

Jordan didn't return to the office and Vinnie, although he remained silent, kept giving me weird glances when he thinks I'm not looking.

I'm always looking because I have little to do until Ms. Gemma sends the outline of what she expects me to promote at Massy's in Seattle.

I'm so thankful that Jordan's father agreed to Vinnie accompanying me to Seattle instead of his arrogant son, but Vinnie on the other hand was extremely excited.

Lifting my eyes, I caught Vinnie frowning at me once again.

"Why did you lie to the Branson's about your boss and I?" I question him, refusing to call his fucking boss by his given name.

Sighing deeply, Vinnie sweeps his hands over his face showing his discomfort.

"I'll tell Rosie what you did, if you don't explain yourself," I threaten him, aware that he feared and respected Rosie at the same time.

Lifting his hand in surrender, his eyes flicker to the doorway, maybe to ensure it was clear.

"That Finley girl," was all that Vinnie said.

Frowning, I wonder if I'm suppose to know what that means.

"Who the fuck is Finley?" I responded, irritated by his answer.

Staring nervously at the door once again.

"The fucking fake blonde who insulted you at lunch," he frowned in annoyance.

Remembering the only other female besides Ms. Gemma, I nod, still confused.

"Help me here because I'm still lost," taking a deep breath, I responded to him.

Standing up, Vinnie walks towards my desk and sat at the end of it, facing the doorway, whilst fiddling with the lily, I received this morning.

"Her father, would have used the opportunity with Jordan's father there to propose marriage between his daughter and Jordan, again." Lowering his head, Vinnie stares at me from lowered lashes, his brows twitching, while awaiting my response.

"Oh." Is all that seeped through my lips.

Then, realization hit me, "you used me?" I squeaked in disbelief. "You and your fucking boss used me?" Shaking my head, I stood up and angrily ran out of the office, my destination, the ladies room for a time out.

They used me to block a marriage proposal!

They are both so despicable.

Instead of crying like the last time I ran from Jordan's office, this time, I was fuming and stewing as I fought running back to the office to scream my head and heart out at Vinnie.

As my anger and frustration subsided, my mind wander to my impending trip to Seattle.

No one knows why I ran and I still have no intention of sharing the humiliation I suffered at the hands of the people I love and the people who I thought, loved me.

Scuffing, I don't expect anything from Jordan because he doesn't hide his dislike for me but Rawle?

I check my phone every single night and still there's no call or messages from him.

I've disconnected my media accounts so I'd stopped stalking their profiles because they will no doubt be telling everyone about it.

I know the lilies that arrive at my desk every morning comes from my father but still he hasn't called or message me.

Determined when I'm not working in Seattle, I would stay locked away, wherever I'll be staying and keep away from the Morrisons and the Ambroses.

Returning to the office with my head held high, I ignored Vinnie and neatened my desk, before collecting my handbag and exiting the office, ignoring Vinnie calling my name.

Taking the employee lift, took longer than normal and I smiled in relief when I saw Rosie with her handbag over her shoulder, chatting with the security at her desk.

"Hey," I greeted her, nodding politely at the security. "I'm starving and I don't think I have the strength to slave over a stove." I chuckle as we walk away from Branson's building.

"Didn't you go for lunch with the BIG GUNS?" Rosie muses with a smirk dancing on her lips.

Nodding, "yes for lunch but I didn't feel like eating then," I lied because I'm not sure if I want to tell her about being set up by Vinnie and her daughter's God-father.

Pointing ahead of us, "okay, let's get the girls Chinese and we can chill, while you tell me about your meeting and further plans with Branson." Rosie says while leading me down the block to the only chinese fast food outlet I've seen so far.

Nodding in agreement, "sure but we'll order and I will go to the supermarket and meet you back there." I suggested, since I needed a supermarket to pick up some depression snacks and drinks.

Fulling loaded, Rosie and I returned home tired from the long walk.

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