The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Six

Leah's POV

Rosie and I took her kids and Mrs. Sanchez out for a picnic in the park. I had the best time, simply lazing around.

I had nothing to share with Rosie concerning Jordan and even though she was disappointed, I was afraid to, jump the gun.

Maybe the night out and alcohol was responsible for Jordan and I making out.

Maybe we were just caught up in the moment since he hasn't called but then again, I did turn down lunch with his family.

Maybe he realise like Rawle, that I'm not girlfriend material.

There are so many reasons for him and I not being together, that it's best that I prepare myself in case it doesn't work out.

Nodding to myself, deciding if Jordan asks me out again, other than visiting his family, I would agree but I won't put myself so far out, that when he leaves, it won't hurt.

"I'm getting a serious headache and it isn't from a hangover," Rosie creeps along the blanket on the grass to sit beside me.

Staring at her blandly wondering what she just said.

Raising my eyebrow, I frown at her quizzically.

Giving me the same quizzical look, "got Jordan on your mind?" Rosie asks and this time she's not smiling or simply curious.

She appears to be concerned.

The question is, who exactly is she concerned about?

I still couldn't help the blush that creeped up my cheeks and at the mention of Jordan's name, I looked away from her intense gaze.

When I didn't respond, Rosie continued.

"Jordan's a close family friend," Rosie's opening remarks, scares me for a second but I decided to hear her out, because there is so much I want to know, starting with the Sandy girl, whom he brought to the party and drop off afterwards.

Finally, Rosie adds a smile on her cheeks.

"But you're also my friend and if you guys hang out or date or whatever and things don't work out, I won't choose between the both of you." Rosie explanation surprises me, since I wasn't thinking that far down the road.

"What about Sandy?" I blurted out because that question is still hanging there, even though Rosie threw it lighting behind her back when Jordan mentioned, Sandy's name.

Chuckling, Rosie points her index finger at me.

"I knew it," she laughs, "I saw your expression when you mention the girl he came with." Rosie continues laughing when all I need to know is, whose Sandy?

Knitting my forehead in a frown, "so who is she?" I asked again.

Looking away, her smile disappears, as she stares at the girls and Mrs. Sanchez, thoughtfully.

"From the little that I know, her brother and Jordan were best friends, he went to war and didn't come home." Rosie's tone dropped as she spoke.

"Jordan has been there for the family ever since but Sandy is clingy and keeps hurling herself at Jordan." suddenly Rosie turns and winks, "but it's you he's interested in." Rosie chuckles, makes me blush even more."

Ignoring her comment, I gaze around the park, "I always heard about this place but still never imagine how vast it is." I smiled, watching Mrs. Sanchez sitting at a bench with Janelle and Shenelle on both sides of her, as they stare keenly at something she is knitting.

Turning over unto her stomach, "are you ready to visit Seattle again?" Rosie suddenly asks, something I've been dreading.

I've only mention that I'm Seattle to Rosie but not why I left and definitely not about Rawle. I was too embarrassed to tell her I was dumped by my fiance at his engagement party, to my best friend with my parents full support.

"I'm going to work and when the office closes, I'll be in my hotel room waiting for morning to start my day all over again until I return here, to you." I laugh, playfully caressing her cheek with the back of my hand.

"Looks like I've got some competition here," Jordan's soft drawl from behind me, surprised both Rosie and I.

Before I could respond, "uncle Jordan, uncle Jordan." Shenelle screams as she runs across the park towards her Godfather.

Smiling, Jordan stoops down to catch Shenelle in his open arms.

"How did you know we were here?" Rosie asks, giving me a skeptical frown.

"It's was me," Shenelle chuckles, pulling out the iphone her Godfather gave her, against her mother's wishes something ago.

Chucking, Jordan sat beside me, "I wasn't going to tell," he informs Shanelle, while Rosie glares at Shanelle.

Laughing, Shanelle joins us on the blanket, "he promised me pizza," Shanelle explains to her mother.

Pointing to he food that's covered under the cloth, "we've still got lots of snacks and lunch," Rosie says.

"What did Leah make?" Jordan turns to face me with a smirk and stupid me, started getting red all over.

Shanelle anxious to please her uncle, "she bought fried chicken and made a salad," Shanelle added proudly.

Pointing to where Janelle and Mrs. Sanchez sat, "okay missy, let the big folks talk and you learn whatever Mrs. Sanchez is doing over there." Rosie's stern voice, had her daughter running across the park once again.

Focusing her attention on Jordan once again, "so what's with this visit?" Getting straight to the point, Rosie questioned Jordan's motive for being here.

Laughing, "I wanted to see Leah, so I went over to your house but it was tightly shut." Jordan explains. Pointing to me and Rosie, "I called both your phones but got no answer but my gorgeous Goddaughter did." So that's why he called Shanelle's phone.

Twitching my lips, "mines is in my bag," I responded, whilst Rosie simply shrugged it off.

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