The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Two

Leah's POV

My heart fluttered nervously and I couldn't understand why but it's been happening since Jordan's apology.

For some stupid reason I was anxious about seeing Jordan at the birthday celebration tonight but I was too embarrassed to ask Rosie if he would be attending.

"You look great," Rosie whistles, eyeing me from head to toe.

Blushing, I pulled down the purple strapless dress I bought after work yesterday.

Frowning, "did it fit like this yesterday?" I tugged at the dress that's hugging my body.

Dropping on my thighs, is a new for me since my hemline always drop one inch above my knee.

Waving away my doubts, "oh don't you worry," Rosie says, pointing to the sofa bed. "Now sit down and let me do your face," her instructions, alarmed me.

Shaking my head, "no, I've already done my makeup." I moved to avoid her but the apartment is too small to get away.

Grabbing ahold of my arm, Rosie pulled me back and for the first time since meeting her, I had cause to glare at her.

"I promise I'll go light." Rosie pleads.

Sulking, I reluctantly sat down and allowed Rosie to have her way with me.

"Now your hair," she says and I realize telling her I've already comb my long blonde in a high ponytail, would be useless.

Smiling proudly, Rosie and I stood in front of the full length mirror.

Gasping softly, my mouth opened with a small "O".

My hair hung loosely over my shoulder, cascading down my back but the face of the girl staring back at me, was unrecognizable.

Rosie's highlights were really dark blends of my shade of dress with silver shimmers on my eyes.

Smiling, I turn to her. "I look beautiful," leaning across, I hugged her. "Thank you but this isn't light." I had to say.

Ignoring my comment, "hurry, our cab's waiting." Rosie walks out, leaving me to lock up and follow her down the steps.

"I'll be with you all night, even when you have to pee," Rosie promises as we walk towards the security standing outside 'The Tribe,"

"The Tribe?" I whisper, at yet another barbaric name.

"Third floor," the security said when Rosie handed him the two invitations. "Elevators on the right as you enter." The security added. I breathe a sigh of relief, panicking for a second when I heard third floor, staring at my silver pumps.

I tried speaking to Rosie as we entered the lobby of the club but the vibrations of the music boxes all around made it impossible to even hear myself think.

The elevator to the third floor was packed but I couldn't question Rosie and she didn't seem to know anyone in the lift with us.

"Whose birthday party are you taking me too?" I whispered yelled in Rosie's ear.

Putting her finger to her lips, Rosie quieted me.

"OMG!" No one heard me but I couldn't help expressing myself as the lift opened unto a heavily decorated floor.

"It's a guy's birthday?" Clutching my handbag, I gaze around at the blue and silver decorations hanging from the ceiling and on the pillars all around.

"I bought a girl's gift," I whispered to Rosie getting annoyed when she erupted into giggles.

This is so fucking embarrassing, I'm at a birthday party with no gift for the birthday boy.

"Let's find a table," Rosie shouts above the music that's banging from the entire building.

Rosie being Rosie, wave and stopped like a limited stop train at every table as she made her way to the centre of the floor, where there were still many empty tables despite having more than a hundred people in the room.

"Rosie sweetheart," a young man dressed in a white suit, his jacket open, advertising the silver and blue shirt he wore inside.

Ah, the birthday boy, I thought as he greeted Rosie, whilst smiling at me over her shoulder.

"And you must be Leah," the birthday boy leaned in to give me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

Holding me at arms length, his eyes travelling from the top of my head to my silver pumps.

Putting out a hand, "Jackson," he introduces himself with a smirk, "birthday boy."

Reaching out, I shook his hand, "well you already know, I'm Leah," I responded awkwardly, giving Rosie an embarrassed smile.

I tug to remove my hands from his but his grip got firmer, starling me.

Nervous now, "I.." I turn to Rosie for some help but she's now chatting away with two women. Looking back at Jackson, "I.. I have something for you but Rosie didn't mention that you're a guy, so I bought a gift for a birthday girl." chuckling nervously, I used my free hand to retrieve the gift box from my handbag.

Grabbing the jewel box, "you could give it to your girlfriend," I suggested, wishing he would let my hand go.

Finally letting my hand go, he reaches for the box and quickly opens it with a faint smile, extending his hand for mines.

Frowning I stare at him, confused.

"What?" I ask, unwilling to lift my hands again, my eyes darting quickly to Rosie, whose, still engrossed in her conversation.

"You said to give it to my girlfriend," with a side smirk, he raised his eyebrows, waiting for my hand.

Shaking my head, "uh, no.." I trailed off because situations like this always make me uncomfortable.

"What are you doing to my girl?" Rosie interrupted us and I sighed inwardly, hoping this stops here.

Lifting the gold bracelet, "my birthday gift from Leah," Jackson says, chuckling, as Rosie tries to control herself from laughing out loud.

I looked away nervously only for my heart to sink lower, when Jordan walks in with a slim brunette clinging to his arm.

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