The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Three

Jordan's POV

If it wasn't for Vinnie pestering me to attend Jackson's birthday bash, I would have taken a night off.

Jackson and I don't hang out in the same circles but he hit quarter century and is celebrating in style.

When I hit mines seven months ago, I spent it with my family in the Maldives.

After what grandpa went through, he wanted to spend my birthday with me and I couldn't deny his wishes.

"Jordan it's been so long since you took me out," Sandy whined, having said the same thing when she called to invite me for drinks tonight.

Jackson's birthday seemed a good place as any and with family lunch tomorrow, I can't show up with a hangover.

"Jordan," folks started greeting me, while Sandy clutched my arm tighter.

"Having you clinging to me will wreck my chances of getting lucky tonight." I grumbled, trying to get her claws off me but she won't budge. I could shove her but then she'll fall and everyone will have the internet crashing, with, 'Jordan's abusive to women!'

"Aww, let me get lucky first," Sandy, batting her eyelids at me.

Nodding at the arm she clutches, "you won't if you cling to me." I made another attempt but gave up, for the moment.

Leaning her head against my shoulder, "well, maybe I'm your luck for tonight?" Sandy flirts, suggestively.

Staring down at the troubled girl whom I've known since high school and whose brother was my best friend "do you want me to drop you off at home, now?" I curled my lips, disgusted at her insinuation.

Quickly shaking her head, "no please, just a few drinks and then, drop me home." Sandy finally said the words I wanted to hear.

Staring at where she's still clutching me, "now let go of my fucking arm," I snapped, looking away from her and around the crowd that's here to celebrate with Jackson.

Releasing my arm, "I'll behave," she promises but she and I both know it's not a promise she intends to keep.

I kept walking and looking around for the birthday boy, conscious of Sandy struggling to keep up with my longer strides.

"Jordan!" Vinnie shouts out my name loudly, above the music, "you made it," he moved quickly towards me, leaving the group he was chatting with behind him.

Nodding to the side of me, "and I brought a guest," I responded grimly.

Throwing her arms around his neck, "Vinnie!" Sandy shouts and I use that opportunity to ditch her and get myself something strong.

Gazing around, "now where the fuck is the bar?" I muttered, when my eyes fell on Jackson, holding on to an uncomfortable looking Leah as she tries to shake off his hand.

"What the fuck?" Muttering to myself, I walk quickly towards them, only noticing Rosie as I got closer.

Jackson turned and saw me approaching, his eyes lighting up, "Jordan!" he greets me but my eyes are focus on his hand that holding unto Leah.

Irritated, without thinking twice about my words, "now would be a good time to take your fucking hand off my girl," I snapped at Jackson, his eyes widening in surprise, as he glances quickly at Leah, Rosie and me.

Moving closer to Leah, without touching her, "now!" I bellowed and he dropped Leah's hand as if it was on fire.

Lifting his hands in surrender, "sorry bro, I didn't know, no one mentioned it." Jackson, immediately apologized, turning to Leah.

"My apologizes," he says, bowing his head, "and here I was thinking I got the best gift for my birthday but of course, you're Jordan's ," he turned to me, with an outstretched hand, "sorry," his face flushed in embarrassment, while Leah stood awkwardly beside me.

Reaching out I shock his hand, "happy birthday man, you've caught up with me," I laughed but I didn't feel any joy in greeting him.

Lifting his eyes to Leah once again, "yeah but you're the lucky one." He added, looking around the room, "I should mingle," nodding at Rosie and Leah, Jackson walked away, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Turning to Rosie, "what the fuck was that about?" I snapped, "she appeared uncomfortable from a distant, why the hell didn't you slap him?" I continued upset to see someone holding Leah's hand and even more upset that it affected me.

Looking around the room, "where the fuck is the bar?" Restless, I see a waitress walking towards us with a tray.

"Champagne?" She asks and I shook my head.

"Where's the bar?" I asked instead, needing something stronger.

Pointing to the right, "over there," she says.

"Thank you" I muttered and turn to Rosie. "Find a table and I'll bring drinks since nobody wants champagne." I instructed her.

Chuckling, "you couldn't find the bar, do you think you'll find us in this crowd?" Leah retorted mockingly, quickly clamping her hand over her mouth.

"I found you didn't I??" I mocked and walked away to get something to diminish the fire that's burning inside me.

By the look in Leah's eyes, she didn't think I heard the soft words she spoke over all this fucking noise.

As promised, I found them sitting at a secluded table set in a corner spot, most likely, Leah's choice.

The ladies were deep in conversation, when I got to the table, placing two beers in front Leah and two glasses of whiskey for Rosie and I.

Biting her lips, Leah frowned at the beers.

"Uh, thank you," she says, glancing briefly at Rosie before turning her attention to me, "I'm sorry about that remark earlier," Leah added, as I pulled a chair closer to where she sat, ignoring Rosie's naughty, smirk.

What the fuck's happening here?

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