The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Four

Leah's POV

As prophesied by Rosie while Jordan got us drinks, the word that I'm Jordan's girl will spread around the club, which means everyone in the company would know.

I notice one or two eyes travelling over me as they passed by but then, I barely know the hundreds of workers in the building.

I'm glad he got his friend Jackson to let go of my hand but, his girl?

I drank, as Rosie laughs while relating about the gift I gave to Jackson and him offering it to me as his girlfriend.

His knuckles stiffen around the glass he was lifting and after a slight pause, he downed the drink and nod at Rosie's glass.

"I'm still thirsty," he says already standing up.

Like Rosie, I quickly drank down the first beer and give him the empty bottle, watching him walk away.

Laughing, Rosie nudges me, "having a boyfriend has it's perks," she says, watching Jordan walk to the bar.

Blushing, I took up my second beer and started taking huge gulps.

While wiping my lips, I caught Rosie staring at me, "so when were you going to tell me?" She asks, smiling curiously.

Lost, lifting my eyebrows, "tell you what?" I asked, genuinely confused.

Nodding over her shoulder in the direction, where Jordan went, "you and Jordan," Rosie responds.

Lifting the bottle, I took huge gulps before meeting her curious smirk.

"There's no Jordan and I." I answered, "because he came with his girlfriend," I added, wondering if Rosie didn't notice.

Knitting her brows together, "girlfriend?" Rosie repeats, "Jordan came with a girl?" Again Rosie raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

Nodding, I took a another drink, emptying the bottle in one gulp.

"What did she look like?" Rosie continued, curiously.

Reluctant to have this conversation but I'm the one who started it.

"Brun..." I stopped, when I saw Jordan coming. "shh" I tapped Rosie's hand, "he coming." I lifted my bottle, forgetting it was empty.

"Did you ladies miss me?" Jordan, place two more beers in front of me and a full glass of whiskey in front of Rosie before taking his seat.

Pointing to me, "your girl missed you," Rosie smirks.

Needing a distraction, from Jordan sitting so close to me, "thank you," I smiled, taking another beastly cold beer, bringing it to my lips, conscious of his eyes on me.

"Whose, the girl you came with tonight?" Rosie's unexpected question cause me to spew the beer out of my mouth in shock.

Flustered I glared at Rosie while searching my purse for napkins to clean my mouth and the table, realizing Rosie and Jordan were staring at their drinks.

"Sorry," I apologized, flushed with embarrassment.

"Okay," Jordan stands once again and took Rosie's glass before speaking.

"My date is Sandy," he grinned, watching me, adding to my embarrassment.

Smiling, "oh Sandy," Rosie shrugged, but didn't elaborate, leaving me in the dark.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I leaned closer to Rosie. "Why did you ask him." I continued, still embarrass. "This is so embarrassing, he might think I was watching him." I covered my face unwilling to face him again.

Chuckling at my behavior, "he doesn't know it's you who told me," Rosie tries to assure me that Jordan wouldn't expand on the conversation.

I want to ask whose Sandy but Rosie is already curious about Jordan and I and if I were to ask, she might think I'm into Jordan.

Shaking my head, I slapped my cheeks. I shouldn't be having these thoughts. I was recently dumped by my fiance, I can't be thinking of Jordan.

My fiance!

I haven't thought about Rawle as much as I did before because Jordan has been on my mind.

Maybe it's because I am always in his office.

Oh I don't know.

Frustrated with my train of thoughts, I started drinking again.

Leaning closer to me, "I think we should leave and get pizzas before you get drunk and we can talk boys." Rosie chuckles and I frowned.

"Boys?" I asked and she nods.

Still chuckling she looks over her shoulder, "Jordan, we'll talk Jordan." Rosie adds.

Without pausing, I chugged my beer, aware when Jordan returns, I'll need another one

I pushed my empty bottle to the centre of the table when a waitress walked around with small plates of audurbs.

"Thank you" Rosie and I said when Rosie shocks me again.

Tapping the space on the other side of me, "her boyfriend went for drinks, you can leave a plate here for him," she suggests, smiling mischievously.

"Sure," the waitress smiles, putting the extra plate closer to me.

Darn you Rosie!

"Excuse me," I put out a hand to stop the waitress, "my.." unsure of how I was going to describe Jordan, I paused. "Can I have two more of these?" I pushed the empty bottles closer to her.

The waitress turn to give Rosie a questioning frown.

"He went for whiskey but he took so long she finish those." Rosie explains and I couldn't help chuckling at her explanation.

Smiling once again, the waitress took up the bottles, "be right back," she adds and leaves to distribute the plates on her tray.

Nodding to my plate, "eat something before you get drunk and Jordan will have to babysit you again." Rosie paused with her fork in midair, after it occurred to her what she just blurted.

Surprised, "what are you talking about?" I asked although I already I sensed it.

"Jordan took me to my apartment and stayed till Mrs. Sanchez arrived, didn't he?" I asked candidly.

Twitching her lips, she nods pressing a finger against her closed lips.

I covered my face in embarrassment.

"I was such a mess then." I grumbled, glaring at Rosie.

Chuckling, "a beautiful mess, since Jordan fell for you," she added.

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