The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Five

Leah's POV

"Don't keep her outside to late," Rosie hummed whilst exiting Jordan's vehicle, leaving me alone with him.

I held the door open before she could shut it, staring keenly at Jordan.

With his body shifted to face me in the backseat, "come with me to family for lunch tomorrow." He invited but he didn't ask, he's telling me.

Uncomfortable now, because meeting the Branson family isn't something I ever planned on doing!

Shaking my head, "I.. uh, I can't." I responded, whist racking my brain for a suitable explanation for my refusal.

Narrowing his eyes, frowned, surprised at my refusal.

Aware that I need to say more,"I don't do well with families," I admitted, trying to be as honest as I can without going into details, about my not so distant past.

Getting dumped, the way that I did, has left a sore spot in my chest that hasn't healed yet.

It's an embarrassment, I will carry for the rest of my life.

Tonight, observing Jordan whilst he attended to Rosie and my, every need, except our bathroom breaks which became frequent with the amount of drinks we consumed.

I've realized what pains me most is the betrayal of my parents and Rawle, especially with the time and place he choose to dump me.

Jordan's a nice guy and I'm attracted to him but he's a co-CEO to his family company and they could always find a girl, better than me for him, or he could find a better girl for himself.

Nodding slightly, Jordan looks away briefly, straightening himself in driver's seat.

Sensing that I've been dismissed, I exited his vehicle and turned in surprise when I heard another door, slammed shut.

After the way he treated me tonight and getting his friend Jackson to back off, I'm grateful and wish I could do better but I'm emotionally damaged to be around a guy with a close knit family.

Smiling, Jordan walked with decisive steps towards me, his hands stuffed inside his pockets, numbing me in the process.

Flushed, I looked away from his lips and the smirk that's dancing at the corner of his mouth.

I can feel my heart palpitating against my chest as I tried to get my breathing regularize.

Averting my eyes from his captivating grays, "I.. uh.." stammering I stepped to move away, when without any warning, Jordan crashed his body against mines, pinning me against his Audi.

Gasping in surprise, he used that opportunity to crash his lips on mines.

If Jordan was expecting me to object, he was mistaken.

Moving his lips vigorously against mines, he deepened the kiss, capturing my face between the palm of his hands.

For the first time in my life, I've felt like this.

I didn't want Jordan to let me go but Rosie...

I pulled away abruptly!

Jordan was quick to release me, startled by my reaction when seconds ago, I was giving into him.

Lifting my eyes to Rosie's front window.

"Sorry," stepping back, Jordan apologizes, with an awkward smirk. "Actually I'm not sorry," he chuckles, making me blush.

Lifting my eyes over his shoulder, "Rosie," I whispered, giggling softly,

Reaching out I grabbed Jordan's face when he move to turn around.

"No," I stopped him, suddenly realizing that Jordan for a twenty five year old is much more experience than twenty two year old me.

Covering my hands on his face with his, "like I said, I'm not sorry." Mummering softly, he leaned down once again and this time I was ready and hungry to feel his lips against mines, allowing his tongue to invade my mouth, leaving me gasping in his arms.

Moving his mouth downwards, Jordan sucked on my neck, moaning softly, pushing my jacket aside to give him access to the uncovered parts of my upper chest.

I felt myself being lifted against his vehicle, my body all hot and excited but I had to stop him.

"No," I whispered, his mouth still sucking against my bare skin.

Not forcing himself on me, Jordan stepped back, panting softly.

His eyes dark and unreadable, "yeah, sorry." Jordan apologize again, his breathing nowhere under control.

Blushing nervously, "I.." stammering, I grabbed his shirt as he stepped back again, "I don't think I want my first time to be against a vehicle." Chuckling, I lift my eyes to his.

Frowning, as the words I just uttered occurred to him.

Nodding, surprise by my confession about being inexperience, Jordan frown deepens, his eyes expressing his disbelief.

As I wondered if my inexperience turned him off, he came closer once again.

"On that note," leaning down Jordan kisses the top of my head, "I'll take my leave," he says, gently removing my hands off his shirt.

I shouldn't have said that, was the first thought to enter my mind.

I've turned him off!

Jordan walks away and stops at the driver's side, leaning against the door, "now run upstairs and shut the door before I follow you in," he smirks at my reaction, to his bold confession.

Smiling once again.

"Good night." I whispered, turning away even though I didn't want to.

"Good morning," Jordan chuckles but I continued towards the side steps of my apartment, not intoxicated from alcohol but desire.

I was still leaning against my front door, when I heard Jordan's Audi softly purred away.

Blushing, I fanned myself, stripping on my way to the bathroom, needing a fresh, cold shower.

At least Mrs. Sanchez won't be disappointed in me when she comes over for lunch, was my last thought.

Rosie was banging on my door bright and early Sunday morning but I beat her to it, because for the first time since leaving Seattle behind, I slept peacefully.

Should I pursue a relationship with Jordan?

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