The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Four

Jordan's POV

I watched my grandfather interacting with the homeless guy who sat at the table in front of me.

"Fuck!" I muttered, angry with myself for alerting my grandfather to the homeless guy filling out an application for a job on our website.

How the fuck could I know, he would go across to interact with the poor guy and leave me hanging when all I needed was a cold shower and my fucking bed.

My grandfather, has been good to me all my life, supporting me when my parents gave up in frustration, having no patience to deal with my antics and all he requests from me in return, is breakfast on a Saturday morning and lunch at our family home of Sundays, when I'm suppose to be sleeping off my hangovers.

Deep down I know it's his gentle way of keeping me grounded and ensuring he's involved in my life.

It was either giving into his demands of two meals on a weekend or having him pester me into finding a suitable woman, worthy of our family name, or have him find one for me, which I find even more repulsive.

I'm always sceptical when I see him chatting with unknown females but when I look at the way they dress as if they are going clubbing, I smile because my grandmother would never agree to a woman who dresses like whores to join our family.

Finally, I smirked when he stands up but frowns when the homeless guy stands with him, gathering his bags on the chair beside him.

"Fuck, another charity case!" I muttered, wondering when will it end.

"Jordan," grandpa motions for me to join him.

Standing up, I reluctantly made my way over to join him, cursing myself once again sensing I'm being roped into helping my grandfather deal with his new charity case.

Standing beside the homeless guy, who actually, doesn't smell bad, knitting my eyebrows together, I frown at my grandfather, while trying to peek at the guy whose face is hidden under the baseball cap and his body clustered with the bags he's travelling with, his worldly possessions.

"This is Lily," grandpa smiles proudly as he introduces me to the homeless guy, who turned out to be a homeless girl?

Surprise, I stupidly tried peeking once again at the homeless girl, only able to see her flushed cheeks, that's stained with dried tears.

Oh fuck!

Another schemer crying on my grandfather's shoulder to get money out of him.

Chuckling at my reaction at the mention of a female name, grandpa continues.

"Lily will be working at the Branson Group from Monday but she will be staying at your apartment until she gets an apartment I consider safe for her." Grandpa informs but I was shocked, not at his suggestion that this homeless girl stays with me but about the fact, that's it's a done deal and I can't argue my way out of it.

"I'm sorry but I'm not babysitting one of your charities," I retorted rudely observing this fucking Lily lifting her head slightly at my outburst but not high enough for me to see her scheming face.

"Jordan!" Grandpa raised his voice higher than he usually would at my insolence. "I've made my decision and that's final." He corrected me gruffly.

Meeting his eyes that is so much like my gray eyes, that's frowning at me in disbelief.

"Furthermore, you will not be babysitting anyone." Grandpa added, "Mrs. Sanchez is there to keep her company and you are not to trouble her." Grandpa warns, harshly, then looks down at the bent head of the homeless girl standing between us, smiling softly.

"It's okay sweetheart, he won't hurt you, he's just a bad wolf, angry at the world at large so don't take it personally." Grandpa softly assures the homeless girl, insulting me in the process.

I hate her already and when I am done sleeping, I will personally find her an apartment, far, far away!

I cringed when I heard grandpa's next words, "would you like to stop at the shops to get anything for the weekend?" Grandpa offers gently and homeless girl shook her head slowly.

"No thank you sir, I've all that I need," homeless girl, gentle voice responds to grandpa, politely declining his offer.

There was a sadness in her voice that stirred something in my chest but I shook it off.

These small town girls are all the same, coming to the big city as untouched virgins, seducing the first rich guy they meet to stick their claws into, but not me, no, not fucking me.

Meeting my gaze once again, "bring the car out front," grandpa orders me as if I'm his fucking chauffeur.

Backing away slowly, "yes sir, boss." I responded sarcastically, turning on my heels and leaving to retrieve my Benz from the parking lot next door.

Grandpa and homeless girl were standing at the entrance awaiting their chariot.

As I drove closer, with my eyes on homeless girl, I see her head lifted staring up at grandpa, with a soft smile tugging at the corners of her mouth and grandpa chuckling as they chat.

The drive to my apartment was too fucking long but I secretly decided to drop homeless girl off into the capable hands of Mrs. Sanchez and sleep off last night's hangover at my parents home.

Grandpa and I escorted homeless girl into my penthouse.

While he made introductions to Mrs. Sanchez, I made my way upstairs to pack an overnight bag since I would be staying for lunch tomorrow.

I secured my room and home office, ensuring homeless girl don't run around and try stealing from me.

"You ready?" I asked grandpa who frowned at my overnight bag, while I returned a challenging glare, ready to explode.

Nodding, "yes!"

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