The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Leah's POV

Ms. Gemma sent further correspondence for me to study which will help to further understand their marketing strategies, whilst using the new marketing portfolios I presented to them.

I should be more excited but I'm not because Seattle is hanging over my head.

Vinnie directed me to a smaller conference room to meet with Ms. Gemma's representative and I remained there to continue my work in the hopes not not running into Jordan but, that is where Mr. Barnson Sen. found me.

Lifting my head after hearing the soft knock on the glass door, to see a smiling Mr. Branson staring back at me.

I jumped quickly off my chair, to greet him.

"Good morning!" I greeted my boss nervously.

Chuckling, Mr. Branson lifted his eyes to the clock on the wall facing me.

"Good afternoon," correcting me, he walks further inside the conference room, while I followed his eyes to the clock.

"Oh!" I exclaimed softly when I saw that it was already one forty five.

Staring down at the papers scattered on the table in front of me, "I was so engrossed with this, that I lost track of time," I explained awkwardly, realizing I've missed lunch, yet again.

Staring at the clock once again, I debated taking a break or continuing with the work set before me.

Pulling out a chair to the left of me, "don't worry your pretty little head about it, I've ordered lunch for the both of us." Mr. Branson chuckles, as I took my seat.

Pulling one of the documents on the table closer to him, Mr. Branson stares keenly at it.

"I'm just going through some of Massy's marketing strategies so that I'll have an idea how far I can go." I hope it doesn't sound as if I'm doubting myself.

Lifting his head, Mr. Branson caught me staring at him.

"So what's going on between you and my grandson?" Mr. Branson question shouldn't have thrown me but it did, because I wasn't prepared to answer it.

His grandson should answer that question but telling him that would be inappropriate.

Shrugging, "I.." pausing, I racked my brain for a feasible explanation.

Chuckling awkwardly, "like the blonde lady said, office romances never amount to anything," lifting my eyes, then quickly averting my eyes from Mr. Branson's intense stare.

Leaning forward, "Lily I have a suggestion to make and I'm bringing it to you first, before I suggest it to Jordan." Mr. Branson's tone of voice changed as he sounded like the businessman he is, before making a deal.

Intrigued, with my elbows on the table, I nod because it has something to do with Jordan and as much I hate admitting it, Jordan, intrigues me.

"You need a support system when you get to Seattle that will give you stability, so you won't have to be afraid and hide if your fears catch up with you." I lean away from the table at Mr. Branson's words.

Mr. Branson's words touched a sore spot because I have already made a plan to work non-stop and keep myself indoors when the office doors close.

Shaking my head, "how does Jordan fit into this?" I twitched my lips and frown, puzzled. "Anything involving Jordan and I, doesn't end well." I admitted to his grandfather, having never discuss Jordan with his grandfather before.

Laughing out with heavy gruff voice.

"Oh, I am fully away that Jordan's not in control of his behavior, when you're around him." Knitting my brows, even more confused by Mr. Branson's words.

I wanted to ask why but Mr. Branson continued to speak.

Scratching his clean shaven chin, "Jordan can go with you to Seattle as your boyfriend.." gasping in shock, I cut of Mr. Branson immediately.

"WHAT?" I shriek, "no.. no." Shaking my head, refusing whatever Mr. Branson was suggesting.

Nodding, "just hear me out. I know you trust that I won't allow anyone to hurt you, even my grandson." Mr. Branson searches my fearful countenance keenly.

I couldn't respond but just stared at him because he will say what is on his mind despite my interruptions.

"I made a promise to protect you when we first met and keeping you safe in Seattle is also my responsibility from whoever or whatever you ran from and Jordan is the man, to ensure you're protected." Mr. Branson starts to explain again.

If Jordan pretends to love me, I won't have to be ashamed of being dumped by Rawle and discarded by my family, when we're in Seattle.

But then Jordan would know, which would cause further humilution.

"Ah lunch is here," Mr. Branson chuckles and stands up, to place a disposable box in front me that smells like cheese.

Instead of thanking him, "why are you going to such extremes?" I asked, curious about Mr. Branson's suggestion.

With a slight nod with his lips twitching at the side, "I have my reasons, just trust me." He says, his expression unreadable.

Sliding back the chair he just vacated, "I'm meeting with Jordan now, so think about my proposal and get back to me before you leave," nodding at the lunch and bottle of water in front of me. "Enjoy your lunch," Mr. Branson says, before making a slow departure out of the conference room.

With Mr. Branson's suggestion still ringing in my ear, all I could wonder is why?

Vinnie's going, I could suggest that he be my pretend boyfriend!

As if on cue, my stomach inhale the lunch and I immediately dug into the box of Italian food, which is also one of my favourites.

After lunch, I took a short break to the ladies room to refresh myself before completing my work, only to hear voices, gossiping about me and the bosses son, Jordan Branson.

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