The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Thirty Nine

Leah's POV

It was only when I heard the words out of my mouth, I realized how foolish it sounded, even to my own ear.

Mentally slapping myself.

"I'm sorry," chuckling, as Ms. Gemma, stared back at me, clearly disturbed.

"That was a stupid question," I added, "I have my birth documents and both their names are registered on it." I continued, sure that I'm right but Ms. Gemma's unchanging expression, tells another story.

Nodding in slow motion, "like I said, it's my mistake," she responded softly, her eyes full of regret.

Lifting her left wrist, she stares at her watch.

With lowered eyes, "we should go," taking up her handbag, Ms. Gemma stands but isn't making eye contact with me anymore. "And I don't want to return late to the office, since I'm leaving tomorrow." Laughing, she finally lifts her eyes to meet mines, when I stood alongside her.

Chuckling, "oh, yeah." I agreed. "My boss might be wondering where I am." I added, still smiling, as my mind drifted to, my boss.

We stood on the sidewalk, "I have a feeling, it's your boyfriend who would be wondering where you are." Ms. Gemma points a few feet away from the restaurant's entrance, where Jordan leaned against a black SUV.

I didn't correct her about Jordan being my boyfriend because, I have no idea who he is, to me.

Blushing, I averted my eyes, totally blown away to see Jordan, his lips curled slightly at the corner of his mouth but his deep grays, hidden behind the trademark shades, he wore.

Smiling, "I didn't expect him to be here." I responded instantly, feeling like a giddy school girl.

I followed Ms. Gemma to where Jordan was parked, "I told you I'd keep her safe, didn't I?" Lifting my gaze from Jordan to Ms. Gemma. They had a conversation about me?

Moving away from the vehicle, Jordan made three long strides towards me.

"Thank you," he smiles at Ms. Gemma, wrapping an arm around my waist, surprising me.

This feels so good but, Jordan and I barely know each other.

Can I trust this?

Can I trust him?

If he's still interested when I return from Seattle, then I'll be willing to see where this goes.

"Ouch," I yelled, turning to Jordan, when I felt a pinch on my waist.

Lifting an eyebrow, I wait for him to explain what just happened.

Tilting his head to Ms. Gemma, "Gemma was speaking to you," Jordan explains, embarrassed, I turn to her.

"I'm sorry," I immediately apologize. "I was..." should I say it? No! I shouldn't, it's stupid.

"I was thinking about when I get to Seattle," I started again, smiling at Ms. Gemma whose smile instantly disappears from her lips.

Staring at me, appearing deep in thought.

Finally, she responded, as Jordan stiffens at my side, apparently sensing the tension from Ms. Gemma.

"Yes, this trip back home will be different," she admitted and I wonder what she meant by that.

Would it have something to do with my father?

God I hope not!

I don't want him to know that I'll be there, much less see him.

"Please," I lift pleading eyes to Ms. Gemma. "I'm returning to Seattle for work not to socialize." I explained, hoping she understands, without my having to explain why my parents and I are not in contact with each other.

Jordan's hand tighten around my waist, when I responded to Ms. Gemma.

Reaching out, she hugs me whilst smiling at Jordan. "I went to school with her father and he..." her voice trails off but I knew she was going to say the name Kathleen.

Chuckling, "Kathleen's, my father's ex-girlfriend." I finish for her and a curious Jordan, who slipped out his shades to glance, between Ms. Gemma and I.

Joining in the small talk, "hmm, that's interesting." Jordan commented lightly. "It's really a small world," his tone light but his expression, dark.

Scrutinizing me, "it's too small," Ms. Gemma admitted and leaned over to peck Jordan on his cheeks.

Watching a vehicle pull up alongside Jordan's, "That's my driver," she tells Jordan, "and I promise to take care of her in Seattle," she added, still smiling but there's still something in the way she looks at me, with so many questions hanging in the air.

"I'm holding you to that," Jordan, moves to open the back door of her Towns car.

I can feel Jordan staring at me as he drove to the office but I couldn't meet his gaze.

My head was all over the place and I felt lost.

Whatever Ms. Gemma said, doesn't make sense to me but she knows something.

My parents has money. They could forge birth documents.

But why do that if they didn't want me?

No, that's not true!

More than mom, dad loved and sheltered me, before....

Before that dreadful night, when I left Seattle for New York.

"You want to tell me what's causing all those lines on your forehead?" Jordan's voice, broke my train of thoughts.

I finally look at him, still in a daze.

How can I tell him what is bothering me when he knows nothing about me?

He doesn't know why I left Seattle and I can't share that embarrassing aspect of my life with him.

He might look at me differently, if he found out, the son of dad's business partner dumped me for my best friend, in the midst of a huge crowd.

Shaking my head, I finally smiled. "It's nothing." I answered. "I'm just nervous about this trip." I added. "It's the first time I'm handling a project on my own and I don't want to disappoint, Branson's Group!

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