The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Three

Leah's POV

The fatherly cabdriver, left me at a diner that's open all night because it's safe and I can use my time there to decide my next move.

Returning home is not an option since I've also gotten fired from my first job, from a company where my father is part owner.

Desperate to see if anyone realize I was gone or if Rawle cared enough to see, if I was okay, I opened my phone, while awaiting the waitress to bring me a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Crying once again, when I realize there are absolutely no miss calls from anyone, absolutely none.

I gave in to the temptation and open my instagram page and scrolled through Rawle's but he hasn't uploaded anything as usual, while there are dozens of photos and short videos on Lissa's.

"Excuse me miss," a soft voice says above my head.

Lifting my tearfilled eyes off my phone to smile at the waitress who bought my order.

"Thank you," I smiled, eyeing the sandwich in front of me, as the waitress returns to the counter for another order.

Reaching for the cup, I pulled the coffee closer pushing the sandwich away from me and open my phone to torture myself some more.

I stare at photos of the happy couple as they pose for pics with their guests.

I cried some more when, I see my mother hugging Lissa and smiles happily into the camera.

It broke me further to see dad got caught embracing Rawle with a bright smile, showing his support and happiness.

Checking my calls once again, to see that I haven't receive any calls and it's almost two am. I shut my phone off and would have thrown it away but I needed it until I got a new one, although by the looks of it, I'm important to no one and no one's looking for me.

Restarting my phone, I called the cab company requesting the same driver from earlier and started sipping my coffee as I wait for him.

Everyone who knows me, knew of my desire to visit Washington so I will simply fly somewhere else instead and I have the cash to go where no one would expect me to go.

Waving to the waitress, "may I have a bottle water and the bill please?" I requested politely and gathered my bags to visit the washroom before I left for the airport.

Having never flown alone at this time of night or morning before, I kept myself huddled in a corner clutching my worldly possessions as I wait for my flight to be called.

Having wiped my eyes and washed my face for the millionth time, resisting the temptation to search my phone once again.

By the time I arrived in one of the cities I feared being alone in, I cautiously took a cab from JFK, still unsure about my next move but I have the cash so I can get a decent room to stay for a few days.

Thankfully, I met a caring cabdriver, like I did last night who took me to a coffee house and left his number should I decided I needed his assistance again.

Having freshened up in the plane, even though it was warm on the outside, I pulled my hoodie tightly around me, after neatly adjusting my long hair under the baseball cap I wore and tugged my bags into the beautiful cafe, already filling up with folks having a late morning breakfast.

Having had a heavy breakfast, I kept a cup of coffee close as I scrolled through vacancies in the city, filling out applications, as I kept changing pages, in the hope someone will hire me.

After graduation, my goal was to work with my father in the company he co-owned with Mr. Ambrose but plans have changed overnight.

"Excuse me," a low gruff voice says from beside me, alarming me instantly.

Lifting my eyes of my laptop, to the an elderly gentleman who stood, smiling down at me, holding a plate filled with waffles and an cup of something.

"Hello," I greeted him politely, wondering why he's seeking me out, unless he's here alone and has no one to keep his company. Plus he doesn't appear to be dangerous.

Nodding to the empty chair opposite me, "may I?" He asks politely.

My eyes automatically scanned the cafe, noticing lots of empty seats, yet the elderly gentleman, who is apparently in his late sixties early seventies, chose to sit with me.

"Umm" I hesitated and met his kind smile once again. "Uh, yeah," I shifted my laptop to give him more space, realizing I should be kind to him, because since I left home, the two elderly cabdrivers, have been kind and caring towards me so now it's my turn to be kind to an elderly.

I continued with my job search, as the gentleman started digging into his waffles.

"Are you new in town?" The man broke my concentration when I heard his gruff voice once again.

Lifting my eyes off the laptop, "what?" I shook my head, having miss the question.

"Are you new in town?" He repeats, politely nodding to my bag on the chair beside me and the one I still held around my neck, where my important documents and money was stored.

Nodding, I looked down self-consciously at my fingers that was still resting frozen on the keyboard.

"And you are alone?" The gentleman probed, with a kind voice.

I couldn't lie, even though I was afraid because I am alone, his kindness encouraging me to be honest.

Nodding yet again, afraid if I spoke the words out loud I would end up in tears once again.

"I see," the gentleman muttered softly to himself but I didn't look up at him because I knew, I would breakdown.

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