The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty

Leah's POV

Jordan and I return to Branson's building, through the lobby.

I felt self-conscious, until I caught Rosie's subtle wink and apparently Jordan did to, because he threw his arm around my shoulder, his head turned in Rosie's direction, chuckling.

I automatically moved to the employees lift, when Jordan steered me towards the personal lift reserved, for the Bransons.

"You're riding with me," Jordan, laughs, lifting his hand to hi-five the elderly security, standing in front the lift.

Tipping his hat, the security nod, with a polite smile but I didn't miss his eyes, darting curiously to Jordan's hand that was thrown casually around my shoulder.

As the lift door closed, I shoved Jordan's arm off.

"You can't do that," I chastised him, "what will your workers think?" I added conscious of the eyes that followed us until the elevator door closed.

A deep frown is etched on Jordans forehead, "that you're my girl?" He answers, pulling me into his arms.

Pushing him gently, "Jordan, I'm here to work and prove myself." I shook my head when he opened his mouth to speak.

"At my old job, I never got to prove myself because I was kept under my father and my fi...." my voice trailed off when I realize what I nearly disclosed to him.

Lifting my eyes, "if I succeed, people will believe, it's because of you." I explained.

Ignoring my comment, Jordan reaches out and stops the lift!

"Oh my God!" I gasped. "What are you doing?" covering my mouth, in surprise.

Without saying a word, Jordan pushed me against the elevator wall.

"I've wanted to this since morning," he whispers, leaning his head down and capturing my lips, in a deep kiss.

I didn't resist but opened my mouth, making it easy for him to have his way.

My handbag dropped to the floor, as I wrapped my arms around his neck, allowing him to lift me against the wall.

Jordan mouth travelled from my lips to my neck nibbling along the way.

"Fuck," Jordan, releases me, breathing heavily, he looks downwards and dips into his pocket, gently releasing me, pulling out his phone.

Frowning he stares at the caller and then at me.

"Gemma," he says, still breathing heavily.

"Gemma," he greets the caller, while I adjusted my skirt that drifted upwards and my jacket, he pushed aside.

"Yeah, I'm on my way up, I'll give you a call," I heard him say, before hanging up.

Shaking his head, "that sounds serious." He mutters, pressing the lift to go up, once again.

"Is something wrong?" I couldn't help asking.

Is she still disturb over our conversation?

I should have mention my conversation with Ms. Gemma to Jordan!

But then again, I haven't told anyone why I left home, other than Mr. Branson.

What if she tell him I'm some kinda fraud, lying about my parents and drops me from the project?

Jordan squeezed my shoulder, "stop overthinking." He advises. "I'm sure it's not about you." He adds, lifting his eyes as the lift doors open unto his floor.

We entered his office, each in our own thoughts, receiving a small smile from Jordan when I reached my desk, before he continued towards his office, ignoring Vinnie.

Jordan won't admit it, but he's concern.

I shouldn't have discuss my personal life at the meeting!

"What's wrong?" Vinnie asks, glancing at Jordan's retreating back.

Shaking my head, I dropped on the chair.

"I don't know, he got a call and then.." my eyes focused on his door.

Standing abruptly, "I need to use the washroom," I informed Vinnie, whilst walking out of the door, leaving him, confused.

Having use the washroom to freshen myself, I entered the office, confident that I'll survive Seattle, even if I meet my father.

Sitting behind my desk once again, "he's still locked in?" I whispered, nodding at Jordan's close office door.

Nibbling the top of his pen, "yep," Vinnie confirms and smiles with a dreamy expression.

"Just think, by this time next week, I'll be in Seattle relaxing while you slave away in a boardroom." Vinnie chuckles.

Laughing at his expression, "you make it sound as if you'll be lazing in the sun." I retorted, not envying him one bit.

A thought struck me when I started thinking about what Gemma said and since Vinnie would be free he could help me.

"Vinnie, while I'm slaving in the boardroom, can you help me with something?" I asked, aware that he'll agree but, again how much can I say without having to tell him about Rawle and my parents.

"Not a problem," Vinnie's reaction shows his excitement for his upcoming trip.

Pulling a notepad towards him, dangling a pencil in the air.

"I'm waiting," he sings, twitching his eyebrows.

Biting my lips, I have, to know.

Ms, Gemma won't lie and she doesn't seem the type to make idle comments, especially since she went to school with my father this Kathleen, person.

"Leah?" Vinnie calls from across the room.

Nodding, "yeah." Taking a deep breath. "I'm looking into someone who could be a distant relative of mines." I informed him.

Vinnie doesn't appear curious, "name?" He asks, tapping the pencil point on the paper.

"Kathleen, Kathleen Morrison." I watch him scribble on the notepad. "I think she was married to a relative of mines, Andrew Morrison." I added to a non-suspecting Vinnie.

"Right," he folds the paper and sticks it behind his phone case. "Now if I find her, you owe me a night on the town." Vinnie laughs.

I laughed with him, even though I felt my chest tightening.

That was so easy, now the hard part would be finding my father's first wife, Kathleen Morrison.

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