The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Four

Jordan's POV

If Leah won't fill me in, then I'll get someone who will!

"Hey man, open up!" I pound on Vinnie's door but got no answer.

Pushing the door open, realizing it's empty. He must be in the restaurant with Jade, Matthew and his fucking cousin.

Staring at Leah's closed door, I make my way downstairs to find Vinnie.

I didn't have to search the crowded restaurant, I just had to find listen for the table where the occupants were loud and annoying.

"Vinnie," I called above the loud chatter.

Lifting his smiling eyes to meet mines, then frowns while looking behind me.

"Jordan!" My tipsy sister, greets me in excitement.

The noise around the table cease and all eyes were now focused on me.

Nodding to Vinnie, hoping he don't make me drag his arse back with me.

Emptying his drink, Vinnie stands but Jade stands too.

Tugging at Vinnie, "you're not on the clock today, so sit down!" Jade pushed Vinnie towards his chair.

Tilting my head at Matthew, "take care of that, Vinnie and I, have work to do." I suggested to an embarrassed Matthew.

He loved my sister but she could be dominating at times and it's not because she's strong but because, the Branson's spoiled her.

"Jade," Matthew, with an arm around Jade's shoulder, encourages her to sit, while his fucking cousin addresses me, her voice soft and seductive, which doesn't entice me but scares the fuck out of me.

"Come on Jordan, you missed dinner at my home last night the least you could do is join us for lunch, which is late because you kept us waiting." Christina, I think her name is, tries to guilt trip me.

Despite how beautiful she is with all that trash on her face, my Leah is much more beautiful without makeup.

"Sorry," I apologized, something came up and I need Vinnie's help," I tilt my head to the exit once again, for Vinnie to follow.

"What? You have problems with grandpa's new charity case?" Jade slurs, her forehead furrowed with deep lines.

"Charity case?" Christina raised her eyebrows curiously.

Waving away the question, "yeah, some young girl from one of those small states," Jade chuckles, "you know the kind that comes from a poor household and latches on to a rich guy in the city..." Jade trails off laughing at her own assumption.

On that note, Vinnie stood up and by his grim expression, I can see that he doesn't like Jade's description of Leah but Jade is a shareholder at Branson, so he won't disrespect her in front of her friends, unless he has too!

Pouting, "aren't you staying?" Chistina, tilts her head to stare at me, "at least meet my friends before you leave." She points to the two other women, sitting to the right of her.

As impatient as I was to get Vinnie alone, disrespecting Matthew's family will not go down well with my family.

When I didn't move, Christina took that as an opportunity to introduce me to her friends.

"This is my BFF, Evelyn Ambrose and if you don't hook up with me, then she will suit you perfectly and her sister-in-law, Melissa.." Christina's voice trailed off when Melissa cut off her introduction to me.

But I stop paying attention at the name 'Ambrose.'

"It's Melissa Morrison," pausing she flashes a diamond ring in my direction, "soon to be, Melissa Ambrose." She laughs, nudging her blushing sister-in-law.

Pulling a vacant chair between Matthew and, this Melissa Morrison.

Feigning confusion, I point at Melissa and then, the Ambrose girl.

"Morrison and Ambrose?" I asked curiously, surprise at the boldness of Melissa, using the name Morrison when it isn't hers to use.

Melissa opened her mouth to speak but she wince and frowned annoyingly at the Ambrose girl.

"Yes, our fathers owns the World renowned, Architectural Firm, Morrison and Ambrose." The Ambrose girl boasts proudly.

Twitching my lips, I exchanged a quick glance with Vinnie, who leaned forward, twirling his empty glass, thoughtfully.

"Yes, Bransons used Morrison and Ambrose a few times but from what I recall when I met Mr. Morrison, he has one daughter and her name isn't Melissa." I responded softly watching the Morrison and Ambrose girls for their reaction towards Leah.

My comment surprised them both and they glance at each other at a loss for words, no longer staring longingly at me but at whatever laid on their laps.

"Well.. uh.." Melissa started because this wasn't about the Ambrose girl, who bit her lip, whilst frowning as she probably tries to find an explanation about Andrew Morrison's daughter.

Slamming her hands on the table, rattling the dishes and glasses near her.

"Who are you talking about Leah?" Christina's lips curled in disgust, with her chin lifted, she met my eyes with boldness.

Nudging the Ambrose girl and leaning to glare at the Morrison girl.

"What's wrong Evelyn, Melissa.? Tell him what you told everyone about that slut, Leah." Her dislike for Leah is evident and the other two girls appeared embarrassed for being called out as the ones who badmouthed Leah.

"What's wrong?" I asked softly but my voice trembles as I fought from overturning the table the moment, that bitch Christina called my Leah, a slut.

Christina nudges the Ambrose girl again and she exchanges a smirks at Melissa.

Finally lifting her head, a dark glint in her eyes and a vile smirk on her lips.

"Leah isn't Uncle Andrew's daughter but an ungrateful bitch,she ran off with one of Andrew's married friends," the Ambrose girl, explains with a sinister laugh .

"She probably dumped him by now," my drunk sister muses.

"Nope, I've seen them, they're still together! Right Melissa?" Ambrose girl laughs.

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