The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty

Leah's POV

Since the only working area I've been assigned to, is located in Jordan's office, I returned with my files in hand, proud of the work I've accomplished and the decision I've made concerning Mr. Branson's suggestion.

"You're in a good mood," Vinnie chuckles observantly, while I made myself comfortable at my desk.

Slamming my hands on the files, I placed on my desk, "this was a lot of work but I think I understand Massy and what they fully expect from my contribution." I gushed, proud of myself.

Nodding, Vinnie went back to the computer, while I fiddle with the fresh lilies.

"Did you get anymore information about whose sending these?" I asked again, since Vinnie hit a wall while searching for the sender.

Averting his eyes from the computer screen, Vinnie shook his head.

The joy and excitement I felt a few seconds ago evaporated, leaving a dull ache in my chest.

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked, since I still have Vinnie's undivided attention.

Adjusting himself to face me directly, he nods for me to continue.

"Can you cancel these or ask security to dump them?" While we were speaking, Jordan's office door slammed, with a loud thud.

Vinnie and I turned to face an angry Jordan, whose glaring at me, his eyes blood red.

Averting my eyes nervously to Vinnie, whose frowning at Jordan, in surprise.

What did I do now?

"Princess Leah's, ordering my Personal Assistant to do her bidding, now?" Jordan sneers, but I kept my eyes averted from his cold glare.

I knew his grandfather was going to speak to him but I didn't agree to anything.

Why is he angry at me?

Unwilling to remain and be tormented in his office, I started packing, even though it's still fairly early.

Observing my actions, "are you going to run away and cry again," Jordan mocked but I refused to be goaded by him.

I hasten to clear my desk, when Jordan slammed his hand on the desk and in one sweep, he flung all the flowers off my desk, the crashing sound of the glass shattering, jolting me.

"Problem solved," he snapped, his voice quivering with uncontrollable anger, pointing to the lilies and broken vases lying on the floor.

Lifting my eyes to finally look at him, unable to understand the fire that's burning in his eyes.

"What... what did I do now?" I stammered nervously, afraid of this man and if Vinnie wasn't here, I would have bolted from the room, already.

Mocking me, his lips curled in disgust, "do?" He repeated. "What did you do?" He repeated, glaring down at me.

I can see Vinnie staring at Jordan's back, as he came closer.

"My life hasn't been a bed of roses, Princess Leah," Jordan mocks, "but since you came into my grandfather's life, you've turned my life into a bed of thorns." Jordan verbally lashed back at me, his anger nowhere near, subsiding.

Moving closer to where Jordan stood, glaring at me, "hey boss," Vinnie called to get his attention. "Let's talk this out in your office," Vinnie suggested softly but Jordan temper wasn't soothed by Vinnie's words.

Turning angrily on Vinnie now, "yes that's right, I'M THE BOSS!" Jordan slams his chest, "I gave instructions." Jordan continued, slurring slightly, confirming his intoxication.

Vinnie stared at Jordan as if this is the first time he's seeing him in this condition.

Curling his lips in disgust, "if you want to work for her, then go right ahead but if you work for me, stay the fuck away from her!" Jordan yelled, staggering towards his office, followed by Vinnie, whose definitely concerned.

Overwhelmed by the things Jordan said to me, I called his grandfather to quickly make my suggestion, without bringing Jordan into the conversation.

I bring out the worst in him but he hated me from day one, so what is it with him and his anger towards me.

At least he seem to respect Vinnie, with just giving him a weak threat and he hasn't thrown him out of his office yet.

"Lily, I hope you have good news for me," Mr. Branson answers, on the second ring.

Chuckling nervously, "yes but.. but it's not the one you're.. you're hoping for," I stammered, my emotions still in shambles after being verbally attacked by Jordan, a short while ago but making this call, is important because Mr. Branson needs to tell Jordan, I didn't agree his suggestion.

"Are you okay?" Mr. Branson asks, his voice deep with concern.

"Uh, yeah," I lied, lowering my voice with my eye on Jordan's office door.

I'm listening," Mr. Branson's gruff voice, sounded soft to my ear.

"Vinnie.." I started and paused to take a deep breath. "Vinnie's going with me to Seattle, so he's the logical one to be my fake boyfriend." I explained, since Jordan wasn't assign to go with me, it made no sense having the both of them there with me.

There was a long pause before Mr. Branson spoke again.

"Fake boyfriend?" Mr. Branson asks and I could just imagine the frown that's creasing his already wrinkled brow, by the tone of his voice.

Wasn't that, why he recommended Jordan?

"Uh yeah, to stay with me in Seattle." I answered. "Isn't that what you suggested?" I reminded him.

"Vinnie!" Mr. Branson repeated, the tone of his voice now vague.

"Uh yeah." I confirmed. "Mr. Branson," I said, quickly adding, "the other one, agreed yesterday, for Vinnie to accompany me." I reminded Mr. Branson who was also present at the meeting.

"Ah yes, yes," Mr. Branson chuckles. "Forgive my old brain." He laughs, then his tone got serious again. "I'll let Jordan know that his PA will be accompanying you."

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