The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty One

Leah's POV

This afternoon I was the one who sat in the lobby awaiting Rosie, whose, still busy at her desk.

Sitting in the visitors lounge, I kept digging at my finger, where a piece of glass got stuck while I was cleaning the mess Jordan made on the floor.

My senses are still shaking but I have to pretend I'm fine until I'm alone, because other than the evening at the club, I never tell Rosie in on my interactions with Jordan.

He's her friend and I've seen how great he is with her and her kids and I've also realize that I'm the only one Jordan hates.

Maybe I'm just full of negative energy and that's why he hates me, just like my parents and especially, Rawle.

How long has Rawle and Lissa been seeing each other behind my back?

These are the thoughts that keep hitting a nerve, especially when I have an encounter with Jordan and end up hosting a pity party for myself.

That last day during lunch he was his normal charming self, attending to my every need. Making promises for our future about him and I running our dad's company since he's following in dad's footsteps at Architectural Designs.

And then his engagement happened, his only aim was to make me a laughing stock in the midst of our friends and family.

How could I have been so blinded?

Mentally mocking myself, as I curled my lips in disgust.

As least Jordan isn't fake!

He doesn't fail to show his contempt for me, unlike some of my peers in this building and everyone back home in Seattle.

I won't run anymore, because I know what to expect from Jordan but...

I jolted from being shoved slightly at my shoulders.

"What?" I yelled, startled to see Rosie, frowning at me. I subconsciously looking around the lobby, where, thankfully only a few workers walked around.

Smiling nervously with embarrassment, "I'm sorry," I gathered my handbag and lunch bag.

"I called you three times, so don't tell me nothing's wrong now." Rosie was already saying in an accusing tone.

Chuckling at her anxious look, "I was just daydreaming about my horrible past," I answered, because I knew she won't probe since I always disappear into myself, when I think about home.

As we made our way to the bus station, Rosie talked about her day, "or, I've got something for you," she pulls an envelope out of her handbag.

"We're going to a club on Saturday and I'm not taking no for an answer," Rosie started by saying, while I was already refusing.

"It's a birthday celebration and it's not like the last time we hung out" Rosie explains, while I wait to hear that Jordan will be there to feign a migraine on Saturday. "Plus Jordan already dealt with the workers for taking bets on you," I stopped and turned to her in surprise.

"Wh.. what?" I asked since this the first I'm hearing of this.

Rosie, resume walking, "yes, he issued warning letters to the guys and Celeste for being part of it." Rosie explains.

"Why?" I asked, Jordan hates me, why would he do that for me? But I couldn't say that part out loud because Rosie doesn't know the extent of Jordan's hatred for me.

Frowning, "why not?" Rosie then smiles, "you're our family now and we've got your back girl," leaning in, she gives me side hug.

"Even Jordan?" The words I was thinking blurted out of my mouth and I couldn't retract them.

Turning away embarrassed, I felt Rosie's eyes on me.

"Even Jordan," she confirms softly.

Grabbing my hand, "the bus is here!" Excited Rosie tugs me along with her as the bus pulls up.

I was grateful when we didn't sit together because I needed to be in my own thoughts.

Jordan's got my back?

Snickering at the thought of him being just as fake as Rawle.

I need to get over Rawle but how?

The balance of the week past quickly with Jordan and my path not crossing in the office, which was fine by me because, I was always uncomfortable under his calculating eyes.

"Gemma wants to meet with you on Monday, I'll have Vinnie arrange your meeting at a restaurant," Jordan puts a piece of paper on my desk, his fingers drumming on it, until I lifted my eyes to meet his.

As usual, his expression was bland and that scares me the most.

"I'm sorry," I gasped, surprise at his unexpected apology.

Where did that come from?

"I was having a bad day, with to many drinks which led to me fucking up on Tuesday." Jordan's sudden explanation threw me, that I couldn't respond.

When I remained frozen, he lifted his fingers off the desk.

"Right!" He mutters, turning on his heels and walking towards his office.

Vinnie and I stared at each other, me still shocked and Vinnie with a mischievous smirk.

"Close your mouth," Vinnie chuckles.

"Did that just happen?" I asked in disbelief.

Chuckling, Vinnie looks at Jordan's office door and then back at me, "that just happened." He confirmed.

Gasping I covered my mouth, "and I couldn't open my mouth to even acknowledge his apology." I said stupidly.

Laughing out, "oh your mouth was open alright." Vinnie laughs at my flushed cheeks. "And Jordan didn't miss your surprise expression either." He continued, "next time I'll throw a piece of paper inside your mouth to wake you up." He laughs, at my expense.

Embarrassed at his teasing, I lifted a paper clip and threw it across at him, turning quickly to ensure Jordan didn't notice Vinnie and I goofing around.

I felt lighthearted after hearing Jordan's apology.

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