The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Seven

Jordan's POV

"Whatever you're doing, hurt Leah is like messing with me and you know I can be a physco bitch if I have to," Rosie warns, as we watch Leah run off to meet the girls and Mrs. Sanchez.

I can't hide anything from Rosie but I couldn't tell her about grandpa's ultermatium, especially with her like a pitbull around Leah.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" shrugging, I look at the huge smile on Mrs. Sanchez face at an approaching Leah.

"You like Leah," Rosie responded, gently.

Smirking, glancing quickly at her from the corner of my eye, "doesn't everybody," I responded, refusing to admit the attraction I feel for her.

"You should tell her how you feel and maybe what happened in the past," Rosie continues in the same caring sisterly tone.

Not something I want talk about, "did the girls like the gifts I brought back for them?" Changing the topic to something I'm comfortable with, Rosie's girls.

Chuckling, "okay, so it's like that huh?" Rosie responds to the conversation change. "And you can ask them yourself." She adds, staring at Leah goofy around with some karate moves with Janelle and Shanelle while Mrs. Sanchez looks on in amusement.

Turning to face me, all smiles gone, "I saw the way you reacted when you bumped into her that first day in the lobby." Twerking her bows, Rosie waits for me to deny it.

Chuckling, "she bumped into me," I retorted, uncomfortable having this conversation with Rosie. We've talked girls and crushes in the past but, with Leah, it's different.

"Like I said, I was there and you were too close for comfort," Rosie chuckles.

Of course Rosie would notice my odd behaviour that morning.

"Just don't hurt her because she's still sad and cries when she's alone," Rosie sits up and creeps to the snacks that's covered.

Taking a deep breath, "yeah, she came to the city with a ton of baggage," I remember what Andrew Morrison said but there were also the things that he didn't say.

After giving me a strange look, Rosie uncovered the food. "You want cake or chips and something to drink or chicken and salad." Rosie asks.

Slapping my stomach, "just came from a heavy lunch at the Branson's" chuckling with my eyes still on the girls.

Grabbing a slice of cake and a water, Rosie sits back to nibble on it.

"How's the Branson's?" Rosie having met my family on numerous occasions, knew how overbearing they could be at times but she always reminded me, that I'm bless to actually have a family around me.

Chuckling, her eyes on Leah now, "she was jealous when she saw Sandy," Rosie mused.

Frowning, "really?" curling my lips in smirk, happy to hear Rosie comment.

Giving me her full attention, "like you were, when you saw Jackson holding her hand," Rosie responded.

Chuckling, I shook my head, "I wasn't jealous," I instantly denied Rosie's assumption.

Nodding, "you do realize that it's already all over Branson, that Leah's your girl, right?" Rosie reminded me and I nod, because Leah being my girl could keep my grandfather of my back, for now.

After dropping the girls home, Mrs. Sanchez and I made the trip home, because I had to meet the guys for another game.

I suffered through the same interrogation with Mrs. Sanchez but it was more intense with her than with Rosie, because Mrs. Sanchez saw the way I treated Leah when she first got here.

Using the same flower shop that deliver the lilies to Leah, which never stopped and which she didn't complain about again, I order one single red rose to be delivered to her desk, hoping I get to the office before she does.

"You're a real motherfucker, aren't you?" Vinnie shout as I entered my office, glancing quickly at Leah's desk to see both the lilies and the rose, already on her desk.

Lifting an eyebrow, giving him a quizzical look, "it's too early for whatever is going on with you," I walked to my office, already aware of what pissed him off.

As expected, Vinnie followed me but I have too much on my plate with an impending meeting at Branson Board of Directors, in the next hour.

Lifting my hands in surrender, "I'm sorry, okay?" I apologized, hoping to have started my morning on a lighter note.

Waving an index finger at me, "the next time I see you at a party, guess who won't be greeting you." Vinnie, says walking away then turns suddenly at the door, "now what's this rumor I've been hearing about you and the homeless girl?" Vinnie asks, curiously.

"It's not a rumor," sitting back on my chair, I gritted my teeth, hearing him call her homeless girl.

Walking back to my desk, Vinnie leans forward, placing his hands flat on the table, "you remember what happened the last time?" Vinnie reminded me about, what I considered to be one of life's worst experiences.

Vinnie continues. "Yes, Leah seems to be different but.." trailing off, Vinnie nods before walking out the office, leaving me in my own thoughts.

My eyes fell on the calendar and I immediately informed Vinnie to make lunch arrangements for Gemma and Leah.

"Is she there yet?" I couldn't help asking, wondering about her reaction to the roses I sent to her desk.

"Yep, now leave me alone, if there's nothing else, still upset, Vinnie hangs up abruptly.

Like he said, I'm motherfucker for palming off Sandy on him but I knew he would take care of her, while I took care of Rosie and Leah.

I acknowledge Leah on my way out to the board meeting, aware of Vinnie's hawk eyes on me.

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