The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty One

Leah's POV

Thursday's finally here and Mr. Branson's driver, can't get here fast enough, to drop me at the airport.

Vinnie's extremely excited for his trip, which he considers a holiday, so he agreed to meet me at the airport.

Jordan on the other hand, left last night, on what he considers a short business trip with his sister and new brother-in-law and might consider nipping across to Seattle, for the weekend.

He didn't share any information about his call to Ms. Gemma and I didn't probe but I'm curious about their conversation.

Rosie walked into my apartment, already dressed for work, carrying two containers and a huge grin.

"In case you get hungry on the plane, I made light refreshments." She opened my hand luggage, "you know how Vinnie's always hungry." She adds, while packing it neatly.

Chuckling, "it's the Branson's jet, there's bound to be food," I laughed but she shrugged it off.

Looking around the apartment, "you have everything?" She asks and I nod, glancing around, ensuring that everything is neat and secured.

Handing the apartment key to Rosie, "hold unto it, until I return," I said.

"I hope you are returning?" She responds quickly, my eyes widen in surprise.

Putting down my hand luggage, "of course," I giggle at the fear, she reflected. "I've got Jordan, plus I've got you and the girls," I added, the smile slowly returning on her lips.

We made our way down the flight of stairs with my two pieces of luggage since I haven't bought a suitcase yet, as Mr. Branson's driver pulled into the driveway.

I was escorted unto the jet by the driver and couldn't help laughing at Vinnie, relaxing on a long sofa sipping, what looks like champagne.

Refusing a drink, I sat with my laptop open, staring into the screen, as I tried thinking of ways to avoid my family and former friends at all cost.

I have so many 'whys' dancing around in my head, that I can't focus on the work I'm suppose to be doing.

Maybe if Jordan came, having him as a boyfriend could boost my morale.

Tugging my phone out of my handbag, I took a quick snapshot of Vinnie, lounging on the sofa, adding a pic of my open laptop and without a second thought, I sent it to Jordan!

I smile when my phone vibed and Jordan's name popped up.

"Hey," I answered, happy that he's responding to my message.

"Missing me?" Jordan whispered.

Blushing, even though he couldn't see, "well, I am hoping you get a chance to visit me in Seattle," I responded, wondering if he would find me too brazen.

Chuckling on the other end.

"Yeah but the gift I sent to your room will have to suffice because I may not get a chance to run away early." Jordan's words, like a switch, just out my lights.

"Oh," I couldn't hide my disappointment, even in the tone of my voice.

"Hey don't be sad, we can still Skype," Jordan suggested but that wasn't good enough.

"Yeah, ok," I agreed in the same dull tone.

"Maybe you should get some rest, you still have a few hours before, Seattle." Jordan added.

With my spirits already dampened.

"Yeah, okay" I responded.

There was a light pause, "maybe my gift will compensate until you get home." Jordan says.


I never thought the day would come when I would call another state home.

"Home," I repeated softly.

"Yeah. Home. Me," Jordan whispers.

"I can't wait," I chuckle softly, already anticipating my return, HOME, to Jordan.

"JORDAN!" A female voice, yells from a distance.

I can hear muffle sounds in the background, as Jordan yells back at the person who yelled.

"You have to excuse Jade, who definitely lacks etiquette," Jordan returned to the phone after chastising the person who called him.

"Jade?" I held my breath as I asked the question.

"My sister?" Jordan responded as if he's reminding me but I didn't know.

"I'm sorry," I responded quickly. "I didn't know." I added.

"You got jealous for a moment there, didn't you?" Jordan laughs, lightly.

Embarrassed and thankful he couldn't see my expression.

"Why would I?" I bravely retorted, "we're just friends right?" I asked, wishing he would disagree with me.

After a short pause Jordan responded.

"Are we?" He asked firmly. "Are we, just friends?" Jordan added, expectantly and I realize this is one moment that could define our relationship and we've having it over the phone.

Chuckling nervously. "I hope not." I responded.

"Good and just so you know, I'm a lot of things and can be really fucked up at times," Jordan says, lowering his voice "but I would never cheat on you." Jordan's tone firm and promising.

Remembering Rawle and his broken promises.

"You promise?" I asked hesitantly.

Without a moment's hesitation, "I promise," he responded, "and I expect the same from you." He added.

Smiling, with a hand against my chest, "I promise." I agreed.

I heard Jordan's sister yelling his name once again.

"I have to go and we'll chat later." Jordan says quickly. See you." He added.

"Okay bye." I knew I had to hang up unwillingly.

"Yeah, later." Jordan answers softly and hung up.

Clutching the phone against my chest, I smiled in contentment.


I wanted to shout happily from the ceiling but I contained myself, with my eyes closed, I started visualizing my return to New York and Jordan!

"Wake up sleeping Beauty," I felt a shaking on my shoulder.

Jolting upright, I looked around in a daze.

It took me a few moments to get my bearings together, before I remembered I was on the Branson's Jet.

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