The homeless girl and the CEO

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Chapter Forty Seven

Leah's POV

Through tears of joy I smiled happily, hearing Jordan's proposal, knowing I've already said yes in my heart but how do I explain, I don't believe in engagements.

I knew a guy all my life, dated him for years and was engaged for less than a year, only to be dumped by him, in the end, at his engagement party.

If my time with Rawle taught me anything, it's that, time means nothing, when it comes to the beginning and end of a relationship.

"Hey, don't keep a guy hanging here," Jordan chuckles nervously.

Shaking my head, "why?" Where did this proposal suddenly pop up from?

Jordan couldn't hide his disappointment, as he slowly releases me and backs away.

Reaching out, I stopped him from retracting, "I'm not saying no," looking away, I fought to find the right words that won't make me appear second rated in his eyes.

Averting my eyes nervously, "I've been engaged before and was dumped by my fiance on his engagement day to my best friend, so I no longer believe in engagements." I blurted out quickly, before I lost my nerve.

When Jordan remained silent, I became apprehensive.

Lifting my eyes to his, "so does this mean we go straight unto the marriage?" Jordan smiles, his eyes twinkling softly.

Frowning, "but I..." confused because this wasn't the reaction, I expected from him. "You're not disappointed about me being engaged and getting dumped?" I ask because people's reaction to me being dumped is one of the reason, I stayed away.

Smiling softly, "his loss is my gain," Jordan whispers, drawing me closer. Leaning down, capturing my lips in a deep kiss.

Jordan didn't even say he loved me and here I am ready to say yes!

When he lifted his lips from mine.

"What's wrong," Jordan realize I was still holding back, by my response to his kisses.

"Do you you even, loved me?" I blurted out.

Nodding, a small smirk dancing on his lips, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't" Jordan led me to the bed, "plus, Rosie, Mrs. Sanchez and especially grandpa, wouldn't have let me nowhere near your breathing space." Jordan's answer is so convincing that I am ready to marry him today.

"I ran from Seattle and the people who hurt me, only to end up in a place where people appreciate me." Finding people who care about a stranger from out of nowhere, was a blessing.

Staring at me cautiously, "who else hurt you, other than your fiance?" Jordan equires softly but I felt there is more depth to this simple, question.

Fear gripped me for a brief moment because the pain of losing my father was greater than losing Rawle.

"My parents!" I answered, "my father," I whispered. "Even when mom was too busy for me dad was always there," I blinked away the tears that threaten to fall.

Spinning around to face him, "Ms. Gemma says that she knows my father and she mention my mother but called her Kathleen, when my mom's name is Angie." I confessed.

Getting answers to these questions, is necessary for me to move on.

Sitting upright, "she mentioned it to me," Jordan admitted, shocking me, even though I suspected it.

"And?" I asked, his seriousness bothers me.

Grasping my hands in his, "do you trust me?" Jordan asks cautiously.

Sensing there is more to Jordan's question.

I nod, giving him the okay to continue, whilst chanting, I TRUST JORDAN!

"I came here early to meet your father," Jordan says slowly, his words piercing my heart.

Surprise and confused, all thoughts and reasoning flew out of my mind.

"Lily?" Jordan shook my shoulder gently but I promise to trust him and if I don't trust him, who can I trust?

"And?" I asked softly, hurt but curious about Jordan's conversation with my father, because jordan is still here!

Smiling gently, "he gave me his blessings, plus he sent a wedding gift for you," Jordan added.


A wedding gift?

Standing Jordan walked towards the desk in the bedroom and opened a draw pulling out a long brown envelope.

"Jordan! Jordan!" A female voice sings from the hallway.

The bedroom door was open and suddenly, a slim woman, clad in skinny jeans and a loosed black shirt, strode into the bedroom follow by a man slighting taller, just as casually dress as the woman and Vinnie.

Jordan stood at the desk, while I sat on the bed, staring at the woman, who I guess is Jordan's sister, Jade.

"Hello," Jade greeted me, curling her lips while scrutinizing me.

Stretching out a hand, she approaches me, "I'm Jade," flickering an eye to Jordan. "I need to see my brother so you can continue your work, when I'm done." Jade, who is a Branson instructs me and I stood slowly.

Grasping her hand, "I'm Lily," I responded and smiled politely. "And it's fine, Vinnie and I can continue our work, until Jordan is available." I agreed.

Grinning, "see, so you're free tonight to have dinner with Christina and her friends," Jade walks briskly towards Jordan, while her husband shakes his head at her boldness. "Oh, Evelyn really likes you, so I'm going to call her, now!" Pecking Jordan on the cheek, she exited the room already on the phone.

Chuckling, Jade's husband approached me, "hello, I'm Michael, Jade's husband." He greeted me politely.

Accepting his outstretched hand, "I'm Lily," I introduced myself politely, looking up when Jordan, place an arm around my waist, tugging me closer to him.

He looked down, as I looked up, "it's Leah Morrison, my girl," Jordan smirks at his brother-in-law.

Michael eyes dances in amusement, "well, well well." Michael muses. "This should be interesting."

"And we already have plans for tonight."

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