The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Five

Jordan's POV

"Oooo, she must be so fucking gorgeous that's why you ugly sluts are gossiping about her," Vinnie stands, fanning himself, while nodding to the exit, "Jordan?" He twitched his lips at the girls while Jade stares at him dumbfounded.

"You know it's the ugly chicks who gossip about hot chicks, right?" He mocks and points at the Ambrose girl, "and this one is the ugliest among you three, so stick with the girl you've got." Vinnie advises me, whilst insulting the girls, before storming out.

They all sat open-mouthed in horror, never having been called ugly sluts, until now and Vinnie is right.

Leah is so fucking gorgeous in front of them!

Standing, I smiled feigning an apology to the girls, "I'm sorry about that," I point to Vinnie as he makes his way through the tables, lying through my teeth.

The girls haven't gotten over their shock at Vinnie's outburst.

"I'm intrigued," I said, focusing on the Ambrose girl, since she appears to be the ringleader of the group. "I guess this Leah girl still lives in Seattle?" I asked already hearing them lie, I needed to hear her say it again, while I anticipate my next move, to blow them away!

The Ambrose girl glances at Christina and Melissa.

Rocking her head from side to side, even though she appears nervous, after Vinnie's blatant insult.

"Of course, she has no resources without Uncle Andrew and she's jobless, living of a married man with kids." The Ambrose girl continues to lie and insult Leah's name, despite Vinnie calling her out on it.

Curling my lips, as if the information she shared is water over my back, I turn to my sister and brother-in-law.

"Don't wait up for us tonight, we're working overtime." I tell Jade and Michael.

I have a feeling things are about to change for Leah and I but, I don't...

Melissa stood up and pushed her phone towards me as I turn to walk away.

"This.. look, this is that Leah girl." She says, her phone open to a photo of Leah and an elderly man in a compromising position.

Surprised, I frowned, at the photo that's another lie.

Is this what they used to damage Leah's reputation and is this the reason she ran from Seattle and the people she considered family.

Curling my lips, my rage continues to boil.

"When was this?" I shrugged and it was only when the question escaped my lips, I realize how easy it is to plant doubts in peoples heart against others.

"Two days ago" Melissa confirmed, proudly.

"Two days ago," I repeated softly.

I stared at Melissa and the Ambrose girl, "you're stalking her?" Even though the photos and everything they say about Leah is a lie, why aren't they letting up when they know she is nowhere in sight.

Melissa looked away in embarrassment at my question.

Shaking her head, "uh no..." she was saying when the Ambrose girl butt in.

"Uncle Andrew keeps a tab on her so she won't embarrass him and his family, especially with my parents wedding anniversary celebration coming up, next Saturday." Ambrose girl, lied, smoothly.

Shrugging, I nod.

"So Andrew Morrison distributes these photos daily to his..." pausing I stare down at their eyes that's lifted to me expectantly.

"To his circle or just the both of you, to distribute?" Aware again that Andrew would never do that to the daughter he loves more than his own life.

They stared at each other, at a loss for words.

Are they brazen enough to call Andrew Morrison's name in their lies?

"Since when are you so interested in someone, you don't know?" My sister finally joined in the conversation.

Lifting an eyebrow, with a lopsided smile, "who says I don't know her?" Nodding to the ladies who stared at me in astonishment as, I exited the restaurant.

"What the fuck have you been doing so long?" Vinnie was up in my face, the instant my feet, landed on the tile outside the restaurant.

Chuckling at his outraged expression.

"You didn't think I would let you have the last word, now, did you?" Nodding to the elevator, Vinnie walks beside me.

"Leah won't talk to me and I need to stop those lies they are spreading about her." I muttered, planning to throw my solution at grandpa.

"They are circulating a photo of her in a compromising position, with an elderly man which they claim was taken two days ago." Vinnie had already left, so I filled him in on the horrible lies, they are spreading about Leah.

"Just think, if you were to marry her and throw that, in their faces," Vinnie shrugs, staring straight ahead as the elevator door closes. "Now that would shut them up and leave me in stitches," he laughs dryly.

Unsure if I heard him correctly because that is something, grandpa would say.

"What?" Turning to Vinnie who wore a solemn expression.

Turning to face me, "yeah, you should marry her," Vinnie repeated, "and see if that don't shut those bitches up."

"Thank God, Rosie isn't here," I muttered, breathing a sigh of relief.

At the mention of Rosie's name, Vinnie and I glance at each other.

"Yeah, thank God," Vinnie chuckles, shaking his head at the thought of Rosie defending Leah.

"Just so you know, I still haven't had lunch," Vinnie piped in, while scrolling through his phone.

Nodding in agreement. "Yeah, I am hungry, now." I admitted, taxing my brain on how to kill three birds with one stone!

As I went in search of Leah, "order lunch for three," I suggest to a willing Vinnie.

"Leah," I called as I knocked the door but there was no answer.

"Leah!" I called again, before opening the door to peek inside.

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