The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Three

Leah's POV

Vinnie and I were given separate keycards, since he would be frolicking all day, while I'm at the office.

"First thing on the list is food." Tired, I kept shifting on the heels I shouldn't have worn, especially with the new jeans, I decided to splurge on.

Laughing, "first thing we agreed on since arriving here." Vinnie observes.

Laughing with him, as the elevator door chimes to our floor.

"Food is the only thing we will, be agreeing on." I laugh as the bellboy, pushes his keycard to open the door, to our home for the next week.

Before he could turn the door handle down, the door was yanked open by an angry Jordan who glared at Vinnie and I, nostrils flaring with only the literal fire missing.

The joy at seeing Jordan standing in front of me surpass the nervousness, I felt under his angry glare.

"Your flight touched down almost two hours ago." Jordan yelled angrily, his eyes on Vinnie. "Where the fuck have you been?" He continued, ignoring the bellboy's stunned expression.

Dropping my handbag, I threw myself into his arms, despite his foul mood, because I was relieved to see him here.

"You're here," I whispered, wrapping my arms around his torso.

Jordan didn't hesitate in returning my hug, pulling me into a tight embrace.

"I'm here," his anger from a few seconds ago, dissipated, in an instant.

I couldn't help the tears of relief from flowing and Jordan felt it to.

"Hey," Jordan held my cheeks to stare into my teary eyes. "I hope that those are tears of joy?" He jokes but the humor doesn't reach his eyes.

Nodding, with a goofy grin.

"I can breathe now!" Sighing in contentment, I leaned against his chest, hugging him once again.

The thudding rhythm of Jordan's heartbeat was enough to soothe me.

"Okay you lovebirds, the guy has work to do and you're blocking his exit." Vinnie chuckles in a mocking tone.

Jordan and I moved to the side and he pulls out his wallet, tipping the bellboy, fifty dollars.

"I.. uh..." Vinnie tried to interrupt Jordan but the glare Jordan threw his way, silenced him.

"This is a bit extra for enduring my outburst, earlier," Jordan apologies, Jordan's way.

As the door closed behind the bellboy, Jordan turned into Jordan again.

"So where the fuck were you?" He asks a stunned Vinnie.

Vinnie would normally have no problem responding to Jordan's question but he was running an errand for me.

Vinnie exchanged a quick glance with me and I know it's my responsibility and having Vinnie lie for me, would not be right.

"I'm responsible for getting here late," I pointed down the corridor of the huge suite, that I still have to see.

"Can we go in the living room?" I asked, wondering if I should tell Jordan the truth or how much can I share without going into details of my downfall before leaving Seattle.

Jordan turn to look at me, his forehead creased in a deep frown while Vinnie walks of.

The uneasiness in my stomach, wasn't only because of a lack of food but I am hungry and I need a shower.

"Can we order room service?" I lift my eyes anxiously to Jordan, hoping to appease his anger, in the hopes that I won't have to disclose much.

Checking his Rolex, "Jade is probably getting drunk in the bar while waiting for us to have lunch." Jordan's frown turned to annoyance.

Jordan's sister, is also here!

No wonder the suite is so large.

"Can I freshen up first?" I asked, because I won't get another chance to make a first impression with Jade.

"Let me take you to your room," Jordan walks ahead of us, "which bags are yours?" He points to where the bellboy drop off our luggage.

Smiling awkwardly, "I can manage," I move to lift my two small carry ons.

Leaning forward, Jordan lifted my two bags, "why didn't you use one suitcase?" He asks but I simply shrugged.

"I plan to get some working clothes tomorrow and get a suitcase then." I explained because visiting my old home, doesn't appeals to me anymore.

Spinning slowly, taking in the interior of the suite, appreciating everything around me.

Over the years spent watching my father sketch designs for hotels and buildings, along the way, I've learned to appreciate the finish work.

Nodding to the door opposite the door Jordan paused by, "that's yours," he said to Vinnie and nod for me to open the one we stood in front of.

"Open up, this is yours" Jordan winks with a mischievous smirk.

Returning his smile shyly, I pushed open the door and opened my mouth in awe, at the sight in front of me.

Dropping my bags on the floor, "I kept the best of you," he says, wrapping his around me from behind, pulling me against his chest.

With his chin on my head, "now why were you late," Jordan's soft firm voice, sounded more like an instruction and straight to the point.

So he didn't forget to push it aside until we ate?

I tried turning but his arms tighten, holding me in place.

"Talk to me Leah, let me help you," Jordan voice soften as he tries to coax me into confiding in him.

Stiffening in his arms, "help me with what?" like a fool, I responded to Jordan aware that he knows something's amiss but I'm too ashamed to let him know about my failures.

His arms slackens around me, "is that all you have to say?" His tone defeated.

I sense that he was leaving but I couldn't turn around and stop him, "order room service," he says and walks away.

Instead of keeping him close, fear made me, pushed him away!

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