The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Six

Leah's POV

Wiping my tears for the hundredth time, since returning to the suite.

How does Jordan know Lissa and Evelyn?

Have he always known them but doesn't know about my past relationship with them?

Is he friends with Rawle too?


Gritting my teeth, determined not to run again.

If Jordan are friends with them.... with all of them, then I will let him go before I continue, with him and I.

After more than four years of knowing Rawle, it turned out that I never really knew him.

I can't say I know everything about Jordan in just a few short weeks but in those few weeks, the feelings he arouse in me, is totally new, exciting and feels so real.

Even when he was being mean to me, there was still something about him that stirred my insides.

I was motivated every time he yelled at me in criticism, to succeed and prove him wrong!

Rosie would keep rating Jordan highly to me and was the most excited when she realize, Jordan and I were becoming an item.

That's why I didn't run to another hotel and that's why I'm waiting for him, though I am unsure of my approach to him concerning my former friends, being his friends.

I have so many questions and the answers scares me, yet, I need to know.

Jordan isn't Rawle!

He made me forget Rawle but the embarrassment Rawle deliberately put me through, is what I could never forget and never forgive.

Shutting down my laptop, in desperate need for food, I turn, surprised to see Jordan standing at the doorway, watching me cautiously.

Pulling off the headset, I stare back confused at his sudden appearance as he stared at me with such intensity, that it give me, chills.

Did they say something about me?

His eyes were misty, his lips slightly open as he releases the door handle and walk slowly towards me.

Climbing off the bed, "I knocked and when you didn't answer, I got worried." Jordan whispers, sweeping his hands over his face.

Turning, I point to the headset I just discarded, "I didn't hear you," I responded walking slowly towards him.

Reaching out, Jordan pulls me into his arms, wrapping me in a tight embrace.

"I followed you downstairs," I whispered against his chest.

Freezing for a second, before loosening his hold on me, Jordan held me at arms length to look down at me in surprise.

"And?" He asks, his voice low and cautious.

What can I tell him?

"And I didn't want to crash your luncheon, so I came back up." I answered, which is the truth.

What I didn't add, was the fear and uncertainty I felt seeing him with them and the pain at the thought of losing him to one of them!

"They're friends of Michael's cousin," Jordan responded softly and I smiled.

I believed him!

Tiptoeing, I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him closer for a kiss when Vinnie interrupted us.

"So lunch is on it's way," there was a slight pause. "Oops, am I interrupting?" He chuckles mischievously.

"NO! YES!" Jordan and I responded simultaneously, while I smile shyly at Vinnie, Jordan turned to glare at him.

Still laughing, Vinnie left and I frowned at his retreating form.

"Didn't you eat lunch downstairs?" I asked surprise, when Jordan shook his head.

Grabbing ahold of my hand, he led me out of the room, "I only went down to get Vinnie and was forced to remain and meet Jade's new friends. I assumed you would have ordered lunch," he answered.

Being brilliant at his job and a keen observer, Vinnie ordered our favourite dishes combined and instead of using the kitchen in the suite, we sat around in the living room having a later lunch.

"So when's the wedding?" Vinnie asked suddenly while I was pondering about Jordan meeting, Lissa and Evelyn!

Jordan glared at Vinnie, after hearing his question.

"Whose wedding?" I asked, curious after watching Jordan's reaction.

"Yours and Jordan of course," I thank God I had no food in my mouth otherwise, the shock at hearing Vinnie's comment would have thrown me and I would have spit food all over their lunch.

"Dammit, I missed." Vinnie swears, slamming a fist on his thigh.

Chuckling, Jordan nudges me. "He wanted to surprise you so that you would have spit your food out into my plate." Jordan explains calmly.

While they talk, the last thing I heard was, Jordan and my wedding.

Where did that come from?

Did Jordan and Vinnie discuss, us getting married?


This is so quick!

Putting down my fork, I lean against the cushion, "what's going on?" I ask suspiciously, wondering if something happened while they were downstairs, with his brother-in-law, cousin and friends. My former friends.

"Oh just tell her," Vinnie whined, "or do you want me to propose to her for you?" I can't believe what I'm hearing.

"Where did this suddenly come from?" I stared at Jordan, still suspicious of them.

Taking a deep breath, "I came earlier to meet your father and ask for his blessing, before proposing to you." Jordan, explains softly.

"My father?" I crawled backwards. "You've met my father?" I stared at him in disbelief.

Shaking my head, this can't be happening.

Losing my appetite, I abandon my lunch and hasten towards my room.

My father?

"I'm an orphan, if you wanted to marry me, ask me, not someone whose last name I carry." I threw angrily at Jordan, the minute he stepped into my room.

Ignoring my outburst, "will you marry me?" Jordan whispers, removing my hands from my hips, smiling gently.

More than one hundred reason for saying no flew through my head but I ignored them all and smiled.

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