The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Two

Leah's POV

Vinnie joined me in the back seat of the SUV, Massy sent sent for us.

"I have a brilliant idea," he turns to me.

"Should I be worried?" I asked because I don't need any extra problems added to how I've been feeling since the Jet touched down in Seattle.

"That relative you wanted me check out," Vinnie reminded me and I nod slowly.

Did he already have information on her?

"Let's go and I'll submit a search for her, which will give us extra time to locate her, while we're here." Vinnie suggested.

Nodding, "okay and then we can go to the hotel and get some food and I can start work." I agreed, listening to him give the driver an address in the city to drop of the search slip, that was already in his possession.

Pulling back with an agasted expression. "Oh no!" Vinnie disagrees with my plan. "We're eating out and tonight, we're lighting up the town." He chuckles, his dark blue eyes, twinkling in excitement.

"Okay," I responded halfheartedly, because I already planned to remain in my room, until Monday morning for the office.

Eyeing me suspiciously, "I don't trust you?" He turned away annoyed.

"Well boo hoo. Jordan trusts me," I boast, biting my lips when I realize what I blurted out. Turning away I stare at the familiar streets, where I would frequent since Morrison and Ambrose is on this stretch.

Sensing Vinnie, leaning closer to stare into my face, "am I missing something here?" He frowns suspiciously.

Leaning closer to the tinted window, frowning as Evelyn exits a cafe, accompanied by Lissa, Christina and another girl, I've never seen before.

I felt a sharp pang in my chest at the sight of people who use to mean the world to me and now....

Leaning back against the backrest, I've got Jordan!

"You okay?" Vinnie asks from beside me.

Without opening my eyes, I nod, wishing I was in my hotel room already but Vinnie is helping me, solve a mystery that Ms. Gemma left hanging in the air.

"We're here sir," I opened my eyes when I heard the driver speaking.

I gaze around the bureau that house the offices of birth, death and address of person born in Seattle.

Vinnie opens the door, "aren't you coming?" He asks.

Shaking my head, "I'm not feeling well," I lied, afraid to step out of the vehicle and afraid to see anyone from the life I left behind.

If Vinnie found my response suspicious, he didn't react to it and just left me with the driver, to submit the name for search.

My eyes remained glued to the streets, unsure of the reason but still I gaze around, searching!

When Vinnie had been gone for over twenty minutes, I addressed the driver, apologetically.

"I'm sorry for keeping you back but I will compensate you."

Shaking his head, "that won't be necessary Miss." The man whose apparently in his mid-thirties, responded, politely.

Unsatisfied and guilty for keeping him this long, "I will explain to Ms. Gemma." I added.

The driver turned around to face me, "Ms. Gemma?" He asks confused.

Nodding, "yes, Ms. Gemma from the Massy Group, who hired you?" I responded, just as confused now.

Shaking his head, "oh," the driver turned to face the road. "The person who hired me as your personal driver, is Mr. Branson." The explanation startled me.

"Branson?" I whispered, flustered.

"Yes ma'am," the driver confirms. "I'm just a phone call away, whenever you need me." He added.


"Thank you!" Smiling, I responded.

Pulling out a card, the driver turned around, "this is my contact, you can contact me at anytime. I'm at you and your co-worker's, beck and call." The driver continued, politely.

Chuckling, I stifle a yawn, "then you and Vinnie, will be spending a lot of time together." I informed him, since I would be working and Vinnie would be playing.

At the mention of Vinnie's name, I look out the window again, hoping he is already on his way out.

By the time Vinnie returned over an hour later, I was genuinely tired, hungry and the only thought raging through my mind, is the bathroom.

"That was long," I tried to be polite since Vinnie was running an errand for me.

His eyes knitted in a tight frown, "actually I was able to get some information but when we get back to the hotel." His tone was not as carefree as before.

I'm anxious to hear him out now but whatever he has to say must be serious.

Lifting my eyes to the driver, "how far is it to the hotel?" I asked the driver politely.

Peering out at into the street, "in this traffic, about thirty minutes." Lifting his eyebrows, he met my uncomfortable demeanor in the rearview mirror.

Staring at me curiously, "a bit anxious, aren't you?" Vinnie laughs at my uneasiness.

Glaring at him now, "I need the bathroom!" I whispered yelled at him.

I felt the vehicle swerve, "well why didn't you say so," the driver says and increased his speed, while he cuts through the traffic, unconcern of the horns blaring around him.

"There is a ladies room in the lobby, you could make a dash for it," the driver says, as he pulls to the curb of the hotel, we'll be staying at.

I've been here at the restaurant countless times, so I know the whereabouts.

"Thank you, I'll meet you at the front desk" I muttered quickly and grabbed my handbag, before exiting the vehicle.

After relieving myself, I joined Vinnie and the driver who stood a few feet away from where Vinnie was still signing in.

Using the cash, I tipped the driver, even though he refused, I insisted, before entering the elevator.

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